Interpersonal communication in society implies the fulfillment of certain norms and rules of conduct from each person. Rules and norms of human behavior in society are known under the concept of etiquette. The main purpose of etiquette is to protect the honor and dignity of a person when communicating in society. Historically, the rules of etiquette have developed long ago. In each state, they were fixed by special laws, for the observance of which strict supervision was conducted.

Modern etiquette is universal, containing diverse rules and norms, although each person makes his own additions based on national and cultural traditions. Etiquette contains norms of behavior, regulating the actions of a person in various public places. On this, there are different types of etiquette, corresponding to those places where the person turns out. Letโ€™s find out when is National Fart Day in 2022.

The global observance is held on February 5 yearly since 2008. The main purpose of the day is to let everyone release their devils and forget about the etiquette. After the National Bean Day, N.F.D. is a nice continuation of all this flatulent.


Farting in public has been normal for many centuries until the well-established system of etiquette appeared. Each country and nation have their own features of norms and rules but all of them are somehow globalized to be familiar with every nationality. Our todayโ€™s topic is a micro part of a system called flatulence.

Fart Sign

So, letโ€™s check what does it mean and what interesting facts does it have to better understand what day World Fart Day in 2022 is.

Well, flatulence is an excessive accumulation of gases in the intestine. It manifests itself by the swelling of the abdomen, by the gum, which spreads the pain in the abdomen. Often accompanied by an abundant (explosive) release of many digestive gases.

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Flatulence is a fairly frequent phenomenon in which many gases accumulate in the digestive organs. However, it is not always a manifestation of the disease. It happens that after a person has eaten much heavy food they begin to suffer from flatulence. Simultaneously, gas is collected in the digestive tract and delivers a person discomfort.

Sometimes, in this state, up to 3 liters of gases formation per day is normal. When there are too much, they thinly lining the entire mucosa of the intestine and interfere with its normal functioning. The enzymatic ability is inhibited, the absorption of nutrients is impaired, and the digestive function suffers.

What are those reasons for flatulence?

Increased gas production in the absence of pathology.

Normally, the content of gases increases significantly when eating foods with a lot of carbohydrates.

Pathological conditions

Flatulence is a common symptom of some diseases:

  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (pancreatitis, enteritis, colitis, liver cirrhosis);
  • acute intestinal infections;
  • intestinal parasites in the rectum (helminthiasis);
  • violation of gas leakage:
    • intestinal obstruction;
    • intestinal atony due to peritonitis;
  • other inflammatory processes in the intestine.


What does National Fart Day mean? Itโ€™s not difficult to understand those who are farting in public. Moreover, there is a conviction that it is harmful to hold back the gases. There are several views on this issue. Of course, for many centuries people have been convinced the retention of gases in the body is very harmful to health. Once, Emperor Claudius himself issued a law, according to which for the sake of people’s health, everyone was allowed to release gases at banquets. There was an opinion that a person can get sick or get poisoned for long deterrence.

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We decided to consult the doctor, and he assured there is nothing harmful to human health in containing gases. Gastrointestinal gases cannot “poison” a person since they are natural substances in our body. However, another doctor says prolonged abstinence can lead to bloating.

However, many ethical norms and rules go against medicine convictions. We live in the 21st century which implies we should combine both sides and be balanced. So, when International Fart Day 2022 is marked in the calendar, and this day is an extraordinary one.


We have already discussed the definition of fart and letโ€™s delve deeper to find more aspects. What should we do in order to prevent the flatulence? It is established flatulence is a consequence of the irrational approach to nutrition, so the existing errors must be eliminated. It is important to eat regularly, even snacks between breakfast, lunch, and dinner should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. Doctors recommend including our-milk products in the diet. If its reception is regular, the metabolic activity of the microflora is normalized, the motor function of the intestine will be restored.

Understanding the majority of aspects connected with a fart, you can easily have an idea of how does the day look like and what are those main aspects to celebrate it.

Fart Quote


Itโ€™s hard to imagine the traditions settled on this day. The main one is to support the holiday with social media posting photos and videos with the common hashtags. Also, many festivals and fairs are organized to find the best fart person among men and women. Moreover, there are many awards for such events. By the way, N.F.D. is supported all over the world by companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle etc. Keep in mind what is the date of National Fart Day 2022 to stay up-to-date and trendy.

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International Fart Day Facts

  • Studies have shown that exposure to hydrogen sulfide reduces mitochondrial damage. So the next time your guy farts, thank him, and do not turn away, pinching your nose!
  • Among the animals, termites fart the most. After them, we can see camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants, and dogs (especially labradors and retrievers).
  • To relieve a person of the symptoms of flatulence, they can be recommended drugs related to the group of defoamers. They include such an active substance as simethicone. It has no side effects and has no age restrictions.
  • Bloating in flatulence is one of the most vivid manifestations of the increase in the number of gases in the intestine. The abdomen increases in size due to the overflow of the intestine with gases. Simultaneously, their divergence does not occur, since the large intestine is spasmodic. Therefore, the expansion of the intestine and pressure on it from the inside is characterized by people as bloating and is one of the clinical variants of the flow of flatulence.
  • In the gastrointestinal tract, gases look like a foam, the basis of which is mucus. This substance tightly closes the internal lumen of the intestine, while further digestion of food is difficult. The enzymes start to be poorly produced, the metabolism is broken. A person begins to be disturbed by a violent feeling in the abdomen, uneven pain, vomiting or belching is possible.

So, fart as much as you want but do not forget about the ethical side of the issue and check up when is Fart Day in 2022, through the calendar.


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