You’ve just got the new job but managed to get bored a bit? Every day you perform the same duties, do the same work which seems tedious and monotonous? Then it’s high time to organize an interesting holiday!
When is National Have Fun at Work Day in 2020? Let’s find it out together.


This date has no authors and certain reasons that caused the observance. Perhaps, it was an ordinary person who got stuck in the daily routine of the working days and decided to end it in an unusual way.


What does National Have Fun at Work Day mean? It means exactly what it says – relax and take it easy during eight or nine hours that you get the money for. The ways to make the working atmosphere a bit brighter are numerous. For example, what about bringing the saw and placing it right by your hand. If anyone asks, give a mysterious answer, something like “just in case you…” and stop abruptly. Or, laugh hysterically for three minutes and then look suspiciously at everyone who looks back at you. Bring the plasticine of a pale color and start to knead it. Then put on the coat and try to fix theplasticine to the door. If a colleague tells you something, suggest them stay focused on their job and, putting the wires into the plasticine, shut the door murmuring “they wanted to make jokes with meโ€ฆwell, okay then”.

Have Fun at Work

Pretend that you’re talking to a colleague while just opening the mouth like a deaf-and-dumb. Get angry that they don’t answer you back. Or, when your co-worker enters the office, pretend that you’re talking to someone on the phone with the screams and curses. Finish the call with the words like “Don’t you dare to call here anymore. He’ll call you back.” In a while, explain yourself to the shocked person that it was their mother and you assured her that they would call her. Try to write something down with a pen yet turn it upside down. Start to get nervous and ask why that stupid utensil doesn’t want to obey you. When someone prompts you the right position of the pen, clap yourself on the forehead, say thanks, turn the page and start again. When someone turns back from the secret room, wrinkle your nose in disgust and run out of the office with the phrase “what the hell just happened?!”ย 

Alas, but you are allowed to clinch such a deallegally just once in a year. When is International Have Fun at Work Day 2020? You’re about to know.

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Talk to the colleagues like you are a cunning detective who investigates a murder and everyone around you are the suspects. Regularly remind them that the circle tightens. If someone addresses you in the office, answer as usual but right after that mumble something like “forty-seventh” and start to laugh. Do that with everyone who wants something from you changing the number. Or, be a bit ruder and just put on the huge headphones each time the colleagues tell you something.

Answer the questions with the phrase “is it a dรฉjร vu or another stupid joke?” By the end of the working day, when everyone is leaving, get dressed quicker than the others and, not telling goodbyes run out of the office and don’t forget to grab one’s cap and throw it into the opposite direction. And laugh, of course, laugh out loud.Come out of your comfort zone, close your ears with the fingers and start to say “blah-ah-blah” endlessly. Why? Hey, people, because it is Have Fun at Work Day!

Well, regardless of what day World Have Fun at Work Dayin 2020 happens on, spruce up your days a bit more frequently!


In case you’re wondering about more moderate ways to celebrate the date, there are some. For one, having fun at work is about being focused on the duties more thoroughly than usual, isn’t it?

Write down on the paper tour daily tasks. Make a list of those that you should get done by the end of the day and cross them out as you succeed. The time would go faster and you get the review of your productivity during the day. Ask for extra tasks. Be honest with your boss and just ask for more tasks which take more responsibility. If there is a group of the workers, you can always change the tasks with your colleagues. They would really appreciate your help at any time of the day, be sure about that.If you see that a person needs a helping hand, let yours know as a volunteer. Be careful not to use your kindness for too many times and end up as the savior of everyone. For that, you need the direct communication with a boss who’d give you more duties together with the appreciation of your aspirations.

Offer your help for the tasks that are not connected with your job. Get involved in the community activities. Offer your ideas about the organization of the holidays, picnics and events. Besides, when you obtain some connections in the various circles, you’d be looked at as a creative person who can cooperate with a team. Add a tad of the importance and value of your tasks. Show your boss that you are able to do that. If the instructions tell that you have to prepare the financial plan why not making the complex analysis or offering another format, more detailed one? For your boss not to think that you’re doing this for the praise, ask them for permission to do the work in a way that you think is correct.

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Change the opinion about your job. Don’t think that it is a daily routine; imagine that it is an important element in the chain. Ponder over the issue that your work is significant and without it there would not be the final result. Use the breaks at maximum. She the boredom takes over you, take a break. Go for a cup of coffee and invite some colleagues who share the same wish to take a fresh breath. Even if you have a lot of the spare time during the day, don’t use it for solving the “non-related-to-work” problems. Use this time wisely to increase your chance of success.

Boy at work

What is the date of National Have Fun at Work Day 2020? Itโ€™s Januaryย 31st!

Look for the instructor. It is very important – to find the instructor – who’d give you the advice and point you in the right direction. They can help you understand the areas you work in better and define the steps you need to take to build a career.Be more attentive and positive. Everyone starts with something. Don’t let yourself complain from the very first days. Try not to think of the work in the negative direction and do everything that you can to obtain more skills. Try to contribute to your duties all your knowledge and you’d see that the feeling of the boredom would go away soon.

Plus, you can absorb in learning a new language on your working place. That is the activity that people spare time to spend at when they are out of the office so why not pay attention in the office? If you do without the computer at all, write the list of the products you need to buy for the dinner or a short text about you calling to the beauty salon and asking for a nail session. Also, it is useful to take time for easy exercises and stretching – something like a passive fitness. If your work is connected with the vision activities, make the exercises for the eyesight. If you have an official one hour break, get out of the boring walls and breathe the fresh air outside.


Mark in the calendar, when is Have Fun at Work Day in 2020, andjust relax! Yep, right in your working chair! Sometimes fun is about being at ease, isnโ€™t it? Anyway, you can always use the ideas weโ€™ve talked about a few paragraphs higher.

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International Have Fun at Work Day Facts

  • Some sources claim that the real date of the holiday is January 28.


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