If the preschooler hides his/her milk teeth under the pillow, this small person should wait for a gift from the Tooth Fairy. This is of common knowledge, of course, and everybody seems to find out that the parents put the gift for the tooth, but the very child is sure that it taken away by the fairy-tale character. This simple activity removes any kids’ fears of both tooth loss and toothache. This is a good thing indeed. However, can you answer the question “When is National Tooth Fairy Day in 2020?” without our prompts?

As a rule, people are not able to do it that is why now we are going to discover this matter in details.


Discovering the question “When is International Tooth Fairy Day 2020?” we would like to demonstrate our followers a great amount of amazing facts. The historical background is very important in this situation.

The tradition of money offerings from the Tooth Fairy came from the West. It is more than twenty years old. And during this period it has been worth acknowledging and been firmly entrenched. Moreover, according to experts, the teeth are taken by the small magician has significantly increased in recent years.

By the way, unlike many popular fairy-tale characters, the author, who gave the children this hero, is known. This is the Spanish writer called Luis Coloma. In 1902, his first book devoted to this creature was published for the first time.

Tooth Fairy Day

It is interesting that the work was created at the request of the Queen of Spain. At that time, her son, King Alfonso XIII, was only 8 years old, and he lost his first milk teeth. Sam Little Alfonso, a tooth fairy and a mousy Perez and became the characters of a fairy tale.

The book was so successful that its characters, especially the main one, became practically folklore characters.

In this ritual, one can also consider an important mystical meaning. In many cultures, it was believed that various fragments of the human body could be used harm bringing and other unpleasant rituals. Superstitious Slavs, for example, try not to cut off nails or hair from the comb in the wrong hands. It is clear that the legend about the Tooth Fairy helps parents to collect baby teeth of their child and thus ensure its safety.


What does National Tooth Fairy Day mean? Are you really sure that we are going to answer this question instead of you? Nothing but this in fact. Why? – You see, in general it is only up to you to decide, what holidays are worth to be celebrated and which ones not.

Among the representatives of contemporary society there are a lot of those, who haven’t had any children yet and didn’t hear about this tradition in childhood. So it is not a great surprise that these men and women are not going to take part in this event.

All in all this character is fictional. In some ways it is similar to Santa Claus, but looks like a little girl and works all year round.

Its main purpose is to take the milk teeth from children, leaving a coin or a small gift in return. The fairies have helpers – elves, who in the daytime look for children with staggering teeth. The magician herself sleeps during the day. After all, she has to fly around all the children at night and give them presents. That is why she is really busy.

All the baby teeth, received from children, are kept in a special storage room, the volume of which is not restricted. The things periodically disappear. Why? – The matter is that according to the legend the elves take them for making gorgeous and elegant decorations and jewelry.

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The theme concerning the direction what day World Tooth Fairy Day in 2020 is, can’t be discussed without the description of this magician, of course.

Unfortunately, there are no many facts about the fairy’s appearance. As a rule, she is portrayed as very beautiful girl, who is wearing shining white clothes. She always has a bag of magic pollen, which is used for showering the child, ready to wake up and see her.

According to some stories the fairy has terrific eyes of violet color. Most likely, like all characters of this category, she can fly.

To tell you the truth, the teeth, taken by this creature, have become more expensive in recent years. The special survey was conducted by American psychologists. In accordance with it, in 2013 the average cost of baby teeth reached 3.70 dollars, which is 23% more than last year (then in exchange, children received 3 dollars). Two years ago, one thing cost 2.6 dollars.

One of the reasons, according to the authors of the work, is that parents do not want their child to receive less than others. Basically, a fairy-tale character “brings” children from one to five dollars, but some get $ 20 a thing. The biggest prize of the Tooth Fairy is 120 dollars.


When is Tooth Fairy Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a great problem in fact. The date is fixed and is celebrated on February 28 every year without any exceptions. It simultaneously means that you can be involved any moment you like or would love to.

Today we are going to teach you, how to cooperate with this character in a proper way. But initially we would like to mention that the tradition is more often practiced when the very first milk teeth fall out, but if the child is too restless, there is nothing terrible in changing for a gift every thing.

girl with Tooth

The child, who dropped the teeth, should it under the pillow at the first night after the event. In the morning at this place he/she will usually find a gift or some money.

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The most difficult thing is to take the so called treasure and not to wake the small kid, who is sleeping peacefully. Propose your son or daughter to put it in a glass of water and leave the vessel on the bedside table. So the process of its removing will be much easier than from under the pillow.

The well-known writer Vicki Lansky advises parents to tell the children that for a healthy item they will receive more reward than for spoiled ones. This will allow the babies to practice the habit of taking care of the oral cavity and brushing their teeth twice a day.

International Tooth Fairy Day Facts

Investigating the matter “What is the date of National Tooth Fairy Day 2020?” we can’t but talk about the importance of this character existence from the specialists’ points of view.

Both child psychologists and teachers are mostly positive about this creature. After all, it is well known how much the children love different mysterious rituals, and even more gifts.

In general for small boys and girls the process of milk teeth falling out is something connected with unpleasant new experiences. From time to time it hurts and upsets the kid.

The sight of even a drop of your own blood can plunge the baby into a state of shock. The story about the magician, the expectation of a miracle and a gift are likely to distract a baby from unpleasant memories and experiences. In most situations all the activities mentioned above turn a item replacement into an exciting magical adventure.

Dr. Harriet Hall, a US-known fighter with pseudoscience in medicine, always takes this creature as an example of how phenomena that have nothing to do with reality, remaining fictions, firmly occupy a place in our lives. In this situation, the man see the character like an element of homeopathy or acupuncture.


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