If everything is peaches and cream, can a serving of the peach ice cream make it much better? Well, it definitely can because no one (and nothing) is able to resist this frozen goodness. The mood goes up, the soul is singing and the world around seems so bright when one enjoys the fruity delicacy.

No wonder there’s a special day praising the ice cream bedecked with the pieces of peach. When is National Peach Ice Cream Day in 2022 and how much of that you can eat in those 24 hours? Read and learn!


While the information on the holiday’s origin is relatively scant (okay, there’s no even a piece of news about that) we’d tell you about the history of the dessert’s ingredients. Although you’re likely to have a sufficient knowledge on the subject of the ice cream, the peach is an interesting fellow.

National Peach Ice Cream Day

The place of its origin still remains unknown. For a long time, it was widely believed that the peach, called Persica in Latin, came from Persia. The works of the famous scholars supported that fact fully together with the botanists. Up until the 19th century, everyone in Europe thought that the fruit was brought along from the eastern country as it was a kind of staple there.

However, after the thorough scanning through the numerous manuscripts, the scientist concluded that the motherland of the peach is actually China. Moreover, the wild peach tree was found over the whole territory of the state. It was also proved that China was the first to cultivate the fruit, much earlier than the other countries. Not to put it on one’s bare word, the literature of the ancient China, dated the thousands of centuries before Persia, mentioned the peach tree and its excellent taste.

Yet the eastern country played its role in spreading the fruit overseas. Thanks to Alexander the Great and his campaigns, it got into Greece where bore the name of the Persian apple. The Roman Empire was hot on the neighbor’s heels and indulged in the peaches’ praise as well. But after the barbarian invasion, the cultivation of the fruit was stopped and the trees ran wild again. Only in the 16th century, the diligent Europeans laid their hands on the peach. Nonetheless, it took three hundred of years to make the fruits as big as they were before!

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Adapting to the continent once more, the peach became the third largest crop after the apples and pears, although in the country of pizzas and pasta it left the latter behind. The peach in the US also boasts the second place in the run for the biggest fruit productivity and even has its own state, called literally “Peach State”. This title stands for Georgia – the southern state that makes almost half of the harvest along with California and South Carolina.

What’d we talk about? Ah, the peachy ice cream. Still, no matter what day Peach Ice Cream Day in 2022 falls on, it’s always good to discover something new, right?


What does Peach Ice Cream Day mean? It means the day when the peaches are ripe as they can be and you can revel in the unspeakable process of eating up the cooling delicacy. Of course, you’re unlikely to dedicate to the ice cream just one day of your life and hit it quite often, but for some people (the dieters, probably) it’s a really important date. They can go wild on this and no one can protest. By the way, the holiday gets much sweeter when you know that the natural peach ice cream is available only in summer as the season reaches its peak solely in the warm time of the year.

There’s a myriad of the ice cream’s kinds but people lovingly prefer the peach one. Why? Possibly, it outshines the others with its wonderful combination of the milky notes and the gentle sweetness and juiciness if the fruit. On top of that, it doesn’t need any toppings and garnishes which mean that it’s absolutely natural product (as long as you are not tempted by the artificially flavored and colored ice cream at the shop).

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Imagine, that you worked hard during the hot summer day, and what’s the perfect way of refreshing there would be? Something cold and sugary and slowly melting in your mouth revealing all the tastes that excite your buds… Some say a cocktail or a soda, but most will go for the peach ice cream, no doubt! So when is International Peach Ice Cream 2022? It’s July 17.


The peach ice cream is the ice cream either made of the fruit or served with that on the plate. And once again, while you may be confident in the ice cream’s positive points for your health (elsewhere, would you consume it in such amounts?), we’ll clarify the matter with the peach.

On the whole, the fruit is not that rich in vitamins. It contains enough carotene and provides the supplies of vitamin C, P and B. The more curious one is a kernel: it’s full of 50% of fat and 25% of protein. They might be sweet and bitter – the former is used as the substitute for almonds, the latter is perfect in creating Amaretto liqueur and a good dozen of wines.

National Peach Ice Cream Day

The fresh peaches are considered to be the daintiest dish, they’re so gently flavored that won the zillion of hearts across the world. They are good in compotes, excellent in jams, jellies, and preserves, and just highly perfect in the frozen state.

As for the health benefits, the peaches are recommended to eat when the person suffers from the anemia or need to normalize the bowels. The juice of the peach helps when there is a heartbeat disorder and the low stomach acid disease. The fruit can clear the body of chemical wastes. Who are not encouraged to consume the peaches (poor people!) are the individuals with the high-strung nervous system.

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It’s also noted for the rejuvenating effect as they keep the moisture in the cells that smooth out the wrinkles and remove the skin flabbiness. The fruit acids exfoliate the dead cells, lighten and stimulate the process of rejuvenation.

That’s why you definitely need to mark in the calendar, when is Peach Ice Cream Day in 2022, and try to reduce some years off your age by tucking into the dessert, and maybe even two!


There shouldn’t be the question of how to celebrate the holiday. You either drop by the grocery store and scan the information on the back of the product (remember, there can’t be any artificial add-ons) or go to the favorite restaurant that serves the delicacy. Still, look at your plate attentively, no syrups or toppings allowed.

If you are too suspicious and don’t trust the strangers to make your peach ice cream, cook it on your own. We’ll help with the best recipe: take eight peaches, peel them off and puree the fruits in the blender. In the large saucepan, combine twelve slightly whipped egg yolks, three glasses of milk and a glass of sugar over the medium heat. Stirring in the process, heat up the mixture until it thickens. Take off the heat and add the peach puree. Stir properly and slowly pour the milk. Place it in the freezer at least for 5 hours. This one is better served in cones, so you may stock up on those beforehand. And don’t forget to invite friends, the portion is rather big.

Peach Ice Cream Day Facts

  • Have you already learned that July is Ice Cream Month?
  • The peach has always been the cultural symbol of many nations, bearing the mystic meaning.

Keep it fixed in your memory, what is the date of National Peach Ice Cream Day 2022, and be sure to spend it full and stained with the dessert.


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