Little joys bring positive thoughts in our life. Everyone needs having some peaceful moments when nothing is disturbing you, nothing is attracting your attention. The world is developing so quickly that sometimes we cannot stop its course even for a minute. How many times did we forget about the happiness of existence performing the daily routine duties, doing hard work, taking care of house and children? Troubles, problems, diseases lead to a profound depression, we lose the taste of life. How can one return it? The answer is as old as the world. Try the delicious Boston pie. What is more, taste it when National Boston Cream Pie Day is in 2022. Its celebration is not very official but still, there is an occasional period in the USA to honor this simple and tasteful dish. Let us get some more information about the origins and traditions of the feast.

The history

Being a little holiday of American pastry, this moment is precious for true pastry-fans and those who just enjoy something original and unusual. Is it a perfect chance to eat a bit of sweet bakery without looking for an excuse for it, isn’t it?

In a matter of fact, this type of cookery has its unbelievable taste and the old history. Concerning the appearance of the bakery in US continent, its traces are first found at old Egyptians. They understood the longevity of ready-made food, its easiness in preparation. Egyptians learned how to grind the grain into flour and to bake slices with it. Further, the Romans started to introduce its methods in Ancient Rome.

Boston Cream Pie Preparing

Ancient Greece is said to be the birthplace of pastry itself. The Greeks invented the practice to add some water and sugar to the wheat making the real dough. Furthermore, their chefs made bakery with fruit and honey. It was innovative at their age. The all-new product gained high popularity among all social groups. One of the prominent writers, Aristophanes, who lived in the 5th century before Christ mentions it in his plays. The spreading of Roman Empire popularized the cookery through the Europe. We could not find the information when is International Boston Cream Pie Day in 2022 but we consider its apparition started in the Old Europe many years ago. In Middle Ages, people of every country, region, or territory brought his specialties in the food recipe. They modified the ways of baking, and its original look the pie itself obtained in XII century in England. A few centuries after, Pilgrims brought the recipe to a New World.

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Historically, the Boston Pie saw the world in 1856. In one of the Boston hotels, a French chef Sanzian first baked the delicious food.

The meaning

What does National Boston Cream Pie Day mean for Americans? Some US citizens do not want to share the celebration. They say it is silly and ridiculous. Nevertheless, every date has its features and significance. What purpose does the honoring of a cake make?

First of all, this small commemoration aims to divert the men from everyday routine. It gives the opportunity to share cheerful moments, warm and lovely atmosphere. Secondly, the holiday proposes to learn to cook one of the most delicious and tasteful American desserts. It can enrich every ceremony, wedding, or birthday party. Thirdly, this celebration is an extra-possibility to greet professional chefs, wish them luck. At least, who would refuse this excellent meal time? Even those who are doing a diet would not be able to resist the sweet course.

This year, as all previous years, the celebration falls on October, 23 in the US. If you have in mind to memorize the cold Monday of October, 23, you should ring the date and tell all friends and relatives when is National Boston Cream Pie Day in 2022 marked in calendars. Autumn is the best season for long promenades and conversations followed by Boston pie pastry.

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The definition

One calls a Boston pie the kind of sweet bakery consisting of two parts of sponge cake made with butter. It is filled with cream and covered by glaze โ€“ usually chocolate one. Some men may refuse to celebrate the sweet food day. They say it is not healthy and it has a bad influence on the human organism. We all know about the negative effect of sugar on the teeth, skin, the body in total. Despite, there is nothing wrong if we eat a bit of it. Moreover, the official medicine says that sweets are beneficial to an emotional sphere. They raise the mood and well-being, produce positive emotions.

Let us enumerate advantages of sweets products:

  • They include the following nutritional components as Ferrum, Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamins.
  • Phosphorus and proteins improve the muscle system of the body.
  • Sweet food makes positive effects on the skin. Some sweet products as honey or chocolate are famous by their curable characteristics. One rubs them in a dry skin and the effect is amazing
  • It is the source of energy for the organism.
  • The chocolate itself promotes the work of the human brain. It is unbelievable but one bar of chocolate stimulates the operations in our brain. That is if you want to be good at university or at school, eat a lot of chocolate.

Boston Cream Pie

The traditions

How can one unite in the day commemoration? What can be better that consecrate all the day to meeting friends, laughing, joking, having fun? Despite the fact that it is raining, the wind is blowing, the sky is covering with clouds outside, create the splendid warm world inside your house. The Boston dessert will surely give you a hand. We all used to big summer parties, hot long days, sleepless nights, fresh juice. The fall also has its charm.

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The charm of a hot cup of tea or cacao, the coziness of a parental home, beloved family or friends. You begin to appreciate the very moment of life if you feel safe and protected if there is a silence in your soul and heart. The date when is Boston Cream Pie Day in 2022 invites to stop the mad life course and listen to your heart, to become familiar with yourself, to find your hidden ego, to open your sensation and to have a good rest in the middle of autumn. Make this wonderful cake, let the music play, switch on the candles, and spend this extraordinary party with the people you love.

International Boston Cream Pie Day Facts

Americans can be truly named the gourmands. They commemorate lots of food anniversaries as apple pie day, ice cream holiday, sandwich time etc. Boston variant of a cake became famous more than a century ago but until now the US citizens adore it. The next realities show what day is Boston Pie Day not only in 2022 but during all its establishment and what is so unusual about it:

  1. In a matter of fact, the Boston course was not a pie. It is a cake.
  2. Its inventor was an Armenian-French man M. Sanzian but not the American-French one. It is obvious โ€“ think about the pronunciation of his last name. It does not really sound English.
  3. This dessert is the official course of Massachusetts. The state proclaimed it on December 12, 1996.
  4. The main feature of the pastry is that its chef used chocolate on the basis of it. Earlier, one did not add any chocolate to the dough. It was the component of ice-creams and puddings.
  5. In Boston, there is an organization entitled BCPC. It is Boston Cream Pie Company, which bakes, delivers and advertises its production for Americans and tourists.


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