What is money for you? Is it valuable for you and your family? How do you usually save your money? Nowadays people use plastic cards and bank accounts for personal savings. Besides, cash is also popular. Children like to make saving with small coins which are put into moneyboxes. It can be a great present for a child’s birthday. Children and teenagers like collecting coins and then buy something interesting for them. The high time to start collecting coins is National One Cent Day. It is the time when everybody can get information about the history of a cent. When is National One Cent Day in 2020?


The history of the celebration is very doubtful. There are no facts as to an initiator of this event or its core. The observance is traditionally held each year. The history of the American coin is well-known to local people.

The cent’s history is very long. It started in the 80s of the 18th century. Since then it has undergone many changes. The 1st variant was criticized a lot. Its design was made by B.Franklin. There were two scripts on both sides. The first one was “We are one”. Another script is “Mind your business”. Copper was used to produce that variant. It had a big size and people named it “the Fugio cent”.

One Cent coins

In 1792 a coin transformed due to the US Mint. The new coin had interlocked links and was named as Flowing Hair Chain. The new variant had chains that symbolized 13 colonies. Besides, a picture of a female appeared on a reverse. Her hair was flowing and she symbolized Liberty. The name also changed. The US population got the Flying Eagle cent. That variant was lighter than the previous one.

The circulation of those coins wasn’t very long. It was used till 1807. That kind of money was very expensive to print. A bald eagle was on a silver coin and a wreath was on copper coins.  

The first quarter of the 19th century was devoted to slight changes. Cents got more stars on their sides. In 1859 it was decided to leave the image of the goddess of Liberty and a Wreath on a penny’s sides. In 1909 a Lincoln coin was designed. Nowadays people use this last variant. It hasn’t got any changes since 1909.

The history of coins is very interesting. The high time to visit a museum or relating exhibitions is during the observance. It’s better to know what day World One Cent Day is beforehand. It’s always on April, 1st.


What does National One Cent Day mean? This observance hasn’t got a national and historical value, though many people prefer to follow it. It’s especially interesting for children. Adults don’t usually take into account that collecting coins can save money in a whole.

The process can be used for tracking progress. Financial specialists insist on setting aside the spare change. You can choose a real sum to be achieved in a week. It’s better to set limits. The suitable variant is the minimal limit. Try to set aside 50 coins a week and you can earn several hundred dollars more till the next Christmas. If you can manage the maximum, it’s really great for your fortune.

Financial analysts prove that the key to the fortune is saving little. Small amounts of money saved every month or even week can make a great amount in a long period of time. It lets to leave bank amounts untouched. This process needs a habitual behavior. If you are temperate enough, try this way to save some money for a trip or presents. Look at children, they use this way to buy some sweets or spend some time in a cinema.

Every coin can save a dollar. The occasion is a great chance for planning the next steps in saving money for the future fortune. This method can also be a way out from any financial emergency and crisis.

When is International One Cent Day 2020? It’s set on April, 1st.


The definition of the holiday isn’t very necessary. Many countries have their own cents. They differ in value and appearance. It is necessary to mention what kind of coin is mentioned. In the USA it is also called a penny. It’s the British inheritance.

The term means a monetary unit which is a one-hundredth part of the basic unit. It is represented in different ways, though the main sign is “c”. Some currencies designed their signs with vertical lines. The word also means a coin of a corresponding value.

The term was taken from Latin. The start of its usage in Europe took place during the 14th century. Linguists insist that the word is a derivative from “centum” which means “hundred”. The word is the same in many languages. It’s an international term and isn’t translated into other languages.

Some countries annulled the cent’s producing. It can’t be found in Canada any more. Nevertheless, it can be found in the museums. If you want to follow the history of a coin, you should follow the observance once a year. What is the date of National One Cent Day? It’s on April, 1.


The main core of the day is to teach people to save their money and to show that the simplest way to start is to begin saving with a cent. Choose any jar you like. It can be a small one, so you have to change coins into banknotes frequently. If you take a very big jar, it is a chance to leave the idea in some time. Children usually take funny bottles or cans. Handmade boxes are very fashionable nowadays. If you want something special, find ideas in the internet or ask your children to make a beautiful box for cash.

old one Cent

It is a great day to study the history of the coin. Watch videos, documental TV-shows and visit local museums for getting more information. Specialized exhibitions from famous collectors are also popular on the date.

The interesting idea is to buy cheap things in cents. A small purchase is a good reason to spend collected coins. There are many shops where owners or charitable organizations set boxes. Find such cashboxes and leave some cents there.

Many people spend the day in the casinos. They collect many coins and then play cent slots. Collectors usually use the event to meet other collectors and sell their best coins or buy the most attractive variants. As the cent has changed several times, it is a great chance to find a new coin. According to the inner market, 10 thousand dollars is a good price for Lincoln cents which have profiles of the president on both sides.

If you have a habit to put coins into a jar and it seems to be overloaded, take it to any bank and exchange coins. It isn’t necessary to count them beforehand. Let it be a pleasant surprise for you, especially when the first cent was put into the jar many years ago. Another way to follow a tradition is to take this jar full of money and present it to a child.

Find more events in the internet “When is One Cent Day in 2020, calendar of observance”. The traditional date is April, 1.

International One Cent Day Facts

  • The first cents were made of copper. During the World War II it was impossible to produce them from such material. As a result, people started using zinc-coated steel.
  • Nowadays they are made of zinc coated with copper.
  • The first variants were called as “large cents”.
  • The first depicted President was Lincoln.
  • In the 19th century there was a white coin.
  • Coins which had the female Liberty’s image on them were named “silly”.


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