Have you noticed a number of amazing animals surrounding us in different parts of the planet? There are millions of species and some are not covered yet. We should pay attention and support, especially to endangered species. Today, we will discuss one of the cutest animals in the world. So, when is National Penguin Day in 2020?

The global observance is held yearly in many parts of the planet. The World P.D. is considered to 25th of April while N.P.D. in the USA is held on 20th of January. The difference is the approach and the location of the celebrations. As the origin of both days is unknown yet, we will touch both issues.


As it was said above, both daysโ€™ roots are obscure and we want to draw your attention to the history of our amazing friends.

Penguins inhabited our planet more than 60 million years ago when the temperate climate still reigned on Antarctica. After the mainland shifted to the South Pole, many animals did not suffer the cold test, and penguins were no exception, during this period, about 50 species died out. Not so long ago, during the excavations conducted in Peru, the bones of forty penguins were found, which were preserved unharmed from the end of the Mesozoic era. Seven of them are large individuals: with the growth of up to one and a half meters and weighing 100 to 120 kilograms.

Europe got acquainted with the amazing birds by a virtue of the Portuguese seafarers Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan. Vasco da Gama first saw the penguins (which are now known as the Donkey and Magellanic) on the coast of South Africa.

Baby Penguin

The first to receive a scientific description in 1758 was the Donkey Penguin, from which the Latin name of the family and squad was formed. All other species became known at the end of the XVIII and XIX century, after the study of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

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Well, as you have understood, there is a big difference between American and European days. Thatโ€™s why you should distinguish what day World Penguin Day in 2020 is.

Fight for survival

Now the Penguin family consists of 6 genera and 18 species. The unceremonious intrusion of men into the country of penguin habitat, climate change, feral dogs, which destroy entire colonies, all this does not have the best effect on the population and number of animals. In the 21st century, three species (the Crested, the Magnificent, and the Galapagos ones) are considered endangered, and seven more are under threat. The WWF Foundation is concerned the global penguin population has declined sharply due to global warming. Its participants draw public attention to this issue by various actions.

On land, the penguin has almost no enemies and there is no need to go unnoticed, it’s black and white coloring is designed for camouflage under the water – that’s where the real danger lies. Sea leopards, seals, lions, killer whales and sharks patrol the water spaces near the colonies.


What does National Penguin Day mean? Firstly, we should support and respect our Nordic friends as they have their own awareness day. Moreover, on this day WWF provides the participants with free expeditions to north parts of our planet. It takes 2 days and allows you to contemplate the world from a different side. Secondly, many theme parks, excursions, fairs are organized to help people connect with nature. Furthermore, as many species are endangered, there are many philanthropic foundations created to maintain their existence.

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So, itโ€™s highly recommended knowing when is International Penguin Day 2020 to participate in those activities and events held on this day.

There is an interesting fact about their fear. They never rush into the water immediately, but slowly get into by a group, and since no one wants to dive first, they trample long on the shore. Sometimes, this procedure takes more than 30 minutes, until there is a brave one who gets tired of this fuss and he desperately jumps into the water grabbing the whole group with him.


The date of the W.P.D. was chosen expressly. Yearly, in March or April, the emperor penguins migrate to the mainland for mating and hatching eggs, although for the remainder of the year they live on ice floes around Antarctica. The date of the holiday was chosen in such a way it occurred during the migration of the animal.

W.P.D. is a great excuse to learn more about these unique creatures. So, they cannot fly, but they are perfectly adapted to swimming under water. There are about 20 species, ranging in size from 33 to 122 cm.


What is the date of National Penguin Day 2020? The fact was mentioned in the beginning of the article. 20th of January is dedicated to National Penguin Awareness Day which shouldnโ€™t be confused with W.P.D. Traditions have developed in such a way many people donโ€™t pay attention to the difference and celebrate this holiday twice a year. Many national parks invite the visitors to feed the penguins and communicate with them free. There are enormous queues in the USA to touch the nature in national parks. Moreover, a hundred of fairs are held to teach children how the wild world works and exists. Donโ€™t be shy to take part in any activity and event to let your feelings be expressed and moments captured.

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International Penguin Day Facts

  • To quench the thirst, penguins do not need fresh water. There are glands in their body capable of removing salt from seawater. Salt impurities are released through the grooves in the beak, and the bird that has freshened water has completely quenched thirst.
  • Penguins are collective animals: not only in the water but also on land they keep a flock, so laying eggs, hatching and rearing chicks in the colonies occurs simultaneously.
  • The Imperial Penguin is the largest species. If he simply stands on the ground hunched, then his height will be equal to 90 centimeters. If it moves, then its growth is as much as 110-120 centimeters. The weight of this penguin reaches 20-45 kilograms.
  • Not all species are distinguished by good nature and meekness. For example, the stone species have bad character. They are noisy and often rush to attack an object unpleasant to them.
  • Parents feed their offspring with regurgitated, semi-digested fish and krill. The chicks hide from the cold in the lower folds of the parent tummy.
  • The warmest habitat of this animal at the equator is the Galapagos Islands and the Northern Harbor of Australian Sydney.
  • Chances for chicks survival during the first year are low and depend on feeding and accordingly, it will be possible for children to accumulate a sufficient amount of fat. For example, the chicks of Royal species are gaining weight well and they can become heavier than their parents.
  • Penguins conquered the coldest and harshest corners of our planet and perfectly adapted to life in extreme conditions

To sum up, there are many interesting holidays you should be familiar with. Donโ€™t forget to check when is Penguin Day in 2020 in our calendar.


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