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When is National Pistachio Day 2020

When is National Pistachio Day in 2018? We are almost sure that you are not able to answer this question properly and without our prompts even if you are eating these nuts every day. Are we right? – Unfortunately, in many situations we are indeed!

That is a reason, why we are going to discuss this theme in details now. You see, in accordance with our point of view, it is really important to know as much as possible about our favorite products.


Of course, we understand that investigating the question “What is the date of National Pistachio Day 2020?” we should touch many questions concerning this kind of special occasion. As a rule, our readers and followers are interested in historic background of the event.

Unfortunately, in this case, we are not ready to demonstrate you any definite facts. We know nothing about the establishers of this holiday as well as why we have to keep it on February 26th. In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision.



What does National Pistachio Day mean? – Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. You see, nobody should tell you which holidays to celebrate and which to forget. In the modern world there are a lot of those, who don’t like these small and tasty nuts. So it is not surprising that they are not going to be involved.

It is said that Nobel laureates, at a buffet table in honor of the establisher, are served them with champagne. Beer lovers also have an eating habit. And real gourmets prefer, there are yummies with strawberries and some sorts of cream cheese.

It is doubtful whether this kind of nuts will benefit, with such use, but eating a few nuts for nothing, without any unnecessary excesses, the advantages are guaranteed.

But do you find out how to choose these nuts properly? – And today we are going to teach you. Here is a list of the most demanded features:

  • The opened shell and the green color of the nucleoli indicate their ripeness, choosing pistachios, pay special attention to this, the greener the nuclei, the more delicious they are.
  • The inner shell must be beige in color, but also red (painted).
  • Red shade is used in commercial items to hide stains that sometimes appear on the shells when pistachios are collected by hand.
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At present, most pistachios are collected by the machine, therefore, the shells are clean and there is no need to paint them. However, fried pistachios also turn red because they were marinated in salt lemon marinade before they were cooked. Do not buy pistachios if they have a smell of mold.

It is worth noting that in pistachios, unlike other nuts, the most rational combination is the amount of amino acids and calories, vitamins and various minerals. At the first sight it is difficult to believe, but pistachios contain: copper, manganese, phosphorus and such no less important and useful trace elements.

Pistachios are rich in B vitamins, in particular B6. In this, pistachios can compete even with beef liver. Ten things a day, give an adult 1/4 of the norm of vitamin B6.


Investigating the question ”When is International Pistachio Day 2020?” we want to demonstrate you as many facts, concerning this product as it is possible.

Have you ever heard that of all the nuts we know nowadays, they, among other things, are the most low-calorie: about 550 calories per 100 grams?

They might be safely taken as dietary and eaten, even if you’re recommended a special eating manner. The useful idea is to remember, the daily consuming rate is 10-15 cores a day. Then the organism will get enough useful fiber, required vitamins, various minerals and the necessary caloric value will not be exceeded.

By the way, pistachios can cause serious harm to allergic people, as they are considered to be a highly allergenic product. Therefore, in this situation, they should be used with caution.

Excessive consumption can cause terrible dizziness and some nausea. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, pistachios are harmful to those who have an orthodontic device installed that corrects dentoalveolar anomalies.

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Fortunately, in other conditions, the harm of pistachios is not detected.


When is Pistachio Day in 2020, calendar is ready to inform you. In fact there are no any troubles concerning this matter. The holiday is considered to be fixed. It is celebrated by all the enthusiasts annually on February 26. It simultaneous means that you can be involved any moment you would like or want.

The holiday is non-official, of course. That is why there is no need to wait for some greetings, competitions and contests, organized on the state level. But it is not a reason to become upset, as you can always organize something special for yourself.

As a rule, this day people like to have parties, to watch various films or just to talk treating themselves with these small delicious things.

Pistachio Tart

By the way pistachios are especially useful, the technology of their processing does not involve any extraneous interference, which means that this product is environmentally friendly and suitable for therapeutic nutrition. The exception is salted things, which are soaked in salt water before drying.

They can be consumed in many various forms. – Some people take them fresh, others give preference to toasted and salted. At the same time we shouldn’t forget that they are in great demand in the confectionery production. These nuts are from time to time added to various kinds of chocolate, contemporary sorts of ice cream and, certainly, other sweet yummy things. Pistachios are taken for sweet cakes, salty pastries and other cookies decoration. They are an important component of some national dishes in some representatives of Asian countries, including top sausage varieties.

February 26th is a perfect reason for trying as many variations as it is possible.

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International Pistachio Day Facts

Talking about the matter what day World Pistachio Day in 2020 is, we would like to tell our followers many facts devoted to these tasty round things.

Not everybody knows, in accordance with specialists’ points of view, regular use of pistachios, helps to cope with liver diseases: the liver’s functional functions are normalized, the bile ducts are cleared from the blockages. If you are suffering about liver colic, then thanks to several useful pistachios, you can get rid of them. These nuts, as an additional remedy, help fight jaundice and anemia.

People with any heart disease should introduce pistachios into their diet – this will help strengthen our inner blood vessels and remove heart palpitations. Pistachios are especially prescribed at tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.

They are recognized as an excellent aphrodisiac – they increase sexual potency, and also increase the vitality of male sex cells and their mobility.

A very important place in the composition is taken by the substances, which help to maintain vision, strengthen the bones. However, not only them, but teeth and our skeleton in general. It’s difficult to believe, that these products are almost the only things of this nature that contain these useful carotenoids. And, of course, fiber. Its content in 30 pistachios is equal to the quantity of fiber of a whole morning oatmeal portion. The useful composition of pistachios is phytosterol, which removes harmful cholesterol from the body.

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