In the contemporary world and all around the planet there is a huge amount of tasty things, but only some of them are thought to be famous. Do you believe in this? For example, are you ready to reply โ€œWhen is National Oreo Cookie Day in 2020?โ€ without any minutes for thinking?

It’s a great surprise, but only some people are able to do it no hesitating. And this is an explanation why we have made this interesting decision to investigate the matter in as many details as it is possible.


It’s a pity, but up to the present moment we havenโ€™t been able to find out any pieces of amazing information, concerning the matter, what day World Oreo Cookie Day in 2020 is. That is an explanation why now it’s almost impossible to tell reason for celebration this memorable date on March 6 exactly.

Its establishers are unknown either. However, the experienced specialists are sure that such sortย  of holiday is usually created as a part of the advertising campaign of any food products. Perhaps it is really true. Who knows?

All in all Oreo cookies have been known to consumers around the world for more than a century and they have been very popular since the first days of their existence.

The production of this sweet snack began in America more than hundred years, in 1912 exactly. These cookies so quickly won the love of consumers, that the brand became a real celebrity in the country. It’s difficult to believe but the part of the street, where the confectionery shop was located, is now called “Oreo Way”.

Oreo Cookies

We canโ€™t but tell that the cookie recipe is patented. Of course, for such a long period of existence, it has changed and more than once, but only for the better. Traditional taste remained almost unchanged, but some components were replaced. Since the moment new tastes, fillings and colors have appeared.


What does National Oreo Cookie Day mean? Personally for you or for your surrounding? Have you heard or read somewhere about this special occasion before?

Today, cookies are produced not only in America, but also in Canada, Britain, Spain, Indonesia and China.

Each market has its own characteristics of this product. For instance, in China you can try Oreo with quite unusual taste of green tea, and in Indonesia – with the flavor of blueberry ice cream.

Contemporary producers periodically make releases of limited batches: with mint, banana-strawberry and lime filling. We shouldnโ€™t also forget about special recipe. That is low-calorie cookies with a low fat content. It’ll be especially suitable for those people, who are on a diet or prefer a healthy lifestyle.

However, the shape of the cookie has never changed much and it always remains round, but the sizes have varied: mini, standard, double (double fill volume), triple (three discs connected by two kinds of fillings – vanilla and chocolate). All in all it sounds terrific, doesnโ€™t it?


Trying to give the appropriate answer to โ€œWhen is International Oreo Cookie Day 2020?โ€ we shouldnโ€™t forget about some important points.

Modern features, tastes and forms of sweet dessert are terrific. And we’ve to tell about them in details.

In America and Spain, you can buy Oreo cookies, specially released for Halloween and Christmas. They are distinguished by a special design and color of the filling.

For example, on the eve of the Day of All Saints, a favorite delicacy is produced with a yellow-orange filling and an image of a pumpkin or a bat in the ornament of the upper disc.

Despite the numerous variations with filling and size, the cookie remains as refined and tasty as it was at the very beginning. The dessert conquers love, everyone who ever tries it.

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We would love to tell our readers, that the story about the origin of this appreciated dessert has been is unknown even nowadays. All in all there have been a great number of theories as to this point. There’re people, who are sure that the name formation comes from the French word “Or”. Why? – The investigated matter is that initially and originally this cookie has a bright golden wrap. Or it may be created from the Greek word “Oreo”, which previously meant “wonderful, sweet or well made” And at last you can always meet men and women, who are sure that this title denotes absolutely nothing, it was a combination of letter, which are short and simply pronounced.


When is Oreo Cookie Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind everybody without any exception. That is why there are no reasons to be worried about.

However, of course, not many people know how to celebrate March 6th properly. It is a pity, but up to the present moment, there haven’t been no any definite customs or certain traditions that will help you. That is why if you are going to spend this special occasion amazingly, you should invent something for yourself.

The most typical solution is to purchase as many cookies as it is possible and to organize a real tasting. You can define your own champion or winner if you like.

Some people prefer to have a cozy family gathering this day. You can have a perfect time, sitting in front of the fireplace, covered into blanket, and having a cup of hot tea with lemon or cacao with cinnamon. โ€“ Chat, watch a romantic movie, read a book, listen to music or just relax eating your cookies.

International Oreo Cookie Day Facts

So you’ve already known the reply to โ€œWhat is the date of National Oreo Cookie Day?โ€ It sounds like on March 6th, of course.

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But we would also like to give you some amazing pieces of information. They are really unusual and will draw your close attention.

Oreo Cookie

Confectionery products on the shelves of modern supermarkets are presented in such quantities that the eyes scatter. But, unfortunately, the quantity does not always translate into quality. We do not know about you, but the specialists personally are very familiar with the feeling of disappointment when they have tried another advertised novelty with an exquisite taste, according to the manufacturer.

As any time you may understand that this is not what you wanted. You see a great quantity doesnโ€™t always mean delicious taste and pleasure at consuming.

Why so often do sweet tooth requests become unsatisfied? Maybe the matter is in the consumers themselves? Of course, we know that the tastes of some people are represented mostly by satiety and capriciousness of our tastes.

Frankly speaking, to a certain extent, the case is in this. But the fault of the producers here is not less at the same time.

Today, any medium-hand confectionery production operates on volume, producing huge batches of monotonous products. In this case, the main emphasis is not on the quality formulation and constituent ingredients, but on optimizing the production process. In other words, the producer in a tough market competition is much more concerned about the cost and production speed, the aesthetic and operational component of the packaging, and not the tasteful delicacies of the finicky buyer. So it turns out that the assortment is large, but there is no choice as such.

But letโ€™s stop talking about the sad. Fortunately, there are also pleasant exceptions that all gourmets should know about. If you focus on a proven brand, you can find a truly delicious and wonderful dessert Oreo, represented by two halves of a chocolate of almost black color.

Round cookie, connected by a stunningly delicate cream filling is usually appreciated both by children and by adults.


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