Can you answer the question “When is National Lucky Penny Day in 2022?” immediately? As a rule, people know about this type of talisman quite well, but haven’t heard about this special day. So let’s find the answer and discover the matter I details and from the very beginning.


Of course, it is impossible to talk properly about what day National Penny Day in 2022 is without thinking about the historical background of this event.

The contemporary historians know that the first pennies appeared in the USA in 1793. These very first coins were made of copper.

Not many people know that today’s penny was designed on the base of the first ancient Roman denarius. It happened without any difficulties. – When the strong and so powerful Romans conquered and invaded the great part of contemporary Europe, which known nowadays as United Kingdom, they shared their own monetary system with the local population.

National Lucky Penny Day 2017

Several hundred years come and the Romans left those lands, but the locals decided to remain successful idea. And all the next English coins were made of the similar design.

On the official level the penny, as a part of monetary system, was introduced in England a long time ago. It happened in 757 A.D.

But how did the coins travel to distant America? Frankly speaking, it was quite easy. – With the help of the first settlers, of course. They brought them in their pockets.

As it was mentioned above, the first pennies were copper. Would you like to know why?  – The matter is that at that time and in that part of the world this material was considered to be the most available and the cheapest one.


What does Lucky Penny Day mean? It is not hard to find out the answer, if you remember some historical facts. According to the creators’ point of view, this holiday has been set for people all around the world to appreciate the magic as well as good and kind believes. And you shouldn’t do something really special to attract success. Your lucky penny may wait for you anywhere on the ground: in the yard, in the garden or even at home. It simultaneously means that happiness and fairy tales can be seen even in the contemporary world of the 21th century.

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There are special traditions for this occasion, but you can always go along the city streets, trying to find as many coins as it is possible.

According to some specialists’ point of view, in the former times a person, who had found a coin on the road, was considered to be a really lucky man or woman. Why? The explanation is rather simple in fact. – Many years ago a small penny was considered to be good money and people were able to buy something for it. Today because of the inflation it has become almost impossible to do it, and a penny costs nothing.

In many cases the metal value and cost of a coin production exceed its factual value. This tendency is common for many corners of the contemporary world. As a result some nations have made a corresponding decision and stopped minting equivalent value coins. For example, in the United States you have hardly found a penny in the shop. Usually it is used more as a talisman.


When is National Lucky Penny Day in 2022, calendar will help you to define. Penny or just a coin is the most common object, which is used to attract the happiness and success to your fortune and house. But there are also some other things, that can be used for the same purposes. Have you ever had about them?

The human constant desire to tame good luck arises at all times. Various people have used different items to attract the so called “obstinate mistress”:

  • Americans usually keep the first earned dollar;
  • Italians adore keys of any variations;
  • Japanese are fond of “maneki-neko”, which can be translated into English like “cat of fortune”;
  • For Chinese the magic talismans are a cup of wealth, an image of a dragon or a goldfish.
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Residents of many countries believe that horseshoe, sailboat, chimney sweep, angel, three-legged toad or ladybug can bring happiness, prosperity, well-being and other benefits.

All in all coin is considered to be a universal item, which can be found in any part of the world. Sometimes it may contain the images of the national images of success and happiness.

National Lucky Penny Day

In general in the contemporary world there are several types of “happy coins”:

  • Coins officially made by state mints;
  • Pseudo-coins (amulet coins, tokens) produced by private masters.


Frankly speaking, it is quite easy to answer the question “When is Lucky Penny Day 2022?” But do you know how to celebrate May 23 properly and merrily? Let’s discover together.

As a rule, the funny penny hunt is appreciated both by children and by adults. The aim is quite simple: you should find as many coins as it is possible. You will be really surprised how much money can be found around the house or just roaming along the town streets. Kids will be really amazed. So, let’s organize a contest, the winner will be a person, who finds more change! By the way, this competition is considered to be not only a perfect way to entertain the company, but an effective method to clean the home. At the very end you can go together with your children somewhere to spend the fond money. This type of entertainment has one more important or even educational advantage: it may teach your children to value even the smallest amount of money.

Some people keep, save and then spend this money for something special, others prefer to give them for charity.

As a rule, this holiday is celebrated when the weather is more or less warm outside. That is why it is recommended to organize the long walking or even a picnic in the city garden.

Lucky Penny Day 2017

Luck Penny Day Facts

All people around the world are looking for stability and financial well-being. In addition, in many cultures we can meet the saying that there is never much or even enough money. So many men and women want to have a special talisman that will bring abundance and wealth to the house. As a rule the best amulet can be represented by a happy note or coin, which should attract success to your purse.

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But have you ever thought how to choose the coin and where to store it?

How to choose a happy coin

In order to define which of the coins in your wallet is considered to be a lucky one, you just need to throw them over the table. But do not do it with a whole handful, otherwise it will be difficult to find the lost items. According to the specialists’ point of view, those things, which are arranged closest to a person, are similar to him/her in energy, so they will be able to attract luck and well-being to the owner. Just choose the most appreciated object.

The talisman can be searched among unnecessary things in the house. Many of us have preserved some old money, which is already 50-100 years old. They will help the owner to obtain financial well-being. Why? – The matter is that according to the belief, they have a very strong energy charge. It is best to keep a coin with you all the time, for example, putting it in a purse or turning it into a piece of jewelry (you can drill a hole and hang it on a string). Pendant or bracelet with a coin will become a powerful amulet.

Some people prefer to find the coin in a very special day. That is why they know the answer to the question “What is the date of Lucky Penny Day 2022?” for sure.


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