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🌭 When is National Hot Dog Day 2022

Do you like eating something really tasty without spending much time on its preparation? What do you think about fast food? Are you enjoying it sometimes? If your reply is positive to all the questions mentioned above, it means that you not what day Hot Dog Day in 2022 is, but are also going to celebrate these special occasion. For those who don’t we would like to describe this amazing event in details.


All in all when is Hot Dog Day in 2022, calendar as well as many celebrating people around will remind you without any problems, but if you want to get the proper answer it is recommended to discover the historical background of this event.

Initially we would like to mention that hot dog, as well as hamburger, is considered to be a kind of American symbol, although it was not invented in the USA.

National Hot Dog Day

There’re some amazing or even surprising versions why this fast food dish is called in such a way. The most common one is the comparison of the definitely long and relatively thin sausage with a dachshund. In 1934 this description was mentioned by New York newspaper for the first time. The picture showed the shop owner, who was offering sausages under the sign “Get your red-hot dachshund sausages!” And the photo depicted a dachshund lying among the sausages.

But many people prefer to share another version about the immigrant butcher from the German town of Frankfurt, who was preparing and selling “Dachshund sausages” in 1871. In that case the sausage was placed between two pieces of bread.

In 1957, the US Chamber of Commerce officially announced the National Day of the Hot Dog. Some years later, in 1994, they also decided to organize the National Council of Hot Dogs and Sausages. The contemporary council studies the quality of the product, tastes and deals with hot dog advertising.


What does Hot Dog Day mean? – Nothing special, of course. It is just a date when you can organize some kinds of celebration. But in the modern society there are those men and women, who won’t participate, finding this food rather harmful for their health. Are they really right?

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All in all doctors and nutritionists of the United States are alarming about the growing number of local people suffering from obesity. It is a matter of a fact that the average American eats about 60 hot dogs every year.

But today this traditional American dish has become popular today not only in US, but also in many countries of the planet. It seems that in every corner of the Earth there is a great amount of hot dog admirers, despite the proven harm of such kind of food.

In Europe you are usually able to buy this snack from the special selling stalls on the street. It is okay, but doing this, you shouldn’t forget about sanitation. Sometimes it is not safe. Therefore, in some situations it will be really better to prepare hot dogs at home or to purchase in supermarkets, specialized shops or cafes.

If the answer to the question “When is International Hot Dog Day 2022?” is still interesting, and you are going to celebrate July 17th together with other fast food lovers, remember the following rules. – To keep the organism healthy and not to grow fat, every morning, according to the experienced nutritionists’ points of view, should be started with cereal, lunch – with soup, and in the evening it is necessary to eat more vegetables with a piece of fish. All other things are the matters of your personal taste.


Of course, the answer to the question “When is National Hot Dog Day in 2022?” is the same all over the USA. It will be on July 17, as it has been already mentioned above. But the tastes of this appreciated fast food dish differ. They depend on the peculiar preferences of every state. Nowadays the classic hot dog has a huge amount of all various kinds. For example, vegetables and greens can be added, cheese may be arranged on the top and in some cases instead of a typical long sausage the slices of bacon or seafood are used.

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All in all each American state has already invented its own recipe for this popular dish preparation. For example, in Baltimore hot dog (or frizzled hot dog as it is called there) is cut along and fried carefully.

In Chicago, this snack is represented by a relatively thick and large sausage in a specially baked roll with poppy seeds, pickled vegetables, onions and spicy mustard. And in Kansas City you will have the possibility to try buns, sprinkled with sesame seeds, melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.

In Texas their favorite and so appreciated hot dogs are served with cheese and rather hot pepper.

New Yorkers, both small and adult, adore sausages put into a bun covered with thick layer of mustard and stewed in cream sauce.

In Atlanta, this dish is prepared with vegetables, for example, with cabbage salad.

National Hot Dog Day


The members of the contemporary Council involving the main US hot dog and in general sausage lovers annually hold the special type of the competitions involving the culinary art of its preparation.

During this event there are 4 main rules, which should be followed without any exceptions:

  1. Persons, who are over the age of 18 years old, are not allowed to cover their hot dogs with any kind of ketchup;
  2. Hot dog is considered to be a snack, which is eaten only with hands, not from any plate and, of course, without fork and knife using;
  3. If there are some spices or topping left on the hands, you mustn’t wash it off. The only thing you are allowed to do is to lick your fingers using your tongue;
  4. Remember, hot dog is never placed on Chinese dishes. It is considered to be incompatible. It is a national American fast food and it simultaneously means that it has to be arranged on something more common to the traditions of this state or just on the paper.
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If you are going to celebrate this special occasion at home with your family members or by organizing a party, you should prepare a lot of hot dogs.  July 17 is a middle of the summer and it means that the weather will be perfect. It hardly rains or gets really cold there. What about a great outdoor party then?

Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide what kind of dish to prepare. It may be something more or less classical and common, but some people prefer to create extraordinary combinations, adding, for example, chili, mushrooms, white source or paprika.

Hot Dog Day Facts

Having known the answer to the question “What is the date if National Hot Dog Day 2022?” it will be rather interesting to find out that as to the statistics data, during hot months, contemporary country residents usually eat about 8 billion hot dogs. It is corresponding to 918 eaten hot dogs per second.

Every year on July 4, the US Independence Day, there is an American championship on so-called high-speed eating of these fast food snacks. The contest was initially organized in 1916, when the British Jim Mullen managed to eat 13 sausages in 12 minutes.

During the annually organized World Championships in high-speed hot dogs eating in 2012 was won by 28-year-old Joey Chestnut from California. He has got a typical nick Jaw, who ate 68 snacks in 11 minutes. After that the man was given $ 10,000 as a prize and a champion mustard color belt.

The last year winner among women was 42-year-old Sonia Thomas. Believe you or not, but that lady ate 46 hot dogs in 10 min.

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