People who like various delicious beverages and food are considered to be romantic persons. They choose the most delicious variants. One of such representatives of the world cuisine is frappe. Many people even don’t know what it means and what taste it has. Despite this fact, this drink can be found in the majority of restaurants in the world. The beverage has its great popularity in warm countries or during summer. Fans of this kind of beverage even celebrate the day of it. So, other people also have such possibility to taste it during its day. When is National Frappe Day in 2022? What are the most interesting ways of celebrating the occasion?


The beverage wasn’t initially a planned recipe. It is said to be accidentally made. Its creation belongs to Dimitris Vakondios, a representative of a world-wide company Nescafe. It is a very unusual kind. Coffee was always a hot beverage. People didn’t drink cold coffee.

In 1957 Vakondios took part in Thessaloniki exhibition of soluble beverages on cocoa basis for children. He wanted to make coffee for himself. But there was a problem. He couldn’t find a cup of boiling water. He took a coffee sachet and mixed it up with cold water and ice. This kind of beverage is considered to be an official prototype of frappe. Nestle company marketed this kind of coffee. It made it sweeter and tastier.

National Frappe Day

Despite an official version, a similar kind of the beverage was made in the 19th century. It also consisted of coffee. People have transferred the recipes according to their tastes.

Fans of this drink initiated an event which has transformed into the national holiday. It is so popular that many persons in the world prefer to celebrate the occasion by drinking it. Lots of cafes and restaurants have made their own variations of frappe proposing their clients the tastiest variant. They include different ingredients to improve their recipes. If you want to taste the chef’s recipes, you should find the best restaurants. Just write a request “What day World Frappe Day in 2022?”

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The date is a very important occasion for every fan of coffee. Of course, there is no need to wait for a special date to taste an iced drink. They can take a chance every day. Nevertheless, the best variant to feel the mystery of frappe is to taste it on the national holiday. Some people don’t visit cafés and restaurants every day or week. The truth is that if you like a beverage or food, visit such place and taste despite of all reasons. If you go to several places, you will find the best recipe. Besides, there are many fruit variants. Children also can taste them.

The day has a very important meaning for families. People can gather in big companies and spend time together. They can also make parties which play a great role in their relations and communication. It is a chance to spend time with colleagues. Any party is a reason to communicate and spend time together.

The National Frappe Day is a chance for cafes and restaurants to involve more and more clients. They can make the best recipes of this drink. National coffee makers can also use the date as a reason to provide new kinds of beverage.

The event is a reason to spend a romantic evening with a lovely person. A special recipe and some candles are very valuable for every couple who likes coffee. When is International Frappe Day 2022? It’s on the 7th of October.


Frappe has got several meanings according to the majority of dictionaries. They are very similar in their sense. Commonly it is a mix of ice and coffee made by a shaker. The origin of the word is French that is why people say it “frappé” putting a stress on the last syllable. This word can be used in plural with adding “s” to its end.

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As there are many various recipes of this drink, it has got several meanings. If you see the beverage in the menu, you should get information about its ingredients. Some dictionaries insist that it is a mixture of fruit and ice. People usually eat it as a relish, appetizer or dessert.

Some menus have a beverage named as frappe which consists of ice and liqueur. The only demand is that ice must be shaved and cracked. People usually order it after dinner. If we use the word as an adjective, it means “frozen” or “iced” substance. We also can make a beverage by frapping all ingredients. The word has its roots in the middle of the 19th century. It is defined as a milkshake in Italy. It can contain ice-cream or fruit.

The holiday can be clearly understood. It is a day when people can order the beverage or make it at home. What is the date of National Frappe Day 2022? It’s on the 7th of October.


There are some ways of celebrating the date. Every person can choose the most suitable one. One of the most popular places of the date is a café or a restaurant. The truth is that important places make this drink with lots of ingredients, from coffee to fruits.

It is obviously that even a short time spent in such a place with a glass of frappe can improve the person’s mood. Colleagues and friends can accompany every man or woman. An hour of communication is the most suitable way to relax.

National Frappe Day

Another way is to find the best recipe of this drink and make a surprise to relatives and friends. It is better to make several variants. If you make a beverage for adults, liqueur can be used. For children any fruit variant is suitable.

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A frappe party is one of the most usable ways of celebrating the date. It can be done in the afternoon if it’s a week-end or in the evening during a working day. The main demand is preparing ice beforehand. Try to make a glass of freezing cocktail for your boyfriend or girlfriend. He or she will be very grateful for such a surprise. Without any exaggeration, it is a real wonder. If you ask your community “When is Frappe Day in 2022, calendar of funny holidays”, you’ll find the answer “on the 7th of October”.

Frappe Day Facts

  • There are lots of variations of this cool drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  • The first variant of the beverage was made of coffee and cold water.
  • Americans like variants with ice-cream and milk. The ingredients should be blended.
  • People from other countries prefer fruits in this mixture.
  • Greece is the country of origin of this beverage.
  • The appearance of the receipt was accidental.
  • The basis of it was a cocoa drink for children.
  • National Frappe Day is on the 7th of October.
  • The first trading chain which began selling this kind of drink in the middle 1980s. It was Coffee Connection which was in Boston. People tried this kind of drink. Later it got several tastes.
  • The real popularity was gained only in the middle 1990s. Many coffee companies and shops promoted it throughout the country.
  • The best variant for selling is blended and ready-made.
  • The word has its roots in the dictionary of 1848. It showed the word’s origin in French. The meaning is “to chill”.
  • Many countries have their own variants. Philippines use the name “Coffee Jelly Frap”. People of Argentina drink “Dulche de Leche Frap”.

You can choose a classic variant or complicated fruit mixture. Ice cubes are necessary. They are to be prepared beforehand. A glass of refreshing beverage and a group of friends can be helpful in every complicated situation.


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