Each country has its specific symbols of statehood. As usual, these are the emblem, national anthem, and the unique flag. Moreover, each country has a long history of all three elements of statehood. Canada is not the exception. It is not a public holiday, although discussions are underway in recent years about how to assign it this status. When is National flag of Canada Day in 2020? Day of National Flag of Canada held every year on 15 February, the anniversary of the establishing of the Canadian flag in 1965.

National flag of Canada Day

First of all, many people notice the practicality of the flag of Canada – it is easily recognizable in any weather, easy to remember, easy to image, and also reflects the complicated history of this country. The Canadian flag is seen as a “peace-loving” – it has not shown any lions or arrows; flag hints at the peacefulness of Canadians.

History of the day

Initially, in Canada, there was well-known English flag – the flag of St. George’s cross. Shortly after Canada won by the French, the official flag becomes the flag Orleans dynasty in France. However, England returned Canada under its control, and English flag returned to Canada.

The flag in this country means the continuity of the historical improving Canada and its metropolis. In 1868 country receives a new flag. İt becomes a red color with a picture of England flag in the upper left corner. In the center of the right side of the canvas a shield is depicted divided into parts with the emblems of France, Ireland, England, Scotland. In addition, it shows three leaves of maple, symbolizing Canada directly. This flag is named Red Ensign. After all, there was a logical question: “Maybe we should establish our own flag?”

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In approaching, the century of the country calls for establishing own flag sounded louder and louder. In 1964 the Prime Minister Lester Pearson said: “I am convinced that we need to have our flag for our motherland; a flag that says only one word, and that word is “Canada”. No one could predict that in many years people from different countries will ask what day National flag of Canada Day is 2020?

Then, it was re-organized committee, which had to create and adopt a new flag design. The committee included 15 participants of parliament, representing 5 different parties of Parliament.

Some facts

Interestingly, the committee not only consulted with experts on heraldry and other professionals but also directly appealed to the people to send their proposal to the new variation of the flag than Canadian citizens gladly took advantage of. To the committee came every day thousands of different proposals and not only Canadians sent them, but also Canadians who living abroad.

The theme of the maple was the most favorite. There were also other characters peculiar to Canada – beavers, bison, religious symbols, though there were also less common options, such as crossed hockey sticks. Everyone sent detailed descriptions of the meaning of every part of the picture. In total Committee reviewed the 2695 versions of the flag. All submitted projects are now stored in the official Archives as a valuable part of its historical and cultural development. After considering all the submitted projects it was proved, that there are three main directions in the design of flag: Red Ensign flag variations and other historical elements; a flag with a lot of maple leaves; a flag with one leaf. The Committee voted by a most vote for a maple leaf flag.

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Then a new flag design was presented to the Canadian Parliament, which considered it 15 days. Prime Minister Pearson advocated a variant with 3leaves, the opposite side was favored variation Red Ensign to show the historical connection of Canada and the UK, but Parliament nevertheless chose a leaf of a maple symbol. It happened in December 1964, with quantity 168 against 78. December 17 the Senate confirmed the decision, and January 1965, the law on the flag was confirmed by the Queen of Great Britain and Canada, Elizabeth II. She personally arrived for a first raising process. Since then, Canada has a new holiday – Day of the National Flag.

Canada Day Living Flag

What is the date of National flag of Canada Day 2020 and which way to celebrate?

Flag Day, that is in February, is not an official event. Schools, companies, businesses, and markets stay open and transport work according to the usual schedule.

In Canada, in this day people stick pins in the shape of a national flag. Some companies decorate buildings with huge versions of the country’s symbol.

Meaning of newly established flag

As a result, what is the meaning of flag pictures? When is day National flag of Canada Day 2020? What are colors mean? The two red stripes (extreme left and the extreme right) symbolize the two oceans – the Pacific and Atlantic, and white part – a country placed between two oceans. A leaf of a maple  emphasizes the solidarity of the nation. The red color reflects the historical connection of the country with the Britain and white – with France.

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Interestingly, that maple leaf, that is depicted on the flag, is the true emblem of East Canada, where it was grown maple; in other parts of the country, it wasn’t found. Interesting the story is, how the maple leaf appeared in the history of the country. In 1860 the Prince of Wales came to Canada, Toronto. The city’s population, which, as we know, consisted of migrants, would like to meet a guest with national symbols of a country: the British came out with beautiful roses, Scots with branches of thistle. However, in Canada, there was no symbol and they decided to carry the  leaves from the maple trees because maple doesn’t grow in the UK and other European countries.

As we can see, the main attribute of state power in Canada is not only a long and interesting story but also keep the historical connection of the country with Britain and France, that undoubtedly had an enormous influence on the development of Canada. When is the National flag of Canada Day in 2020? Calendar date is Wednesday, Feb 15.


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