When is National Crepe Day in 2018? – Can you give the quick reply to this question? Oh, please, don’t be upset and don’t try to find the words to your excuse.

Frankly speaking, it has been quite predictable for us. We know that there is a small amount of those, who know about this event existence and celebrate it every February 2nd every year. As a rule, these men and women are represented to cooks (both professional and amateur) and the owners of specialized cafes, bars and restaurants.


When we are talking about the question “What is the date of National Crepe Day 2018?” we want to introduce you as many fact as we have managed to find out.

Unfortunately we haven’t discovered why this special occasion has to be celebrated on February 2nd exactly.

The specialists have two points of view as to this matter. Some of them are sure that the tradition came from Russia and some countries of the former USSR. Here there is a special holiday, when people bake pancakes, invite many guests and organize huge meals.

But also there are professionals, who are sure that the date 2nd appeared occasionally and initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision created by the staff and the administration of the restaurant in order to attract the customers.



What does National Crepe Day mean? – Oh, are you sure that we can answer this question instead of you. Oh, not at all! And we have a significant excuse for our behavior. – You see, we don’t know for sure whether this holiday is important for you to celebrate it in the family or among the friend.

Sometimes it is difficult to believe but there are people, who hate this kind of food. So it is not a great surprise that they as well as the men and the women, who are on a strict diet, are not going to spend this day in a different way.  Well, for them February 2nd will be nothing than the next boring winter morning, afternoon and evening. But not for us! As we want to be involved, do we?

Now you should individually consider each ingredient and figure out different cooking options, for example, how to cook dietary pancakes on kefir. As regards flour, it should be borne in mind that ordinary flour of the highest grade is deprived of virtually all useful substances, but it is very high calorie.

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If you look after your figure, you should cook these dietary pancakes without flour. Also, to reduce the caloric content of the dish will help buckwheat, oatmeal or barley flour. These varieties contain a minimum of calories and are ideally suited for the preparation of dietary crepes.


Discovering the matter devoted to the theme what day World Crepe Day in 2018 is, we are going to give you as much interesting and useful information as it is possible. Hope, you are not objecting as the theme seems to be quite interesting indeed.

Up to the present moment a lot of modern and profound people think a lot about with their own health as well as about the state of their children. You see bad ecology, polluted grocery food and air make ladies and guys living in developed and developing countries sicker.

And that is an explanation, why a growing quality home cuisine, consisting of healthy food and simple recipes, is gaining in popularity all around the planet. Diet pancakes are still the favorite breakfast of many people. Why? – The explanation is quite simple, – It happens thanks to the speed of cooking, endless variations and unforgettable taste.

However, do not forget that this dish in the classic version is very calorie due to flour of the highest grade and frying on vegetable or butter, therefore it is necessary to select carefully the necessary and required ingredients to reduce the caloric content of your favorite crepes.

Very slight deviations from the traditional cooking recipe will help to create a unique recipe for so called dietary pancakes. In general, cookers use a large amount of liquid (milk, yoghurt, kefir), eggs and flour to cook these yummy things.

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When is Crepe Day in 2018, calendar will definitely remind you and there are no reasons for being worried about. But you shouldn’t forget when February 2nd comes if you want to be involved into something really interesting, amazing and funny at the same time. Are you ready for new impressions and experience?

Initially let’s take a look at the main ingredients and discover how to cook the dietary crepes at home. It isn’t difficult in fact and now you will see why.

All in all there are only five main components of them:

  • eggs
  • flour,
  • liquid
  • fat,
  • sugar

It sounds not so difficult, doesn’t it? And now we want to introduce you the list of rules, which will make your dish not only tasty but also quite safe for your figure.

  • The eggs are all right. You can use them without any objections. They are low-calorie and will not affect your figure.
  • When you are looking for flour for dietary pancakes it is better to choose not a high grade or a special pancake. Wheat, buckwheat, barley or oat kinds are quite available. In it all useful properties of grain are preserved at low calorie content.
  • As a liquid for dietary crepes we recommend you to take non-fat yogurt, skim milk or just ordinary water.

Crepe with cremes and strawberry

  • Diet pancakes are always fried on vegetable fat, not on butter.
  • Don’t put a great amount of sugar, as it is considered to be rather harmful for your body. Restrict its amount or even replace it with honey.
  • Everybody prefers to use the most suitable sauce and fillings. The best for a figure are low-fat sour cream, yogurt, honey, nuts, raisins, fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, sheep cheese, fish, vegetables, lean meat.
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International Crepe Day Facts

Investigating the matter “When is International Crepe Day 2018?” we would like to find out a great amount of various useful and interesting facts and pieces of information concerning this matter.

Some people can’t even imagine how to achieve the perfect results while they are preparing their tasty things for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper. That is an explanation, why we are going to give you some recommendations as to this requested direction.

As you know, for the preparation of these things you will need some liquid, which will be an important component of your future dish. To make the crepes plain, you can even use the ordinary water, but as a rule people prefer to take various liquid dairy products, represented by, for example, unsweetened yogurt, milk or kefir. If you cook dietary pancakes on kefir, give preference to the lowest calorie product.

The same applies to milk and yogurt: the less caloric content of the product, the less caloric content of the dish as a whole. While preparing any kind of pancakes, including dietary crepe ones without flour, you should use as many eggs as you like. Why? – The matter is that in accordance with specialists’ points of view these items have a fairly small caloric content, represented just over one hundred and fifty calories.

Mind that the yolk is more calorie than the white and contains a large amount of cholesterol, so you can safely refuse from it, preparing dietary pancakes.

When you have thought about the list of the products available at hand, start preparing a nutritious and useful breakfast. By the way you can cook them not only on February 2nd, but any morning of the year.


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