Once youโ€™ve seen the Christmas movie, you noticed that thing in the shape of the hook with the white and red stripes all over it. The candy cane, of course!

When is National Candy Cane in 2024 and whatโ€™s the story of its origin? Read on.


There are two not so reliable legends about the invention of this deliciousnessand the more or less rational one. Yet the first two are the most popular and we are ought to initiate you in both.

The American confectioner, living in the state of Indiana, once came up with the idea of making the sweets with the strong Christian flair around it. With the Christmas being a perfect occasion to introduce his creation, on the certain day he showed the world the pure white candy in the shape of the stick made of the sugar. The children were the ones who got crazy over the new dainty, and to draw more fans, the go-ahead sort of the confectioner added the slight bend to one side and colored it with the red stripes. The worldwide success, as you may guess, was quick to follow. This is the first version and it might have been trustworthy, yet how come that we donโ€™t know the name of this genius author?

Candy Cane

The second story claims that the candy cane was first made at the initiative of the priest who went to the nearest confectionerโ€™s shop (a confectioner again!) and asked to cook the treat that would keep the children during the mess silent. The sugary stick seemed appropriate yet he ordered to add some details of the Christmas spirit.

Okay, this is quite an impressive story yet not backed by any of the historical proofs. Probably, there really was a priest with the help of which the treat was invented but except for the legend itself, thereโ€™s nothingmoretorelyon. Nevertheless, starting from the 15th century, the church forbade the vivacious reproductions of the Christmas episodes and the performances were the static ones with the actors standing in the different poses like on the pictures. Of course, that kind of the view might have been a boring one but still, itโ€™s not the proof. Besides, whoโ€™d give the sweets to the children during such a strict โ€œshowโ€?

When is International Candy Cane Day 2024? It seems logical to guess that it happens on the dates next to the Christmas celebration!


What does National Candy Cane Day mean? It means not only reveling in one or two symbols of festivity but also learning more about that deliciousness in a stick.

By the middle of the 17th century, the treats spread across the European countries. They were made solely by the confectioners, who stretched the dainties, cut and bend them by the hands. There were even the special rooms for making the canes as they were extremely fragile and easily spoiled because of the humidity. The lack of the hands together with the small number of the storages, suitable for keeping the sweet safe and sound, turned the process into the difficult one yet still popular. With the technological improvements, the candy canes entered the mass production and since then have received tons of love and appreciation of the people worldwide.

Why do we love them so much? Obviously, because itโ€™s the candy made of one of the โ€œlegalโ€ drugs on this plane โ€“ the sugar! This one is talked about a lot. One is determined to give up on that product once and for all; the other canโ€™t live even a day without it. Nonetheless, the sugar has its positive and negative points.

Starting with the health advantages, the doctors from Poland carried out a research and revealed that the organism deprived of the sugar whatsoeverโ€ฆ wouldnโ€™t live long! It was suggested that the product activates the blood circulation in the brain and the spinalcord. The total giving up on sugar would entail the sclerotic changes. Also, the product reduces the risk of affecting the blood vessels with the plaques and thus prevents thrombosis. On top of that, the people who canโ€™t resist the temptation of eating up something sweet are less prone to arthritis. Plus, the sugar helps normalize the functioning of the liver and the spleen.

Speaking of the less rosy sides, this one contains lots of the calories yet boasts no vitamins, cellulose or minerals. That means that it is a non-substantial food which adds a couple of centimeters to the waist. Besides, sugar is detrimental for the teeth, causing caries.

Regardless of what day World Candy Cane Day in 2024 falls on, donโ€™t be keen on the sugary products.


The candy cane is the middle-sized solid stick with the bend on the upper part of its body. Traditionally, it is colored in the white and red lines and features the pleasant peppermint or cinnamon taste. But the hegemony of the colors and the tastes were in the past; today the canes are produced in all ranges of the tints and tastiness. It is safe to say that this treat is one of the most popular sweets for the Christmas holidays in the Western countries and its well-known symbol.

By the way, about the rational reasons for the deliciousnessโ€™s exterior features. The shape of the hook is explained by the ease of hanging it in the Christmas tree. About that time, in the 17th century, when the sticks got their hooks, lots of the other food products were used as the decoration for the tree, such as the candies, fruits, and the like. Two centuries on, the thing came to America with the help of the immigrant who used it as the ever present decoration on the Christmas holidays.

Candy Cane for Christmas

As for the stripes, itโ€™s a bigger mystery. The greeting cards of the 19th century portrayed the children with the white canes in their hands so we can suggest the colorful treats appeared much later, approximately, in the middle of the 20th century. Maybe, itโ€™s just someoneโ€™s idea to make the decorations more colorful!

Some sources say that the inventor of the treat is the man called Mr. McCormack. His company at the end of the 50โ€™s became one of the largest producers of the peppermint sweets selling around half a million of the things in a day. He is also credited with adding the red lines to the canesโ€™ exterior. Why peppermint, by the way? People said that this taste had strong associations with the cold air and the freshness of the New Year and Christmas holidays.

What is the date of National Candy Cane Day? Itโ€™s observed on December 26!

We almost forgot to mention the real priest in this story! His name was Gregory and he was the son-in-law of the aforementioned fellow. He invented the machine called in his honor that automatically turned the sticks into the canes. Could you imagine that before that invention they were bent by the bare hands of the confectioners?


The best way to spend that sweet day is to get some deliciousness in the shape of the hooks. Alas, we wonโ€™t provide you with the recipe of how to make the best ever candy canes as they are too difficult to make for the amateurs like us.

Yet who said that you canโ€™t buy the treats in the confectionery shop (as in the good old times) and hand them out to your near and dear ones? Initiate them into this holiday just like we did!

International Candy Cane Day Facts

  • The biggest cane was made in Geneva and was about fifteen meters long!

Carve a space in your calendar, when is Candy Cane Day in 2024, and donโ€™t forget to leave several symbols of festivity after Christmas celebration!


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