They are the ones who control most of us for five days a week, nine hours a day. They are the bosses and even for them there is a day in the calendar that we should observe once in a year.

When is National Bosses day in м and what is the reason for it? Read on!


It is widely believed that the idea of the celebration belongs to the United States. The majority of the websites claim that the American woman – Mrs. Haroski – from Chicago was the first one to hold the event in the further end of the 50’s. In the same year, she registered the holiday in the local administrative body. Whether it was her or not, but it was that exactly proposal that was later heard by the official from the state of Illinois who, in his turn, made the date known to the whole country.

The date wasn’t chosen accidentally. The woman worked at the office of her father which birthday happened to fall just on the same date. Interestingly, the observance grew much in popularity and in several years entered Australia, India, South Africa, Russia and other countries.

Bosses Day


What does National Bosses Day mean? It means appreciating your employer and saying them thanks for the work they perform. It is a laborious one, indeed.

The main idea is about the employees congratulating their supervisor and being grateful for their kindness and honesty during the year. The holiday calls upon everyone to remember how difficult the lot of the boss is as on their shoulders there is a great responsibility for the whole company, for every act of the employees’, for the words that they speak on the negotiations with the partners and clients, for the well-being of the stuff. The profession requires the maximum of the response, constant energy, and time. Besides, no matter what the working environment is, the manager is ought to be a human, at first.

However, there is an opposite point of view that states about the unfairness of the holiday. It is like – their earning is much higher, what’s the point in giving more presents? Whether this one is correct or not, it’s up to individual themselves.

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The boss is the person who plays an important role in the life and career of every employee. They might be respected, looked at as an exemplary model of a businessman. They also might be scared of and hated. The contacts with the supervisor have an effect on the salary of the workers. Even the most qualified one would not be content with the numbers on his bank account if the relationships with the board are rather harsh.

When is International Bosses Day 2022, you’re asking?

For whatever reason, the word itself – the boss – have negative associations. As if the good, understanding and loyal bosses have never existed. In fact, there is an interesting classification of the supervisors.

Boss the thunderer – they are always in the move and concerns related to the company’s business. As a result, their nerves are tense and the smallest mistake from the employee entails the swirl of the negative emotions. In a word, they look for the ways to let out the steam breaking out from the inside. With time, it is taken as the ordinary thing. The employees are afraid of this kind of the supervisor yet not always respect them.

Boss the monarch – they create at the working place the illusion of the royal court, with everything that it implies: the intrigues and conspiracy. They can send to prison or pardon. They have the close ones, the servants, the guardians, the enemies, and the folks. Depending on the role the employee plays in this performance, the attitude towards the monarch forms. The range is rather wide – from love to hatred.

Boss the Lord – contrary to the various people surrounding the monarch, this one has the slaves. That is the opinion of the person about their employees. The slaves are good to deal with – they can be underpaid, or paid irregularly, asked to stay for the overnight shift. If someone does not like anything, they could be pointed at the door with the farewell phrase «there are thousands of these like you».

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But there are the pleasant types of the bosses, of course. For example, boss the wonderful – they are both the generous ruler, fair commander, and the forgiving father. They would not make even the smallest comment to the employee because of the personal disliking and would not let themselves to dress them down in public. The workers are encouraged to address them for advice.

Boss the friend – they can be characterized by the motto «they achieved everything that they have on their own». They are competent in their field, widely informed about the responsibilities and the rights of the employees. There is no pressure, only the encouragement and the business development. It is the ideal of the supervisor, in a sense, and it does exist.

Regardless of what day World Bosses Day in 2022 falls on, think of this issue, whether you estimate your employer properly?


The relationships between the boss and the employee are always a crucial topic. For someone, it runs smoothly, in the atmosphere of the absolute friendliness, for the other, it is a sort of the moral pain to see the face of the boss daily. The different characters, aspirations, achievements, goals, sympathies – all of these points could be the reason for the discord. What are the ways of getting on the speaking terms with your boss again?

Bosses Day Cards

First, it is respect. In fact, it is the most important step on the way to the success in every affair. Then, it is the expectations. The boss expects you to be reliable, competent, and punctual, of course. Tell them only the good news: if you are always there with the problem, you would be considered as a problem too, sooner or later. But at the same time, be active. Take part in the meetings, gatherings, seminars, and tell your opinion. Follow the dress code – the accuracy is your everything. Flatter them from time to time – they are humans, too. Don’t gossip about your supervisor, someone would let them in and you would be let out on the street. Don’t compare the previous boss with the real one – nothing would change but you are able to get some negative points to your career karma.

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What is the date of National Bosses Day 2022? It takes place on October 16th.


You’re thinking of how to celebrate? Give out the congratulating cards and small presents to your boss, of course! And tell them, for the whole day, what a wonderful employer they are and the excellent person.

But there are still some rules about the gifts. Don’t present the too expensive things. It would be much better to give the card or the box of chocolate as it would not look like the act of the flattery. Besides, by making the expensive present you put them in the embarrassing situation. They would think that they owe you. And you get the new pain about what the next present would be like. The cheaper might not work and you would have to go up the scale. Be conscious enough about the price of the present.

Catch their attention by the creativeness of the present. First, it would demonstrate the creativity of your character and, second, add some points to your role as an employee. The profession of the manager is a prestigious one yet the level of the job takes much more responsibility and tolerance than the level of the employee.

International Bosses Day Facts

  • The holiday is also known under the names of Boss’s Day and National Boss Day.

Mark in the calendar, when is Bosses Day in 2022, and prepare a bit for one of the most important dates that praise our beloved supervisors!


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