In the parks of each city there is always a popular attraction, a huge wheel, which allows you to climb high and see the city from a bird’s eye view. For the same reason, we, being the children, adored climbing the roofs, discovering the city from above. And the humanโ€™s desire to be on the height is perfectly understandable, as we are constantly subconsciously envious of birds and often fly in the dreams. However, are you able to answer the subject โ€œWhen is National Balloon Ascension Day in 2020?โ€ or would you perhaps require some prompts from our side? To tell you the truth, we almost predict the negative or at least hesitating reply and that is the explanation, why we’ve made this amazing decision to explain everything to you in details. Are you ready? โ€“ We are starting!


Of course, it is almost impossible to talk about the subject concerning, what day Balloon Ascension Day in 2020 is, without mentioning something about the past of this rather exciting event.

From ancient times people created myths about human flights on man-made wings. Do you remember Icarus? And the attempts to create wings and to fly were undertaken countless times. As you, perhaps, know all these hopes always ended pitifully for the inventor, but never ceased either.

By the way, the history has had many other not very reliable facts that in very old times, people moved inside hot-air balls, made from tight fish skin. Do you believe in this? – According to the specialists’ points of view, the last ideas were nothing but legends and fairy tales.

Ascension Day

The very first official traveling in a balloon happened on January 9th 1783, when the starting test of the shocking invention took place. The idea belonged to the brothers of Montgolfier, who were able to rise inside the hot air balloon. The name of the first traveler was Jean Paul Blanchard. And he did it in the town of Philadelphia in the USA.

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The fire, that was warming the air inside the device, was set in its lower part, from where the necessary air temperature was constantly kept. And further down there was a wicker basket in which people were sitting.


What does Balloon Ascension Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we aren’t able to give a proper replyย  instead of you. Why? โ€“ As you may see, the trouble is that all guys and ladies of the planet are quite different. โ€“ Among us there’re a plenty of those, who have never tried this kind of entertainment yet, as well as people, who are not going to experience the adventure at all, perhaps for the acrophobe reasons.

However, like at the very beginning, now, the sensations and emotions of a man who has climbed himself/herself from the ground and sees the surroundings from an inconceivable height are so strong and unforgettable that they canโ€™t be compared to any others.

After all, even the most unpretentious panorama from the height begins to be seen in completely different, unfamiliar foreshortening, and we see amazing landscapes, the beauty of which, looking at them from the ground, was not even suspected.

Travelling somewhere far from your native town or even a country, it would be much more convenient to inspect the territories from the basket of a balloon, as only from the balloon you will discover all the expanses and details of the area geography.

In such a way you will get an idea of the schemes for building cities and do not get lost in them by stepping on the ground. Therefore, flights on balloons enjoy the extraordinary love of tourists, but also the inspection of the native city from an amazing height also becomes an extraordinarily spectacular sight. A man, who has fantastically dreamed of wings all his/her life, finally was able to compensate for their absence. Flights in the open air canโ€™t be compared with flights on airplanes in which a person is in a completely enclosed space, and in the basket of a balloon the flight itself is felt on a physical level!


Discovering the subject โ€œWhen is International Balloon Ascension Day 2020?โ€ we’dย  like to give our beloved readers a lot of information concerning this matter.

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Although the flight itself usually lasts a little more than an hour, the full program in most cases takes 4 to 5 hours. As a rule, the journey begins somewhere outside the city, and the ascent is already carried out to a height of 500 meters.

Of course, flights pass over the most beautiful flight zones. Having risen in the sky in such a locality, it is impossible not to admire the beauties of churches, temples, mountains, lakes etc.

We should also mention that the choice of a company, which is offering you an air trip, should be very responsible. Deal only with certified and proven organizations, which never use worn-out old equipment.


When is Balloon Ascension Day in 2020, calendar will surely tell you. As we’ve already mentioned above, it will happen on January 9th, so, please, donโ€™t forget about this moment if you’reย  going to be involved.

However, do you know how to prepare for the flight properly? โ€“ No? โ€“ We will help you then!

The time of departure should be coordinated with the representatives of the attraction in advance. But we recommend flights at dawn or 2-3 hours before sunset. Would you like to why? โ€“ In discovered accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, first of all, it’s really rather beautiful. But this isn’t everything. The second thing is that these periods are thought to be the most favorable for being in the sky.

Ascension of Jesus

Keep in mind, that the higher you rise, the colder the air will be around. Therefore, perhaps, it would be better to prepare warm clothes and shoes in advance even in summer.

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Also we’d tell you that there’reย  some restrictions for this type of leisure activity. โ€“ As the rule, the flight organizers usually ask not to wear the shoes with heels. It is associated with safety requirements when you are in the balloon basket.

The second rule concerns the age of aeronauts. Pay attention that children, who are under 6 years old, are not allowed on board.

National Balloon Ascension Day Facts

So you’ve known the reply to โ€œWhat is the date of Balloon Ascension Day 2020?โ€, however, now we’reย  going to talk about all the dangers, which man appear during this type of leisure activity.

Of course, people have stopped fearing flights on balloons. They perceive such trips as a matter of a fact and fearlessly sit into a basket with their children.

But the balloons are not nearly as safe as it might seem from the first side. In the history there have been some occasions, when this vehicle has repeatedly become responsible for accidents leading to death for passengers.

You see, the air inside the ball is heated by an open fire. It simultaneously means that a fire can occur on the balloon. As a quite predicted result the shell of the ball may be damaged and consequently, it will cause its fall. In this terrible situation, people in panic are jump out of the ball and break up. The worse thing is that lightened balloon rises higher, the frightened people continue to jump out and the ball completely loses control. It sounds really awful, doesnโ€™t it?

However, the damage to the device shell is not everything. In some terrible situations the crashes are refused by the control system breaking. So letโ€™s come to the predictable conclusion that the potential balloon passengers, as a rule, can and must require a certificate of registration of the vehicle and its suitability for flying.


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