Do you have sneakers? Are they your favourite kind of clothes? Do you use them every day? If the majority of these questions are positive, then you should follow the tradition of celebrating the day when everybody is to wear sneakers. This pair of sneakers is to be made by Nike. The company celebrates the holiday all the year round proposing the clients a new type of sneakers. When is National Air Max Day in 2022?


The first model was made in 1987. This kind of sneakers is considered to be a break-through of that time. It has become the basis for many new kinds of the Nike production. For the next 30 years these sport shoes have reached the top of popularity.

The basis of a new technology became the capsules filled with air which provide a good amortization and ease. It helps people to feel well during jogging and jumping. Despite a certain break-through, the idea of the capsules isn’t new. In the 70th of the 20th century a similar model was created in Hawaii. It was made for the marathon. It was named as Tailwind. The next step in the technology became the appearance of Nike Air Force. This model was made for basketball. The free cushion was made length wise of a sole.

Air Max

The creator was a famous architect. He worked for Nike Corp. He created the design of the shops and offices. Later he used his experience in designing convenient and practical sneakers. Thus, new kind of sports hoes appeared. He created also Air Safari and Air Jordan.

The creator of the idea of the free surface in the soles was inspired by the Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris. The building’s inner communications are outside. Tinker Hatfield cut out “windows” in soles for people to be able to see capsules and understand the technology. There’s a gossip that the man was almost fired from Nike.

The new design was taken by the producers and new sneakers have become a real legend. These shoes were very expensive. They were used for jogging mainly. Years passed and the technology has developed rapidly. The new technology soon became a franchise.

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The first observance took place in 2014. Lots of events were organized in big cities of the USA, Asia and Europe by Nike and its partner shops and trading centers. They proposed a great variety of sneakers to their fans. “What day World Air Max Day in 2022?” The day is observed on the March, 26.


What does National Air Max Day mean for the creators of the new model of sport shoes? Is the day a real event for the fans of this kind of shoes? The sneakers are more than 30 years old. Nevertheless, their popularity hasn’t become less obvious. Sportsmen and ordinary people prefer to buy this model for sport events and a simple jogging and jumping.

People are sure in Nike’s quality. The company proposes only well-tried shoes which are good for many kinds of sport. They can be used for many years without getting out of order. It is an obvious benefit for every person.

The company has a great benefit too. People are informed about new models of the sneakers. It is a necessity to advertise them. Why not use a real reason? The day is a great chance for the company to sell a great amount of pairs across the world.

The company can promote elder models reminding people their advantages. It is a time for a great sale of old models without any loss. People like buying goods which are of certain popularity. The leaders of Nike also admit that the day is a great possibility to leave competitors behind as the public prefers to follow such traditions and observances.

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When is International Air Max Day 2022? It’s on the 26th of March.


The meaning of the holiday is so obvious that people from the whole world don’t need to get additional information about the celebration. It is considered to be one of the most famous holidays devoted to clothes. People prefer to spend time celebrating the occasion with their favorite sneakers. The ability to understand the meaning comes from the international origin of the title of the new model of sport shoes. Though, the holiday is rather young, people understand its meaning and know much about the observance.

The title was closely connected to air because of the technological structure of the model. The word “air” was proposed to the audience due to a special sole which was made by the company. The space inside the soles made it possible to see the surface in the shoes.

The name of the shoes is presented in some dictionaries. They explain Nike Air Max as shoes which were created in 1987. The Cambridge dictionary points that these shoes were made by T.Hatfield. He also proposed Air Jordan shoes. The new technology was obligatory patented. The owner of the production is M.F.Rudy who was Nike employee. What is the date of National Air Max Day 2022? The holiday is set on the 26th of March.


Nike always proposes a new model for the observance of the day. It is obligatory to make a surprise for the sport fans. They can buy a new type of sneakers for their training lessons or sport competitions. The idea of the last celebration to vote for the return of the previous designs was taken by people with a great enthusiasm. The public agreed to use a classic pair which was designed earlier.

Air Max models

The vote was used to elicit the most acceptable and convenient pair of sneakers from other models every fan can propose its favourite kind of sport shoes to be returned back. Another proposition was made to designers and artists to redesign the produced models in their own way. People can choose the best variant of shoes for production in 2022.

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One of the best ways to celebrate the day is to visit a trading center and choose the most suitable pair of Air Max. The purchase can be necessary for a sportsman or an ordinary person who wants to be fit. The need of exercises is obvious for every person. You can make a present for your beloved person buying him or her a pair of a Nike model. Another way is to put on the sneakers and go out for a training or a walk.

If you are a net person, post a photo of your Air Max in Instagram or Facebook. Let them become famous and get as many likes as they can. You can involve your friends into the observance. If you want to join the observance, find the information in the internet “When is Air Max Day in 2022, calendar of observance?” The event is on the 26th of March.

International Air Max Day Facts

  • Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano createdGeorge Pompidou Centre in France which gave the idea of bubbles in the training shoes.
  • The promotional program of the first variant of Nike shoes used the Beatles’ song in 1987.
  • The company later proposed the “Air Pack” which includes 4 types of shoes.
  • Beginning from 2003 Nike has been using “Infrared” colorway.
  • This model was used as the help in promotion of Range Rover.
  • The first company which decided to collaborate on the model was the Japanese one.
  • The aerospace engineer M.F.Rudy who created the technology had worked for NASA earlier.
  • The development of the shoes was during hard times for the company, though people didn’t want T.Hatfield to create the model.


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