Have you ever tried Italian desserts? Anyway, you have hit the mark. Dozens of sweets are offered and none of them should be passed by. The tastiest sweetnesses and candies made of marmalade and cream are the most popular in Italy. Just visit the country to find out the truth. Today we are discussing one of such tasty desserts – cannoli. So, when is National Cannoli Day in 2022?

Well, a delicious day is held on 16th of June yearly. The main purpose is to let your wishes fly and get some freedom. Donโ€™t pay attention to calories and just delve into the world of sweetness. The author remains unknown but the day is full of stories and interesting moments.


Cannoli is a traditional Italian dessert, with the birthplace of Sicily. It is a wafer tubule with a curd filling. The word is translated as “small tube”. Dessert can vary in size depending on the traditions of the region. It can be as big as a finger. Initially, cakes were sold at fairs and Italian carnivals. Nowadays, the sweetness is sold everywhere, and it is consumed both during the holidays and on weekdays. Italians consider this dessert to be a winter, as its filling consists of dairy products, which quickly deteriorate in the hot summer.


Cannoli recipes with cream are not very complex, although laborious, and consist of simple ingredients. Dessert consists of waffle blanks, as well as curd filling. Tubules are made from a short pastry and can be prepared both with the help of an oven and deep-fried. The main thing is the wafers turn out to be crispy. Since cakes are traditionally prepared with alcohol, it is not recommended giving them to children. The alcohol component can be replaced by milk. In Italy, it is very common to sell ready-made wafer tubules for this dessert. Talking about the filler, it should be noted the most delicate cakes are obtained from the Mascarpone cheese. Also, there are recipes with ricotta cheese, with cottage cheese, with cream. Letโ€™s check how is it made in different regions to find out what day World Cannoli Day in 2022 is.

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In Palermo, the ends of the tube are decorated with candied cherries and the back is candied with orange peel. In the eastern part of the island, the cake is sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts or pistachios. It is also necessary to note the difference between the exquisite city cannoli with the delicate whipped curd filling and the simpler rustic version with the simpler thick curd filling. So, what is better? You should try to answer this question.

Probably cannoli were prepared in Caltanissetta according to an ancient Roman recipe, reinterpreted by the Arabs, who once, together with their harems, occupied the city. The legend says it was the beautiful wives of the emir who came up with the recipe for a cake.


What does National Cannoli Day mean? Firstly, you should understand you are diving into the world of sweets. Thousands of fairs and festivals are held to support and appreciate this day. Keep in touch and visit any event you want to feel the atmosphere of the fest. Secondly, you can prepare a dessert yourself by inviting your friends and relatives and spend some hours in the kitchen. Explore a new recipe of a product by adding some ingredients you want. Thirdly, when is International Cannoli Day 2022? Refresh your knowledge by turning back to the beginning. Cannoli is a traditional Sicilian dessert made from roast dough, which was first baked by nuns from Palermo. It was treated only during the carnival but the tubules turned out to be incredibly tasty and very popular and bakeries began cooking them throughout the year. To keep the cannoli still crispy, fill them with stuffing before serving or glaze the tubes with melted chocolate and sprinkle with crushed pistachios. In addition to candied fruits and chocolate, add various syrups, liqueurs or “Marsala” wine.

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There are many popular desserts in Italy, which should be mentioned along with cannoli.

  • Tiramis
    The Italian savoiardi cookie, soaked in coffee is a heart of a dessert.
  • Panna cotta
    In fact, it’s made of cream with gelatin. We recommend you try a less dense consistency, almost without gelatin, this option is gentle and is served in glasses.
  • Mint and Chocolate Parfait ยซAfter Eightยป
    Italians used the American experience, the dessert is creamy but not heavy.
  • Buckwheat pie with Cranberry Marmalade
  • Caprese Cake with Vanilla Sauce
    This cake comes from the small island of Capri, next to Naples. Its main ingredients are almonds, chocolate, and lemon zest.

As you see, there are many sweets you should try. Cannoli is completely different and it deserves your attention. Take your friends and visit local festivals where many types of the dessert are offered. Moreover, promote the day with your social media using a hashtag #CannoliDay2022. Capture moments and memories to recall what is the date of National Cannoli Day 2022 in the future.


Each holiday has different traditions and customs. Our delicious day is a new holiday which hasnโ€™t got many foundations yet. Apparently, the main one is to celebrate this day trying much delicious foods and spending your time with friends and relatives. Leave your home and go for adventures. You can either go out for a picnic taking some sweet stuff with you or visit local city festival which will give you more positive energy. The decision always depends on you. Moreover, you can stay home and try yourself in cookery finding out new recipes. Any variant you choose will bring you unforgettable memories and knowledge.

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Cannoli with different filling

International Cannoli Day Facts

  • Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world. According to CNN, almost a third of tourists from all over the world (32%) consider it the best. European travelers from 25 countries also preferred Italian gastronomy. However, it should be noted leadership is given not so easy.
  • The Italian gastronomy depends on the region. The cuisine of Sicily is a synthesis of Italian and Greek, Spanish Arabic: spices are especially liked, as well as those vegetables and fruits, corn, tomatoes, melon, citrus, apricots. Tuscans focus on meat. Calabria is specific for its food from swordfish, tuna, sheep cheese, goat meat and mutton, as well as almond, fig, and honey desserts.
  • Cannoli is a symbol of many regions. Many students take this sweet to lectures as they believe it will bring them luck. However, it doesnโ€™t bring anything except extra calories.
  • Last year, approximately 5.000 tons of delicious stuff was made and only 3.8 tons were consumed.
  • The average Italian eats 23 kg of sweets yearly. Residents of other European countries absorb about 6 kg per year.
  • Cannoli is one of the most popular sweets all over the world. Even Ecuador consumes this stuff.
  • Cannoli cannulas are common in Sicily – they are served everywhere. Initially, the cannoli was cooked during the carnival. However, the demand increased and it began to be served everywhere.
  • Cannoli – the most Sicilian mafia sweetness! This wafer tubule is always eaten in the film The Godfather. In addition, cannoli are popular in the United States. The first recipe came to the country in the 1900s together with the first Italian emigrants.

To sum up, donโ€™t forget to stop at the right moment as it can hurt your health and body. Keep in mind when is National Cannoli Day in 2022, through the calendar.


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