When is National Absurdity Day in 2022? Well, to tell you the truth, we are almost sure that you are hardly able to answer this question immediately and without any prompts, given from the other side. Are we right? The matter is that the most part of the modern men and women havenโ€™t heard about this day existence in the contemporary calendar. So today we are going to introduce you something really new and amazing at the same time.


Of course, we understand quite well that talking about the direction what day Absurdity Day in 2022 is, we canโ€™t but mention the historical background of this event. As a rule, the part of any special occasion is of the greatest demand among our followers.

However, under this condition, we havenโ€™t managed to find any information available about this holiday establishers as well as about the necessity to celebrate it on November 20th regularly.


What does Absurdity Day mean? Well, it would be quite silly from our side to give you a certain reply to this question. We donโ€™t know you personally, so we canโ€™t predict your attitude to this direction. You see, in the modern world there are some people, so take it seriously, while others are sure that it is nothing but a joke and it is impossible to celebrate the holiday like this one.

Historically, the concept of โ€œabsurdityโ€ came from Latin. It comes from the word โ€œabsurdusโ€, which meant โ€œridiculousโ€. However, it is not everything, of course. The matter is that the Latin variant was formed from โ€œabsurdumโ€, which literally means โ€œcoming from the deafโ€. This definition was used for useless information under the condition when all the attempts to understand it or to explain it to others are impossible. The explanation of such situations is considered to be nonsense and just a waste of time.

However, at the same time we canโ€™t but mention the concept of the absurdity in the philosophy of existentialism. This philosophical direction developed in an independent course in the 1940s. Its main representatives are Nietzsche, Camus, Sartre and others. The object of their interest is the crisis situation of man in the modern world, when past values and ideals were lost. In accordance with their point of view, disagreement with the environment causes a sense of the meaninglessness of life.

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The absurdity of perception leads a person to thoughts of futility, emptiness of existence, lack of faith and meaning. Philosophers of existentialism argue that ending a life is not the best way to break out of oppressive monotony. In their opinion you can reconcile yourself with the surrounding reality and enjoy what is happening contrary to the prevailing circumstances.

This conclusion follows from the “Myth of Sisyphus” written by Camus. His hero is constantly forced to lift a heavy stone up the hill, which rolls down from the top. At first glance, the situation seems absurd, the triumph of monotony. However, it is worth considering: in the course of his hard work Sisyphus can look around, find something new for himself and enjoy the existence, even in such conditions.


Trying to find the most appropriate answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Absurdity Day 2022?โ€ we came to the conclusion that initially the followers of our internet resource have to have the definition of this word.

In accordance with the modern specialistsโ€™ points of view, absurdity is something meaningless and illogical. Up to the present moment, the word is used to denote strange, incomprehensible events and phenomena, internal contradictions within the framework of the concept, due to which it becomes unnecessary, not applicable in practice.

The concept itself is used in colloquial speech and scientific literature as a special term for the following areas of knowledge: logic, philosophy, dialectics, mathematics, literature.

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Also we would like to give the definition of this philosophical direction from the artistic point of view. All in all this is a special direction in literature and theatrical art, which became popular in the 1950s. The author of the work puts the viewer or reader in front of some unsolved problem, constantly violates the logic, which causes a feeling of understatement and discomfort.

The task of a work of art is to destroy patterns of perception, to make people look at the world in a new way. The authors of the plays for the theater of the absurd believe that they seem to be a meaningless pile of phenomena and events only at the beginning. Having plunged into the atmosphere of the performance, the viewer understands that the first impression is false: facts that are logically connected with each other are shown on the stage.


When is Absurdity Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you and as a rule, there are no any problems with memorizing the date. The special occasion has a stable date of its celebration. It happens on November 20th annually. The only thing you have to do is to memorize it ones and to have a real desire to hold it afterwards.

As you perhaps understand there are no any special traditions, devoted to this special occasion. The local authorities do not celebrate it as well. However, it is not a reason for being worried or upset. You see, in the modern world you have organize any events without any difficulties.

What about doing strange things this day? Devote your November 20th to something amazing or even extraordinary! We are almost sure that some whether deep in the mind every person has something he or she has been trying to realize in life, but havenโ€™t managed to do it yet.

Under the condition you are not an adventurer, just devote this day to something else. For example, you can watch a movie or a documentary devoted this direction. As a rule, there are a lot of them nowadays and the choices are endless. You are always free to get something special for yourself.

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National Absurdity Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Absurdity Day in 2022?โ€ we want to introduce our followers the situations, caused by the local laws, which we consider to be really strange.

One of the main pleasures when traveling abroad is the ability to spend money on all kinds of pleasant nonsense. But as a rule, we are always ready to spend money on trifles, and quite another to pay them to the local police for breaking the law.

One of Australiaโ€™s funniest bans says you donโ€™t have the right to appear on the street in pink shorts on Sundays. However, this is not everything about this country. โ€“ They have another ban about turning the light off. Following the law of the country it should be done only by a qualified electrician. In fact, not a single Australian policeman fines you for all these โ€œsinsโ€.

In Britain, too, there are many strange laws that, fortunately, are not enforced by anyone. On paper, you are forbidden to clean carpets on the street from 8 am to 10 pm, to drive cattle around the city in the daytime without proper permission, to turn the stamp with the image of the king or queen upside down.

However, where it is really dangerous to joke with bills, is in Asia: in Thailand you will be fined if you step on a banknote with the image of a monarch, and rupees are forbidden to be taken out of India at all.

Being in Belgium in the cold season, remember the funny local law that prohibits residents from throwing snowballs at each other. Five years ago, Belgium decided at the legislative level that snow and stone are one and the same. So under the condition, you are not going to waste your โ‚ฌ 100 for nothing, find something more interesting.


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