When is National Multiple Personality Day in 2020? Well, are you ready to answer this question? Or letโ€™s ask in another way. โ€“ Have you ever heard about this holiday existence in the contemporary calendar? โ€“ To tell you the truth we are almost sure that now you are going to reply negatively even if we give you some prompts, arenโ€™t you?

And it is a strange thing, because this term is known quite well among the representatives of the modern society.


Discovering the matter concerning such amazing question as what day World Multiple Personality Day is, we would like to demonstrate our followers as many amazing fact as it is possible.

Frankly speaking, we know quite well that the most part of our readers are rather interested or even curious. They usually want to find out as much as possible about everything around. The sections about the historical background of various events are among the most requested ones.

In the early 20th century, a split individuality was considered a symptom of hysteria. Gradually, in the course of time, the interest in it began to increase. Diagnostic criteria were designated.

Multiple Personality

And in 1968, the American Psychotherapeutic Association singled it out as a separate disease – “a hysterical neurosis of a dissociative type.” This event has become a landmark. About the problems of multiple personality the specialists began to speak at their conferences and symposia. ”

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis”, “Studies” and other authoritative publications devoted to it some long articles and special issues. In 1980, the disorder was renamed the “multiple personality”, and in the late 90s – into “dissociative identity disorder”. By this time, the disease was detected in 6 thousand Americans. The wave of splitting has become something like epidemic.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover the names of the people, who established this special occasion. The definition why we have to celebrate it on March 5th is unknown as well.


What does National Multiple Personality Day mean? โ€“ This is a good question, which requires a lot of clarifications.

All in all among the representatives of the scientific and psychological circles dissociative identity disorder is considered to be a mental disorder in which several individuals who have their own memory and behavior coexist in one person. The disease is officially recognized and entered in the international register of mental illnesses. However, for most psychiatrists such a diagnosis still does not exist!

In his turn professor of Psychiatry Paul McHugh has rather interesting and not so popular view of the nature of the multiple individuality. He is sure that the multiple personality is a manifestation of hysteria, aggravated by inadequate treatment. As confirmation, McHugh cites an excerpt from a psychotherapeutic conversation. So, the psychiatrist asks: “Have you ever felt that another part of you is doing something that does not lend itself to your control?”. If the patient responds positively or ambiguously, then the question follows: “Does this complex of sensations have a name?”. Even if he does not name him, the specialist asks to talk with that part of the person. Thus, the individuality is purposefully divided, and the psychiatrist interacts with the patient’s fantasies, and does not help to solve the problem.


Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Multiple Personality Day 2020?โ€ we would like to demonstrate our readers many amazing facts. You see there are a lot of them and some of them need additional clarifications and explanations.

The contemporary specialists are sure that there have been two waves of the epidemic of the multiple personality: the European (1880-1890) and the American (1980-1990).

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Doctors, who had recognized the diagnosis, found an explanation in increasing the scientific interest in the phenomenon of plurality. New research was carried out. Diagnostic methods were improved. These things improved the recognition of the disease.

Well-known and noble professor of Psychiatry Richard Klaft emphasizes that only 20% of patients have clear symptoms, 40% – minor signs, and the rest 40% of the disorder is determined only after a thorough examination.

Doctors-skeptics associated the first wave with the emergence of hypnosis, and the second – with the popularization of the disorder. Forensic psychiatrist V.V. Motov notes that after the screen version of the books “Three Persons of Eve” (1957) and “Sivilla” (1973), American newspapers began to replicate the semi-fantastic stories about the multiple individuality. Symptoms of the disorder, wrapped in an artistic wrapper, acquired an aura of mystery and mystery. Eventually, many easily suggested patients began to show similar symptoms.

Psychiatrists Tigpen and Klekli also mentioned that after the publication of the book “Three Persons of Eva,” a real boom occurred in their clinic. Doctors sent to them hundreds of patients, the diagnosis of which was not confirmed. They noted unhealthy competition among colleagues fighting for the right to find the greatest number of subpersonalities.

girl with Multiple Personality


When is Multiple Personality Day in 2020 calendar will definitely remind you. The only thing you have to do if you want to be involved, is to memorize the date of its celebration. It will happen as usual on March 5th. The date is considered to be fixed and annual, that is why it wouldnโ€™t be difficult.

To tell you the truth there are no any official events for this holiday on the state level. But the establishers wanted to drew the attention to very important problem of the contemporary world. So you can devote March 5th to discovering the problem from different sides. It wonโ€™t be difficult as there are many films, documentaries and articles about it.

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International Multiple Personality Day Facts

Of course, you understand that the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Multiple Personality Day 2020?โ€ canโ€™t be unique and universal. There are a lot of various points of issue concerning the definition of this matter in general.

At the very beginning we canโ€™t but mention the American psychiatrist Frank Putnam suggests that a dissociative identity disorder is formed in response to physical, emotional and / or sexual violence in childhood. As the child is not able to prevent the traumatic effect, the unity of the personality is preserved by splitting the “I”. New people take on themselves a load of unbearable pain and try to adapt to reality.

As a rule, children’s personality feels fear and cry, and in adults splash out anger, protect or realize secret desires. They may not know about each other, be friends with each other or conflict. Individuals may differ in age, nationality and illness. For example, one may be nearsighted, and another – to have good eyesight, but suffer from psychopathy. Each person is given a unique name, which most often recalls the experience of trauma.

Putnam cites statistics, confirming the relationship of childhood trauma and frustration. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 97% of patients with multiple personality are victims of violence; 68% of them were sexually harassed by a relative.

Memories of incest are being pushed out of memory, because they are associated with shame, guilt and other strong emotions. In addition, incest may be masked by “family myths” about caring and love. Putnam emphasized that therapy should be aimed at revealing the secrets of the patient and their subsequent elaboration.


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