When is National Son and Daughter Day in 2022? Do you know how to react to this question? Or have you ever heard about this event existence. All in all we are almost sure that you’re going to hesitate and then answer negatively to them both.

At the same time a recent study by scientists from the University of the Danish city of Olborg and their American colleagues from the University of Maryland and the business school at Columbia University has revealed a curious fact: a man who has a female child is usually more responsive and benevolent than the one whose son grows. Have you heard about this fact? โ€“ Oh, well letโ€™s discover everything from the very beginning.


Of course, we understand that it would be quite silly to discover the situation concerning the direction what day World Son’s and Daughter’s Day in 2022 is without returning to the past of this interesting special occasion. Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t been able to discover who the establishers of this amazing event were and why we’ve to spend it on August 11th. But we are almost sure that these people were thinking equally about the children of the both genders and didnโ€™t want to separate their feelings.

Parents and children


What does National Son and Daughter Day mean? This is an easy but at the same time rather difficult question. Why? โ€“ The matter is that not everybody these days has the reasons for celebrating this holiday. Some of the contemporary people are too young to have babies in general. Others have only a son or a daughter, or some children of the same gender.

And, for the sake of justice, it is worth recalling the recent study by Emory University and Arizona University staff that found that young dads are more attentive to toddler girls than to baby boys.

By the way, the scientists studied the style of leadership of the heads of ten thousand Danish companies and found that men raising their small ladies were inclined to set higher salaries for employees than those who had a boy at one time.

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According to the findings, the appearance of a male child leader forced a man to reduce his earnings to his subordinates, but by studying more carefully the results, the team of Professor Michael Dahl came to the conclusion that this’s only natural for the boy appearance, while the birth of the girl didn’t entail lower wages.


Discovering the theme belonging to the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Son’s and Daughter’s Day 2022?โ€ we want to show our readers a great amount of various fact, which we find to be rather amazing.

Believe you or not, but for several days, some experienced American scholars were investigating the emotions of parents in various situations and circumstances. And as a result they have finally found out, who young parents care about much: about their small daughters or little sons.

So, men who became parents take more care of their daughters than sons. Such results have shown studies of the American Psychological Association.

For several days, scientists have been investigating the emotions of parents in various situations and circumstances: they recorded their conversations with children and studied the work of the brain when children cried or rejoiced. The results showed that the emotions of the father are much sharper and stronger when he comes to toddler girls than when to boys.

In addition, the researchers found that when the dads are talking to their small princesses, they use mainly words related to emotions. When they talk to their small or teenager sons, they use the vocabulary associated with development and success.


When is Son and Daughter Day in 2022, calendar is ready to remind you. In fact it is not a secret as this holiday is celebrated on August 11. It is not difficult to remember, as the date is fixed and you may be involved any moment you want.

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But do you know how to spend this day in a proper way? โ€“ Of course, there are no any official events, devoted it. But you can always organize something for yourself and your surroundings.

Some contemporary people prefer to devote this day to thinking and discussing some interesting moments. The most typical ones are the following:

  • Next generation appearance. In many cultures the surname is passed on a male line, i.e. through son. A pretty daughter, when she is getting married, becomes, more often, a bearer of another surname, and, consequently, a follower of another family. So here we can recall that without women, continuation of any kind is not possible. The human being receives life force through two channels: from father and from mother. And the most important thing – I could / could give continuation, and therefore there, in future generations, there is a particle of me.
  • The struggle (open or hidden) with a woman for primacy in the family. Depending on the sex of the child, it is determined which has become stronger, male or female. In a struggle it is difficult to build a family at all. There is no point in comparing the male and female forces – they are simply from different planes. At the same time, they canโ€™t exist separately from each other, because they need constant mutual exchange.

Son and Daughter and their mom

If you are going to spend this day in a family cycle, we recommend you to organize something special for everybody. For example, you can go to the cinema, theater, zoo or just to the park to talk. It is up to you to decide.

You see, August 11 is a perfect time for being outside. What about a picnic in the open air? โ€“ Somewhere near the river or in the forest. You can make barbecue or play various games, including the board ones.

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International Son and Daughter Day Facts

The matter โ€œWhen is International Son and Daughter Day 2022?โ€ needs some clarifications and discoveries that is why we have decided to introduce our readers a few very amazing pieces of interesting information.

It is often said that mothers more love daughters, and fathers – sons. Psychologists from the University of Rutgers believe that this is the case, which is arisen for parents, who should first give a gift.

The study involved families with two children, a son and a daughter. The parents were given a certificate for a certain (not very large) sum of money. They should spend it only for one of their children. It turned out that most mothers prefer to give a gift for a daughter, and most of the fathers – to their son. And from a cultural context, such parental preferences, apparently, do not depend on them, as a similar experiment was put in India, and the results were the same.

On another occasion, the researchers suggested to their parents to buy a lottery ticket that could win a backpack. Lottery tickets were different for boys and for girls: a “boy” ticket could win a backpack for boys, a “girl” – a backpack for girls.

According to the authors working at the well-known Journal of Consumer Psychology, 75% of ladies chose the so-called “girl” tickets, while about 87% of guys gave preference to the “boys” ones. That is, even if the present itself is questionable (it’s a matter of lottery), the parents still try to make so that in a more favorable position appear a child of the definite (the same as they are) gender.

The modern psychologists are sure that such preference happens unknowingly – if the people ask whom they love more, they answer that they love both kids equally, and in the depth of mind they themselves are completely sure about it.


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