Human care. It is so little and so much. Care is the cornerstone of love; it is at the heart of the relations. Even at the heart of society. When we look at the world, we can see how cats care for kittens, lions about young lions, adults โ€“ for children. Care manifestation โ€” a vital thing. Care is necessary to all. To children, adults, old people, that is irrespective of age. And with the purpose to express your gratitude you should know when the School Nurse Day in 2022 is.

One of the purposes of the school nurse is care. Care of those who have come to study, are getting knowledge, and have suddenly felt bad. In the world of adult people having the flu, high temperature, an allergy, food poisoning โ€“ are perceived absolutely easy. People, being ill, go to work, communicate with others. During their life, they have had worth experience.

Children have another world, their perception is different. Their mentality is not so adapted to stressful situations. In the stream of lessons, changes, and different information, they need to feel safety. It is necessary for them.

School Nurse Day

They have a sense of safety at home thanks to parents, especially to the mother. When they feel bad at school, it is possible to address the nurse. To ask, council, to measure temperature, just to complain, and to understand that you will find help and support there, โ€” it is possible with the school nurse.

What do we know about it? How has this holiday appeared?

Nursing has a long history. Many thousands of years ago, in Israel and sunny Egypt, newly born children were met by midwives. During the wars that appeared in Empire of Rome in different centuries, roles of nurses played wives of emperors. At Christian times monks could be nurses and kind people who wanted to help.

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Nursing that we can see nowadays has appeared in the 1850s and concerned with English nurse Florence Nightingale, who has found the modern professional nursing.

Florence Nightingale was the nurse at the Crimea War that endured from 1853 to 1856. At that times, the process of nursing was new. Nightingale initiated it. Also, she had the habit of observing the territory where wounded people were at night. Thanks to that, soldiers called her the Lady with the Lamp. She brought them light, kindness, and care. And at 1954, 100 years after the beginning of Nightingaleโ€™s job, National week of Nurses was celebrated the first time.

What do we have now?

What is the date of School Nurse Day? School Nurse Day is usually celebrated in May. It doesnโ€™t have a certain date. As usual, pupils can congratulate their nurses in school on Wednesday from 6th May to 12th May. It is a period of National Nurse Week. In 2022 this holiday is celebrated in every school on 6th of May.

What is the role of this holiday?

The main task of Scholl Nurse Day is to remind all children about the great importance of the job that is done by nurses, to make them understand, how necessary is to help people, and what a great pleasure to say โ€œThank youโ€ to someone for care. For women that do these job it is an opportunity to feel love and recognition; to understand one more that their labor is appreciated. Besides of it this holiday as any other unites those who are teaching and those who are thought, makes the atmosphere of friendship and good mood.

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As for traditions of School Nurse Day, every school has its own celebration order. As usual, pupils can make postcards to the school nurse, write a poem, and give flowers. In the morning of this day, all pupils get together and congratulate nurses with their professional holiday. In some schools, nurses are getting thanksgiving notes made by the directorship. At others, school mothers bake cakes, biscuits, rolls and organize a school fair. As a result, children have fun, try themselves in making business, getting profit and grant emotions to others. Everyone is happy because of things that day – School Nurse Day brings in 2022.

Also, every year, the National Nurse Week is thematic. The topic as usual concerns health, well-being and keeping a sound mind in a sound body. 2022 is not the exception. In some schools, even crews of the medical assistant are gathered. Senior pupils take part in it. At the intervals, they make thematic reports. In junior school, they talk about hygiene and explain advantages of the regime. At senior school, they discuss harm of drugs and alcohol, and ways to avoid different types of addictions. In addition, pupils are appointed on duty, they help the school nurse on examination, practice measuring someone’s blood pressure, lead to classroom those who felt badly.

School Nurse Day

School Nurse Day brings a little disorder in regular school life, but it helps feel good emotions, unite pupils with all school stuff and teach children team-building. The directorship can have a little rest. And school nurses feel themselves heroes.

You can ask what School Nurse Day in 2022 is for other people, who have finished school?

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First of all, as any other holiday that is celebrated in the country, it demands presents, flowers, and postcards. So, as a result, it brings clients to shops and supermarkets make higher profits for entrepreneurs and salary bonuses for employees. Nowadays, when School Nurse Day 2022 is coming, you can find thousands of gifts and presents. It can be cups, keys, biscuits, numerous hearts, and even socks. But the best present is a smile and good attitude because the job of a school nurse is not so easy as it may look like.

Children have a different temper, different mood. Some of them afraid of injections, some of them are just angry for school and for all world. A school nurse should be the combination of politeness, patience, and understanding. At the same time, the person should be smart and severe in some way. In other words, a school nurse should be a psychologist, a mother, a friend, and a good professional.

Besides, all of us were children, and almost all had bruises and grazes in school, and they all were cured at nurse room. Sometimes, we wanted to skip school and try to find the way of cheating these kind professionals. So, we should be grateful for their efforts. And if you want to express your gratitude, you can find the date of School Nurse Day 2022 in the calendar, and say โ€œThank youโ€ to someone, who took care of you in your childhood or youth or may be doing it for children nowadays.


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