We usually do not much know about traditions and history of other countries. More often all our knowledge on this point is rather poor and general. The same situation is with holidays in other countries. Thought tourists all over the world try to collect such type of information and are interested in everything. But other people still have no information of this point. The same situation is with holidays of other countries. That is why it is so important to try to know more. In this article, we would like to observe one of the holidays of Canada, which is called Labour Day. The holiday has its history and traditions, moreover many countries celebrate the same holiday. Letโ€™s speak a bit about the day itself and in the end know, when is Labour Day in Canada in 2020 and other details.

Labour Day in Canada

Background: Why did Labour Day begin

So, the holiday takes its beginning in Ottawa โ€“ it shouldnโ€™t sound surprising. It all began about 150 years ago. At that time people had not best-working conditions and actively struggled for their rights. The question of work and earnings was very sharp, but authorities didnโ€™t pay much attention to all these problems. At one moment people lost their patience and were ready to act. Peopleโ€™s willing to change their life was realized in demonstration, which was organized by thousands of people. The initiative of simple workers was supported by other people and it all got the huge size.

A bit later this initiative was supported by Toronto, where the second huge demonstration of the same kind was organized. Nobody, especially authorities, expected that the demonstration will go out so serious and will grow to such sizes. They had no choice and had to give their answer and do something. In such a way in some time special Labour Congress was created in Canada, which worked on the problem of simple workers and conditions, in which they live and earn money. That is why the question, what day Labour Day in Canada 2020 is, can be thought to originate at that time.

Right from that time, the authorities realized that there is no time more not to pay attention to the problems of workers and traders and their companies. They finally realized that their role in society and country life is extremely important. Before these demonstrations, they couldnโ€™t even think, how important all this is for people โ€“ the society, and how strongly will they support all this. After that event, the holiday, called Labour Day, has originated and people began celebrating it. Actually, for the first time people did it in spring, but about a couple of decades ago they moved it to the fall.

Traditions of the holiday and peopleโ€™s rest

Well, the Labour Day is practically similarly celebrated in many other countries. That is why many of us know, what do people usually do. First of all, as it is celebrated on Monday, in case you donโ€™t know, when is Labour Day in Canada 2020, people have one more extra holiday and opportunity to have rest. By they way, it is important to admit, that it was not like this for all the time of holiday existing. For the first time at this day, workers had the opportunity to organize parades and demonstrations legally and struggle for their working conditions and earnings.

Labour Day in Canada

But as the time passed, all these got calmer and calmer and nowadays most people usually treat this day like just an opportunity to have a rest and have an extra day off work or studies. Those, who stay in the city, usually go on picnics, visit parades, which take place, festivals, cafes, etc. Also, it is very popular among citizens to go to the country with family or to go on a trip with a company of close friends, for example.

Most of the organizations, companies and so on are closed to this day. People do not need to go to work. Also, this holiday is appreciated by those, who study โ€“ schools and universities are also closed. It is the last opportunity for them to have fun before studies begin again.

So, it is important for people to know, what is the date of Labour Day in Canada 2020. As it has already been said, it was moved to fall and now it is celebrated in September. This year it will be September 7th. Tourists can also visit Toronto, for example, to see, how do people celebrate this holiday and have fun.


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