National holidays aren’t always in the list of governmental holidays. Very often people accept interesting events as their traditional occasions. They make their own plans of observing the days. People of all countries like having fun. They accept every moment which is able to give relax, joy and happiness. Ordinary events can become a national holiday. One of such holidays is National Hammock Day. This day is devoted to a subject which helps a person to fell the romantic mood just in having a rest. The day can be annually celebrated in every pace which can provide relax and calmness. When is National Hammock Day in 2022?


The history of the holiday can be hardly found in the world history, though this kind of a bed existed many centuries ago. It began as a place of relax for soldiers which were in a military campaign. It was a very convenient way to spend night in calmness and safety.

The first mention about these things can be referred to the 11th century of this era. It was widely used in Central America by the Mayan Indians. They made the first variant of this thing. It was made of fibers or woven. The indigenous tribes made them from local plants: the sisal and Hamack tree.

National Hammock Day

There are chronicles that conquistadors saw a strange net and the Tiano during their first visit to the Bahamas. Columbus liked this kind of bed, so he decided to bring the thing to Europe. From those times hammocks have gained wide popularity.

European producers proposed different materials for hammocks, such as canvas, cotton and others. They also took the cloths to America to make their own kinds of the hammock. The thing was eagerly accepted because of its useful characteristics. The main feature was that they could provide people’s safeness. The attacks of rodents, snakes, spiders and other creatures became less frequent. There was no need to sleep on a dirty and wet ground. A person felt very convenient. The hammocks were rather soft for people’s backs. Moreover, the sleeping process became easier because of somnolent effect.

During two World Wars the military took the advantage of the hammock because of its portability and convenience. It also could save space. It was very useful characteristic, especially on ships. The Navy widely used the hammocks. The problem was that that kind of a bed became unlike the previous model. Producers used heavy canvas.

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Prison systems also began using the hammocks. In the 19th century the English prisons replaced previous beds and set the hammocks. In some years the idea was renounced because the death accidents became more frequent.

Ordinary people bought these subjects to set them in their homes. It was convenient not only for sleeping but for reading and other ways of relax. Nowadays a hundred million hammocks are used in the whole world. When is International Hammock Day 2022? It’s on the 22nd of July.


What does National Hammock Day mean for the community? The day may be considered a day of relax and freedom. Being lonely on this date is not a trouble. It’s certainly a privilege. A person doesn’t need to spend lots of time in such a bed, but he can spend an hour or even less laying as a child.

The purpose isn’t obligatory to sleep in it. A person can take a book and have a rest. The day can be used as a reason to think over his life, to feel the importance and beauty of nature if the thing is outside.

The romantic mood is on a surface of the idea. People liked these beds because of a wonder which can happen if we are in the hammock. If we see a person who rests in such a bed, we think about his will to be alone, to relax and feel calm. This feeling is common to the majority of people in different countries.

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Nobody interrupts a man or a woman who is in the hammock. This thing prevents you from other people interrupting your inner world. It is the best way to get rid of different importunate people. They won’t speak to you if there is only one thing or there’s no another place to sit. Besides, you may pretend that you are sleeping. People can try these calm feelings on the concrete date. Just ask your friends “What day National Hammock Day in 2022?”


The word “Hammock” has several definitions. Some of them can be hardly connected. The most usable definition concerns a kind of bed. This item consists of ropes or nets which hold a piece of cloth. The hammock is usually hung between two posts, originally trees. It is usually used by people to lay in it.

The word has its roots in the Spanish word “hamaca”. But linguists consider that the birth of the word was given by the Arawak and Taino tribes. At the beginning it was “hamaka”. Later it transformed into the well-known word.

Webster’s Dictionary also gives another definition of the word. It is used in America. People name an area with a hard forest as a hammock. The word is also used for children holding. It is called a swing.


On the 22nd of July everybody should try to involve into holiday’s observance. People can use it for relaxation and leisure. It is very easy to find hammocks and have a rest. It doesn’t matter what a person uses the thing for. He can sleep for a while, read or even listen to music.

The best way to spend the event is being alone without a crowd. Some people even try to meditate on this piece of cloth. There are several traditional steps in observing the day:

  • find a hammock;
  • read a magazine or a newspaper;
  • lay still and listen to natural sounds, songs of birds, a rustle of leaves;
  • have a sleep;
  • try swinging in a wind;
  • look at the ocean or at the sea if you have such an opportunity;
  • look at the night sky and adore the stars.
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National Hammock Day

If you don’t have this kind of a bed, find a simple net and pitch it between two trees. Philadelphia authorities propose the best hammocks free on the holiday. They propose their dwellers to visit the biggest parks and use one of the proposed coloured nets. This fact is attracts lots of visitors. They are eager to lay in the item. It is a real festival with native food and folk music. If you want to attend the festivals, you should study the information about them in the internet “When is Hammock Day in 2022, calendar of US festivals”.

Hammock Day Facts

There are lots of interesting facts concerning this kind of a bed:

  • The hammock seems to be the easiest thing which people could invent, though the inventors were the indigenous people, not Europeans.
  • The moves of the item make people sleepy due to the swinging motions. It is similar to lulling a child.
  • It is a chance of a group laying in one thing. It can be made in North Carolina. Local people made a huge hammock which is able to hold 8 thousand lbs. The best way to have fun is to invite friends.
  • Columbus took the advantage of simple transportation to take some things to Europe.
  • Various companies try to help their workers to relax during a long hard working day. They propose hammocks in the offices.
  • If you are a fan of terrifying things, you should go to Utah to a canyon. You will find an opportunity to swing in the hammock in the air over the canyon. It cost them 50 thousand dollars.
  • Tokyo is also connected with such a net. There is a café where people sit in hammocks and have a snack.
  • The most expensive thing costs 35 thousand dollars.
  • Its form is very popular nowadays. Sanitary equipment companies propose baths made according to this form.

What is the date of Hammock Day 2022? It’s on the 22nd of July.


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