When is National Sex Day in 2022? We are almost sure that you are not able to answer this question. The matter is that this notable date seems so strange and unusual even for contemporary people that most part of them has never heard about its existence.

That is the explanation why we have decided to investigate this subject in details, giving our readers as precise information as it is possible.


Of course, it goes without saying that the discovering of the subject, what day World Sex Day in 2022 is, we have to pay a close attention to the historical background of this amazing date. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find out the names of this holiday’s establishers as well as any suitable information about the moment, when the event was originally started.

But the date for this moment celebration doesn’t seem to be occasional. You see June 9th, written in a short form like 6/9 resembles the type of the rather popular sexual pose. Have you noticed this as well?

However, we would like to mention that the day similar to this one was celebrated in Ancient Rome many centuries ago. Are astonished? – Well, we are!

The contemporary specialists have already discovered that it was at the end of November when the Romans celebrated their merry fertility festival, the aim of which was not only at harvesting, but also at multiplying the generation and all nature around.

Making Sex

So we can see that the international day of sexual relation has deep roots and a solid history. People just forgot about it. Of course, nowadays people prefer to celebrate it not in autumn, but on June 9, but still its existence seems to be rather amazing in fact.


What does National Sex Day mean? Oh, please, don’t ask us a question like this. You see, we find it to be rather personal and individual. In this matter nobody is able to dedicate you and to tell how to behave properly. In fact it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate it or to forget about this holiday in general.

In their turn scientists from Scotland found that an active sex life slows down the aging process. And if you have sexual relation at least three times a week, then you will look much younger than their peers. And what can be more pleasant for a woman?

Hormones that are produced during intimacy, also positively affect the appearance of a woman:

  • The estrogen changes the condition of the skin, hair and nails for the better;
  • Collagen makes the skin supple and silky.
  • Progesterone relieves pimply acne.

Sexual relation is also useful for inner harmony. At the first sight it is difficult to believe, but sex can replace 10 minutes of exercise on the stationary bike, 15 minutes of active jogging or half an hour of morning exercise. Muscles come in tone, calories are burned, the spine is strengthened, and while you are experiencing much more pleasure than from conventional training!


Talking about the question “When is International Sex Day in 2022?”, we can’t but mention that despite the fact that thisevent is considered to be a rather controversial holiday, it can be used for good purposes.

Studies have shown that regular intimate life increases the level of immunoglobulin by 30 percent, that is, it increases immunity. And this saves us from both blues and colds.

Sexual contact, or rather, orgasm, helps prevent breast and prostate cancer. For women, sexual relation is becoming a good prevention of diseases such as fibroids and mastopathy. Surely you have repeatedly heard that gynecologists and mammologists recommend having sex more often. In men, however, the risk of developing prostate cancer decreases, because carcinogens are also excreted from the body during the production of semen.

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Also, scientists have proved that if you have sexual relation at least 3 times a week, then the probability of heart attacks decreases by half. And all because with orgasm the pressure rises and the pulse speeds up to 160 beats per minute.

Endocrinologists say that making love is an effective prevention of diabetes. With a long abstinence in the body, insulin production falls, whereas after an orgasm the pancreas (namely, it is responsible for insulin in the body) comes in tone.


When is Sex Day in 2022, calendar will surely help you not to forget. But do you know how to celebrate June 6th, when this moment comes. Of course, as you can understand, perhaps, there are no any special rules and customs for this very moment spending. All you can do is to invent something new and unforgettable with your partner.

Moreover, you can describe your inventions in the popular social networks, marking your post with a special tag, listed in the in great quantities in the Internet.

The professional holidaymakers recommend not to think too long on this beautiful day. The best idea is to devote this day to sexual relations, of course. – Go to the nearest sex shop, choose something for yourself and try the bought happiness in the evening.

You can promote healthy and protected sexual relations. Some people prefer to join to these actions worldwide and ask people to be examined to sexual infections on this holiday. Others can also conduct seminars, teaching how to protect from disease and how to properly observe the hygiene of sexual relations. All these actions will help not only to have a fun and carefree celebration of the day of sex, but also to spend it with profit to take something new and profitable out of it.

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After Sex

And, of course, this day it is worthwhile for children to talk about what sexual contact is and form the opinion of the child that early sex is not permissible. It is then that you will be able to form a decent person from the kid who will go through life by the proper way, without wasting himself/herself on sexual intercourse unnecessary in adolescence.

International Sex Day Facts

Talking about the answer to the question “What is the date of National Sex Day 2022?” we can’t but remind about the advantages of this kind of leisure activity.

As you can understand, mental health is also important to feel better or even well. So, the contemporary specialists have already compounded to list of all the positive moments, the sexual contact can do for you.

  • Improves mood

Endorphins, responsible for our good mood, also reduce feelings of anxiety and relieve stress. During orgasm there is a discharge, and you feel satisfaction. In addition, male sperm contains prostaglandins – substances that stimulate the production of female hormones against depression.

  • A great way to cheer up in the morning

Testosterone, which enters the female body with sperm, guarantees a burst of energy. In the morning – this is what you need!

  • Strengthens relations

Sexual dissatisfaction can destroy even the strongest union! It is because of such problems that most marriages fall apart. But regular sex and mutual understanding in bed can strengthen any relationship. Partners who regularly make love, as a rule, spend a lot of time together, rarely quarrel and do not change each other. And sexologists say that those couples who are not afraid to experiment are stronger and happier than those who recognize only traditional sexual contact.

  • Increases self-esteem

Good sex usually raises our self-esteem, gives confidence. After all, if everything is good in bed, then you feel like the most beautiful and desired woman in the world. Is not that what we all want?


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