According to the well-known facts, the representatives of Britain began to colonize the so-called New World somewhat later than other states. All in all English colonies on this continent started to appear only at the 2nd part of the sixteenth and the 1st one of the seventeenth centuries, but they weren’t destined to last long. That’s the clear explanation why we want to investigate properly this direction trying to introduce the reply to “When is National Forefathers’ Day in 2022?”


As you can understand, it is almost impossible to discover some subjects without paying attention to the relatively distant past of these memorable dates. The attempts to get the proper reply to what day Forefathers’ Day in 2022 is, belongs to these points.

The first attempt to create an English colony was carried out by order of the English Queen Elizabeth in 1585. For this purpose the expedition arrived to the shores of North America and gave the opened lands the name of Virginia, which meant “a virgin”, because, as it is known, Elizabeth remained a virgin until the end of her life.

The first colony, founded by the English, was called Roanoke, which, in the course of time, gained the fame of a “lost colony”. When there was a threat of famine, the colonial commander went to England for supplies, but when the man returned to Roanoke, he found that place abandoned, there was not a single European around.

Forefathers and Indians

There are various assumptions about the fate of the first settlers. Most likely, they were killed by the indigenous population, or perhaps they died from diseases. Some scientists are sure that they, feeling strong hunger, began to practice cannibalism.

The second forefathers’ wave landed at the same place. And the history repeated: the commander went to England for provisions, and when he returned, there was no one else, but that time the settlement was untouched, as if people simply evaporated without a trace. The fate of the second wave of colonists is still unknown.

The first English colony that could survive in the New World was a small settlement called Jamestown, founded in 1607. Historians of the USA speak of Jamestown as the cradle of the American nation. The first years for Jamestown were unusually heavy. If at the beginning of the colonization its population became 500 inhabitants, then by 1610 their number had decreased to 60. Most of them died of hunger and disease.

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Jamestown began to flourish when one of the settlers was able to bring out a new sort of tobacco, perfectly adapted to the climate of North America. In addition, this variety was of good quality, which provided prosperity to the colony.

In 1619 the black population was first introduced to the territory of the new colony, although officially it was not slavish, but this day is considered the beginning of slavery in America. Three years later, Jamestown became a victim of the Indians’ revolt, and about a third of the population of the colony was destroyed.


What does Forefathers’ Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, unfortunately, we can’t help you to give a wide answer this question. Why? You see, the matter is that you can decide if to remember about December 22nd this year or to forget about it completely. Contemporary people are free to choose what holiday to hold and we are not to order you, of course.

By the way, if you ever are in these places, mind that in the case December 22nd falls on pretty Sunday, the Club prefers to have it on the following Monday. Frankly speaking, it is an excellent chance for those men and women, who would like to take an active part in both performances.


In our attempts to find the answer “What is International Forefathers’ Day 2022?” we’d love to tell you that by the starting of the war for the independence of the US, the number of colonists became more than 2 million people.

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Among all these colonists:

  • about 85% were immigrants from Ireland and England;
  • 9% came from German principalities;
  • 5% from Holland.

According to the historians’ points of view, the lion’s share of the population became farmers – 90%. Some colonies, such as New York and Boston were large port cities with a developed ship industry. These cities and some others were the only points that connected the rest of the colonies with the Old World.

The discoveries have helped to know that the most of the population of the English colonies were Protestants. The reason for this was the Reformation in Europe, where most Protestants were persecuted by the Inquisition, and on the territory of America they could believe in everything they wanted without any consequences. In addition to the Protestants, there were Catholics as well as Jews, but they were in a clear minority.

Before the war for independence, all the British colonies were completely independent of each other. Each of them had a very developed independent management and a improved system of elections based on English law.


When is Forefathers’ Day in 2022, calendar would definitely remind everybody. So if you’re going to be involved, just don’t forget when December 22nd comes. By the way this year it will happen on Friday. That’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate something, isn’t it?

In general there’re two main manners to spend this day unforgettably: official and unofficial.

On the state level this occasion is celebrated widely in the city of Plymouth, which is placed in Massachusetts (USA). The date itself was organized in honor of the commemoration of the very important special occasion, when the Pilgrim Fathers landed there in 1620. For the first time the events like these were held in this town in 1769.


Since that very moment the traditions have kept in the same place, called Old Colony Club, which was initially constructed for these purposes. As a rule, a set of performances starts at 6 o’clock in the morning by the members match. They climb the top of Cole’s Hill, arranged near the famous Massasoit’s statue. Various forefathers honoring proclamations are read and the ritual fire is always made.

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The festive succotash dinner, which is considered to be a part of the Thanksgiving, is organized by two main communities: the Mayflower Society and the representatives of the mentioned above the Old Colony Club. Traditionally people eat soup with huge fowl parts and meat, which is generously sliced on the table.

Forefathers’ Day Facts

Every time when we get the answer to the amazing question, in this very case it is “What is the date of Forefathers’ Day?” we want to discover something interesting as to this matter either.

And now we’re going to introduce you some amazing pieces of interesting facts. Eg., not all people know that the United Kingdom has always tried to establish full economic control over its colonies in North America.

In order to achieve such control, they implemented the following economic scheme: Great Britain bought all manufactured goods produced in the colonies, and instead of it the colony received raw materials and agricultural goods.

Britain was not interested in the British colony trading with anyone other than with the metropolis, that is, Great Britain. They were also not interested in colonies developing their industry rapidly.

However, despite the wishes of GB, the English colonies in North America achieved certain successes in industry. The greatest advantages were achieved in shipbuilding, the reason for this was a huge amount of raw materials for building ships, and the quality of local wood was really excellent.

Having at its disposal a large fleet, the English colonies were beginning active trade with the West Indies, which substantially increased the economy of the colonies. We can’t but mention that Great Britain oppressed all attempts to establish their own industry and to develop foreign trade with other states and trade companies. In addition, the United Kingdom fouled all goods with huge taxes and duties.


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