Toilet paper day

August 26 is celebrated every year in the world Toilet paper day. The holiday first appeared in America in 2015.

History of the invention of toilet paper

Now, without exaggeration, toilet paper is considered an irreplaceable invention of mankind. The first such paper appeared in China in the 2nd century. It was already produced on an industrial scale in the Middle Ages in the Celestial Empire. In Europe, they learned about such an invention only in the 14th century thanks to Marco Polo, who was the first to reach China.

In America, packaged toilet paper appeared only in 1857, and the first commercial line for the production of packaged toilet paper was created by Joseph C. Gayety. In the form of rolls, the paper did not appear immediately, at first it was packed in boxes. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first roll appeared in the USA.

Interesting facts about toilet paper

  • In a year, all the inhabitants of the planet use more than 30 billion rolls of toilet paper, which is about 60,000 rolls per minute.
  • According to one survey, 49% of people will definitely take toilet paper with them to a deserted island. Some respondents put this item on the list of necessary things even before eating.

Toilet paper day
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