Manager’s Day (Chief’s or Boss’s Day)

The tradition of celebrating the professional holiday of managers originated in the American town of Deerfield, located in the state of Illinois. In 1958, Patricia Harosky, who worked as a secretary in her father’s insurance company, decided to organize his birthday, which he celebrated on October 16, in a special way. Calling the event “National Chef’s Day”, the girl registered it in the country’s Chamber of Commerce. On this day, the company’s employees could show respect for their beloved manager.

After 4 years, thanks to the governor of the state, who liked the founder’s idea, the holiday gained official status.

Now the event is popular in many countries. Once a year, namely on October 16, all those in management positions, subordinates, friends and business partners are congratulated on Boss’s Day.

Interesting facts about bosses and bosses:

  • In the world, approximately 40% of such positions are held by women.
  • 65% of employees would like to be their boss.
  • 43% of people believe that their work is appreciated, and this motivates them to work better.

Postcards for Manager’s Day

The seam is always right  Greeting card - Cards for the Day of the manager

To the best boss  Greeting card - Cards for the Day of the manager

Happy boss day |  Greeting card - Cards for the Day of the manager

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