Home awakening day

Every year on April 1, a national holiday is celebrated – Home awakening day. Our ancestors believed that with the onset of cold weather, the house falls asleep, and in the spring, after the vernal equinox, it wakes up to meet the warmth.

On April 1, people tried to appease home, so that he wakes up in a good mood and does not waste his time. That is why, until this day, fun parties were arranged, and the house spirit was fed with its favorite delicacies: milk, porridge and bread.

Before April 1, the house must be thoroughly cleaned, because goblin hates dirt. In the past, the house spirit was given something as a gift, thus showing care and attention.

  • In addition, there was a tradition of behaving strangely and funny on the Day of the Awakening of the householder, i.e. wearing clothes inside out, wearing different socks, joking and pranking each other.

Home awakening day


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