Assumption fast (end)

The shortest of all fasts ends on August 27 – Uspensky. The first mention of the Assumption fast dates back to 450.

This fast is dedicated to two twelfth holidays – the Transfiguration of the Lord and the Assumption of the Virgin. Fasting ends with Assumption. Before the end of her worldly life, the Queen of Heaven did not stop praying and fasting, although she had no need for it. That is why the church calls on believers to fast, pray and praise the Mother of God.

How is the end of Assumption fast celebrated

The Feast of the Assumption belongs to the unchanging dates of the church calendar, which are not tied to Easter. Because of this, the day of the Assumption fast also remains the same every year. In churches, an evening service is held, during which the Shroud with the image of the Mother of God is taken from the altar for the prayers and worship of the faithful. The shroud is placed in the middle of the church, it is left there until the end of the procession and the burial ceremony.

  • In this fast, as well as in other Orthodox ones, it is important to pay attention not only to physical restrictions (the consumption of products allowed for fasting), but also to the spiritual state. During fasting, you need to pray, not resort to loud celebrations and entertainment.

Assumption fast (end)
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