There exist a lot of religions in the world – each country, each nation has their own God, who has its name, different from others, its laws of live and rules, which people need to obey. Most traditions and holidays are the same in each of these religions, but they are made and celebrated differently. Though Christianity may seem as a separate religion, inside it can be divided into Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Both these religions have practically equal holidays, but they are celebrated differently. In this article, the speech will be about Orthodox Easter in particular. It is interesting to know, how it all began and when is Orthodox Easter in 2022.

Orthodox Easter

Meaning of the holiday and its background

The holiday of Easter goes back to early ages when the resurrection of Christ happened. Christ was the son of God and helped people to live a correct life and love life. When he died, people lost hope and happiness and they were scared that now nobody will be able to help them. But they were told to wait and believe, and they did so! And one day Jesus resurrected and when to heaven, which meant that he is always alone and will always be near us to teach and help us. From that time people marked that day in the calendar and made a holiday of Christ’s resurrection a religious one.

It is a very important holiday for all religious people and churches, because of everything, what happened at that day, became a crucial moment in the history of all humanity. In some countries, where religion is not at the first place for people, it is a big holiday and it is an official weekend. But in the countries, where religion is very important for every single person, Easter is accompanied with festivals throughout the cities, music, concerts and all possible entertainments, including churches. Nowadays the concrete day is calculated every year and it will be done this year too to know, when is Orthodox Easter 2022.

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Actually, Easter is not just a day to have fun. People, who treat it all seriously, have a tough preparation for fifty days before the holiday. All believers have special fast, which is the main in the whole year for all believers. The fast is really strict. People need to deny everything, which a person can live without – alcohol, smoking, eating meat and some other products. The fast has special meaning – a person “cleanse” his body and should from everything bad and evil. Special prayers are read, a person should try to help others as much as possible and do many good things towards the world around him. In such a way by the time of Easter day he must be clean and pure, it must be a kind of “rebirth” and become a step closer to the God.

Each year the date of the holiday changes because it is calculated from the beginning of the fast. The first day of fast is the first one and the fifth day is the day of Easter itself. That is why it is counted to what day Orthodox Easter in 2022 will be. By the way, the dates of Catholic and Orthodox Easter differs and people celebrate it on different days, not together.

Traditions and celebrations

Practically everywhere the traditions of this holidays are the same. In any country, you go at this time, you will meet festivals, fares and a lot of entertainment programs and souvenirs. It is really interesting to observe people’s celebrations that are why this holiday is worth taking place in history and life on the whole.

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Orthodox Easter 2017

There is a worldwide known symbol of Easter – an egg. Eggs are everywhere to this day – people paint them and eat, toy and sweet eggs are sold everywhere – in the shops, cafes, bakeries, etc. Many of them are decorated and painted manually. They all are really beautiful and sometimes people create amazing things and realize amazing ideas. An egg symbolizes the new life – we spoke about it earlier in the article.

Also, a kind of a symbol or tradition is to bake and eat an Easter cake. Usually, it has a special form and recipe. People also decorate it and eat together with family and friends. But before eating eggs and cake people take this food to the churches and consecrate it. Except this food person can take wine, other cakes, and such like products.

When is Orthodox Easter in 2022, calendar

This holiday is always accompanied with festivals, which are bright, light and colorful. It is really worth seeing it and many people go abroad to take part in this entertainment. The streets in this day are full of street food, games, and competitions with prizes, music, and concerts, etc. Everybody will find the thing he or she enjoys.

So, what is the date of Orthodox Easter 2022? This year people will celebrate it on April 19. Everybody will have plenty of time to get ready for it, prepare all needed things and prepare morally and spiritually. Try to take part in this holiday, if you have never done it before and maybe you will understand all its importance and purity.


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