In general the appearance of the postcard was largely due to purely practical needs, and even today, without losing its original function, it is one of the types of postal communication, although it is not widely used due to the availability of faster data transfer means. Now the postcard functions have changed a little, and we perceive it mainly as an attribute of a holiday and congratulations. Do you agree? And, by the way, are you ready to answer one quite simple question โ€œWhen is National Christmas Card Day in 2022?โ€ Unfortunately, in this case we’re expecting the negative reply, as many modern guys and ladies even have never heard about this holiday existence.

In vain, as it occasionally may be a perfect purpose something really warm and hearty. And in order to prevent the unfairness, we’ve made a decision to explore this matter in details.


Of course, now we understand quite clearly that it’sย  almost unreal to explain properly, what day Christmas Card Day in 2022 is without any serious mindingย  the interesting this date historical background.

Certainly, it’s a pity we havenโ€™t managed to discover any facts about its initial establishers and the reason why this event is celebrated in December 9.

The history of the postcard, as a kind of open mails, is more than 145 years old.ย  And that is not a surprise, of course, that for such an impressive period of existence its appearance as well as size and aims for sending has been transformed many times.

Handmade Christmas Cards

Not all of us have already known that the very first postcard was printed a long time ago. It happened in 1893 in the USA. They were sold as amazing and funny souvenirs.

By the way, we’d like to mention that nowadays in the British Museum you can see a postcard, which is dated 15th century. It’s really unique and according to the legend, this sheet of paper was sent by the Duke of Orleans to his beloved wife. The partner was in prison, but couldn’t live without his couple, that is why composed her love letters.

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A wide distribution of postcards was received in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was in England. However, their publishing was not commercialized then. In the most cases the pictures were painted by hand. The process of their creation was taken a long time, but the results were really unique.

The first printed card, as it became known, was made according to the order of Sir Henry Cole. The item was relatively small with the size of 12x7cm. It showed a rich Christmas family dinner. This interesting picture was added with the small inscription, wishing merry Christmas and a Happy New Year holidays for recipients. However, we can’t but mention, that those card were not sent by post.

The first postcards, which saw the world in general in 1869, were released in Austria and represented a thick paper without any picture at all. The only things you could see there was a small postage stamp in the right corner. The profound contemporary specialists discover that the drawing appeared on them later and after that the postcard became proudly called as “artistic” items.


What does Christmas Card Day mean? – It’s up to you now to decide. Some contemporary people are sure that this holiday means nothing, but others canโ€™t even imagine their life without it, waiting patiently from year to year.

Many contemporary historians consider the prints and lithographs, containing the Christmas themes to be this holiday card prototypes. They were very appreciated in the Middle Ages.

By the way, we should mention that this word was also used for special business cards in Paris in the 18th century. All in all French ones were turned out into Christmas sheets of paper.

As it has become known the very first items of this kind were created by the English artist called Dobson. It happened in 1794.

The decorated item was presented to this man’s friend and there you could see a winter landscape with a family, playing on the background of a Christmas tree. The present was so beautiful, that the following year Dobson printed several dozen of similar cards, which were sent them to all friends in the form of a Christmas present.

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In attempts to give the proper and quite wide reply to โ€œWhen is International Christmas Card Day 2022?โ€ we canโ€™t but talk about the fact that the beautiful tradition to share these small sheets of paper is still alive.

Moreover, nowadays we can see a new explosion of interest in postcards. Its name is postcrossing.

This fascination with postcards around the world began several years ago and its purpose is a free exchange of postcards with residents of different countries and continents.

In order to be involved you should register on the specialized site (frankly speaking, there’re a plenty of them), fill in the prepared questionnaire and you will be given randomly the addresses of other people who will be very happy to receive the postcard from you.

All in all, the situation reminds a circle. โ€“ You are sending and somebody is sending for you. People especially appreciate the fact that until the last minute the name and country of the sender will be a surprise.

Why do they need this process in general? โ€“ You see, when you go home after work, tired and exhausted, and looking in the mailbox, you find a wonderful postcard from England, France, Taiwan or any other country with the wishes of all the best. Believe us, you will want to smile! According to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, amazing things happen to schoolchildren and students who begin to get involved in postcrossing. – There comes an irresistible desire to learn foreign languages.

In a word, the history of the postcard continues. And even in the 21st century in order to give joy to your family and friends, clients and partners, acquaintances and friends for winter holidays, you donโ€™t need much, just give them Christmas postcards!

Christmas Cards


When is Christmas Card Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you, however, are you really ready to celebrate December 9 properly? If yes, we would like to give you some small tips.

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It is a pity, but up to the present moment there are no any definite rules for this date spending. However, it isn’t a trouble for people, who are going to be involved into something kind and sweet.

Here are some pieces of advice personally for you:

  • December 9 is a perfect time to start the Christmas postcards sending. If you send them today, all your friends will definitely receive them in time;
  • Why not to make your own cards? We are almost sure, that you can cope with this task without any problems. Homemade cards are always appreciated. And by the way, it will be a perfect idea for spending time together with your family.
  • If you have neither time nor money to send or to buy ordinary cards, think about electronic ones. Nowadays you can find a great amount of various computer programs that will help you to create something really interesting or even unique.

National Christmas Card Day Facts

Trying to find out the wide andย  amazing reply toย  โ€œWhat is the date of Christmas Card Day 2022?โ€ weย  want to discover something really interesting as to this matter, do we? โ€“ So, we’d like to give you these amazing facts.

Despite the rapid growth of electronic means of rather rapid communication, the holiday postcard has not lost its importance even now. However, its role has significantly decreased, as almost all correspondence is now sent in envelopes.

At the same time the greeting card pleases with new types of designs and finishes, gradually becoming an independent gift-souvenir. The advertising card, in its turn, is still relevant, but it is no longer put in the goods packaging, being placed on special stands in prestigious institutions of megacities.

A new direction in the Christmas postcard development and production has been also identified – a business card, which is considered to be a part of corporate culture.


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