Canada’s provinces are numerous and all of them have and treat their history and traditions. Every its province is like a separate world, which lives due to its own rules together with the laws of the country.  The same situation is observed concerning holidays, which are observed not only throughout the country but inside the area. Not all the holidays, which are celebrated in the place, we will talk about, are celebrated everywhere else. Our speech will go about New Brunswick. We will define New Brunswick Statutory holidays in 2017 and speak about them more close separately.

Main Brunswick holidays

So, as we have already mentioned, this very area has not only holidays, which are celebrated in the whole country. There are days, which are official holidays particularly here and nowhere else, in other provinces too. It is a usual thing that each province has their own reasons to have such kind of days. That is why it is rather difficult to remember them all and not to mix where this or that reason is taking place.

New Brunswick stat holidays 2017

So, let’s begin our brief talk on the main New Brunswick stat holidays 2017, which we will shortly describe to have an idea of what do they all mean and why are they celebrated.

  • The first holiday, which will be mentioned, is rather obvious because totally all people in the world celebrate it all together, not depending on the country or time scale – the speech is about the New Year’s Day. Such a wide-scale holiday is certainly a day off and is celebrated so that it looks like the main holidays of the year. Preparations to this very day begin very early. People think, which place will they chose for celebrations, which company to take with them or to have fun with the family. It should be admitted by the way that half of the people think that New Year is a bustling holiday and it must be spent somewhere out of home – the happier, the better. But the rest of the people are sure in the opinion that it is a family day and it is not correct to spend it somewhere else.
  • Let’s move to the next 2017 New Brunswick public holiday, which will be close to religion and the previous holiday too. As you may have already guessed, it is about Christmas, which takes place on December 25th in many catholic countries. It is partially close to the New Year – people decorate their homes, everything, like shops, offices, etc. are decorated too, people prepare souvenirs and presents to everyone, they love and like. This day is always a day off. The main thing is that people go to churches, pray for their life and for close people.
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  • As we spoke about the holiday, which takes place in winter, we should mention one more, which is called Remembrance Day. It is not a happy day because it is devoted to the victims of Vietnam War, which took place many years ago. It is celebrated in November, when people visit churches and cemeteries, remember their close people or relatives, which suffered or died there. Also, the city guide organizes special ceremonies with laying wreaths and singing.

Other well-known days to celebrate

So, we have enumerated provincial stat holidays of New Brunswick, which take place in winter, but there are also holidays, which take place in other parts of the year. Then let’s speak about them too:

  • There are two good holidays, which citizens observe in spring and summer – Mother’s and Father’s Days. They are also popular in many parts of the world and loved by all generations. At these days people have the opportunity to treat their mothers and fathers, tell them “thank you” for giving birth to their children, give presents and thank them for everything they do for their children, whatever they are. Mother’s Day is observed on May, 14 and Father’s Day is a bit later in summer on June 18.

New Brunswick stat holidays 2017 calendar

  • What else should be mentioned is one developed and well known and widespread holiday, which is called Labor Day. There are many countries, which celebrate it and have a day off. New Brunswick is one of those areas too. Actually, the holiday has its long and difficult history. At early times the day has not been rather happy or something of the sort. But with time those reasons died, the situation became better and people decided to leave the holiday to have another opportunity to have a rest. That is why this day is rather relaxing, people meet with friends or spend time with families, go to the country or do something of the sort. It is an autumn 2017 New Brunswick public holiday, which is spent in September. Though in other countries other dates may be observed and often there it is dated in spring.
  • And finally, certainly, we should mention one more important day for this particular area, which is the birthday of this place. It has an obvious name – New Brunswick Birthday. There are huge celebrations, people love this day and treat it. They celebrate it in the beginning of August annually. It is obvious that it is celebrated only here, but not in the rest of the provinces and it is a civic holiday of New Brunswick in 2017.
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So, here are we tried to observe all holidays, which are celebrated by the people pf this area only. At these days nobody works, but there are a lot of other holidays too, which thy celebrate, but do not have a weekend. Unlike other provinces, close to this one, they do not have, for example, such days, as Boxing Day or Thanksgiving Day, though they are very widespread and beloved by practically the whole country. But as we have already mentioned, every province has their own traditions.


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