Manitoba is the place where cold winters last too long, people leave their cars open, so that to escape from polar bears in time, and in summers you should be on the alert of mosquitos invasion. Still, this Canadian province has got a number of attractions to capture the attention of visitors all over the world and make some of them stay there forever. Speaking of Manitoba statutory holidays in 2017 it’s possible to state that they hardly differ from those in the rest of provinces, but they are distinguished with their own unique peculiarities.

Louis Riel Day

Lately, the citizens of Manitoba have celebrated Louis Riel Day, known as Family Day in the other provinces. Families have gathered together to participate in some joint activities and enjoy their time. Everyone has managed to get his share of sweets since especially popular places were cafes and confectionaries. Interestingly enough, the holiday has got such a weird name as a result of competition among schoolchildren, who decided to name the holiday after Louis Riel – a leader of mestizos in Canada.

Manitoba stat holidays 2017

Mardi Gras

The next feast on the waiting list is Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras as French people call it. This holiday presents the ritual of saying goodbye winter and greeting spring. It is celebrated before the beginning of Orthodox Great Lent. You may witness big processions and carnival performances in the streets, and see with your own eyes the old tradition to select the king and queen of the day, who will ride on a huge platform, saluting the residents and throwing them coins and different trinkets.

Good Friday

Amid Manitoba stat holidays 2017 we also find Good Friday on April 14. Its name serves as a reminder that on this day it’s forbidden even to think of something bad. It’s also banned to quarrel and to laugh. Being guided by these rules you will be able to visit churches and temples to take part in public worship and light candles for health and repose. By the way, this day there aren’t used any musical instruments in the churches, so all the prayer proclamations are held in silence. Concerning the Manitoba’s population of the other religious views, they will take advantage of additional day-off and most likely set out for a short-term trip around the province or the country to visit their relatives and friends.

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Easter is an overall holiday, not only religious people celebrate it. Inhabitants of Manitoba prepare for it carefully: choosing the way of decorating the table, making up the menu and buying presents are the things to be done in advance. The symbol of the holiday is Easter Bunny – people give each other baskets with colored eggs and sweets in the form of this animal. Easter is highly appreciated by children since they get plenty of treats. But it’s not so easy as it may seem – a kid has to find some sweets hidden in the house. Thus, the search turns into a fascinating game in which there are only winners.

Mother’s and Father’s days

The next holiday is expected on the 2nd Sunday of May when mothers will enjoy their time, be free from household duties, receiving bouquets and presents. On the eve of Mother’s Day, the shops and supermarkets will provide a wide range of things with congratulatory writings and cute packing for every taste.There will be a full house in restaurants and cafes on account of widespread tradition to book a table in a pleasant place for all the family. Some people choose to go on an excursion or an entertaining trip. The sponsors of the holiday tours on Mother’s Day will provide a great possibility to travel along the route laid among the Canadian prairie landscapes on a special excursion train Prairie Dog Central Railway.

After the holiday dedicated to mothers, Father’s Day is not far off. The day is celebrated on a bit smaller scale, marked with the tryings of children to show all their affection to fathers. Traditionally, if the weather is favorable, all the family set out for a nature ride: after all, what can be better than to get away from the city bustle, stock up with different delicacies, roast kebab on the grill, observing how grown-up sons shake hands with their fathers, hug them and give presents, and small children’s telling poems, especially learnt for occasion.

Victoria Day

One of the provincial stat holidays of Manitoba is Victoria Day on May 22. The holiday is not distinguished with any particular activities on the sites, and it’s just a formality. Usually, on this day, people arrange some picnics and barbecues to enjoy the additional day-off.

Independence Day

Unlike Victoria Day, Canada Day is characterized with great festivity every year. The holiday bears a historical significance and is always accompanied by entertainment and tasty food. Canada Day provides statutory holiday pay Manitoba in 2017, and since the event falls on Sunday, the weekend will be prolonged till Tuesday. In order to show the holiday spirit, the residents of Manitoba will dress with a patriotic style, and run outside not to miss the parades, street concerts and, of course, food.There will be a lot of ways of having fun from drawing national symbolics on the children’s faces up to magicians’ and jugglers’ entertaining the crowds.

Manitoba stat holidays 2017 calendar

Labor Day

On the first Monday in September there will be the civic holiday of Manitoba in 2017- Labor Day. In Canada, the holiday isn’t considered an important event. The celebration is confined to going somewhere in the countryside to enjoy the last summer warmth before the severe cold.

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a permeated with a heartwarming and friendly spirit, and it is called the Day of Good Deeds not without reason. Except for family celebrations with roast turkey and pumpkin pie, residents of Manitoba try to help homeless people, starving children and those who live in shelters. On the same day, there are many autumn fairs reminding of the harvest.

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The most favorite 2017 Manitoba public holiday is Christmas. It’s the time when children are rushing towards the Christmas tree early in the morning to find their presents when people put on their sweaters with deer and snowmen and sit down to the table to taste traditional Christmas dishes. At Christmas, no one should be left without a gift, you can – and should! – congratulate even a stranger. Moreover, in Manitoba, the weather often allows to go skiing and tobogganing in parks or simply have a walk along the streets, observing skillfully decorated houses.

So, in Manitoba, you can be warmed by the soulful atmosphere of holidays in chilly winter, and be given a breath of fresh air in sultry summer.


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