The literary process is the historical movement of national and world literature, new artistic ideas with the old ones. It is the history of the accumulation of aesthetic and moral values. World literature is a literary process on the scale of world history. The term belongs to I. Goethe, who put forward the idea of equality and influence of the national parts of the world literary process. Most writers, thinkers, and researchers of literature supported Goethe’s ideas and sought a proof. By a virtue of information, we should find out when is National Short Story Day in 2024.

So, a majestic day is held annually on 2nd of December. It allows people to recognize and commemorate the importance of literature and short story writing as well.


During the centuries and even millennia of the development of the ancient literature, cultural connections and contacts between different people, states, continents seemed to exist constantly. Now, they are sometimes difficult to determine. However, if we cannot restore these contacts in full, some of their fragments can be traced clearly and definitely. To the consequences of the process of inter-literary ties, we have the right to attribute the undeniable genetic proximity of the oldest layers of Indian and Iranian literature. It is expressed in the features of the ideological and formal similarity of the monuments of the Vedas and Avesta.

Book and spectacles

The literature of Greco-Roman antiquity is a vivid example, although our search is largely limited by insufficient knowledge of the issue, partly due to the inertia of traditional ideas about the exclusivity of Greek civilization. Nevertheless, one can definitely state that, in any case, the formation of Greek culture and literature took place in close connection with the civilizations of the Ancient East. As our information about the pre-Homeric, Aegean history of Greece multiplies, more features of its similarity with the cultures of the Hittites, Semites, Egyptians are revealed. Perhaps, by acquaintance, contacts, and, to some extent, by genetic involvement in these cultures, coincidences in Greek and Hittite mythologies are explained, and parallel motifs in the epic about Gilgamesh and Homer’s poems. The same is with the famous kinship of Greek, Indian, Babylonian, and Egyptian fables.

Such examples of inter-literary connections and contacts can hardly be disputed, however, as noted above, they seem fragmentary. Due to the poverty of direct historical evidence, it is usually difficult to specify them. Only towards the end of the ancient period of the development of literature, we are entering a firm historical ground. Well, letโ€™s go further to understand what day Short Story Day in 2024.


What does Short Story Day mean? We should emphasize on the short story writing aspect which differs from common writing. Deepen your knowledge in the world literature to be in trend and able to communicate and keep up the conversation. Take your time to read some short stories and share your emotions with relatives and friends.

By the way, many facts about well-known books are noted exactly when is International Short Story Day 2024. For example, the English once organized a contest for the shortest story. Under its terms, the monarch, Lord, intercourse, and also mystery had to be mentioned. The first place was awarded to the author of this opus: “Oh, my God,” exclaimed the queen, “I’m pregnant, and I do not know from whom!”


For a long time, researchers have dealt with individual literary works and studied them simply empirically. Subsequently, as the idea of โ€‹โ€‹a gradual, steady literature developed, researchers began to systematize the data of these direct observations and classify them according to centuries. From a simple description and classification, researchers went on to explain the described and classified phenomena of literature, to the definition of the uniformity of coexistence and consistency, to the study of the regularity of literary phenomena, to the theoretical construction. Since the introduction of the theoretical period of the development of the science of literature, two main branches of research have been presented: the history and the theory of literature or poetics.

Surprisingly, the day is highly valued in Africa where Short Story Day Africa is held yearly. Moreover, many submissions are opened each time with a different prize. The topic of SSDA 2024 is โ€˜IDโ€™ which means innovative short fiction exploring identity. Thereby, itโ€™s not so close but worth it to take part in SSDA 2024 and try to be the first. 31st of July is what is the date of Short Story Day Africa 2024.


For the first time, the tradition of literature appeared in the middle of the 17th century, but the content of this concept was developed recently by changing the volume of science, its material, tasks, and methods of its study. The original concept of literature merged with the notion of writing in general, about everything was fixed in written letters. Under the concept, both legislative monuments and medical manuals were added. Historical reviews of literature were catalogs of writers and a purely external list and description of books without any internal connection.

Short Story About Poor Girl

The day is marked by massive visits to the libraries and people spending hours with a book. Thousands of stories are available all over the world. You can directly choose the one you want. Furthermore, millions of people gather yearly to commemorate and support the literature by a virtue of organized and sponsored charitable foundations.

Short Story Day Facts

  • Once, the editor of the “New Time”, Steve Moss, decided to hold a contest, the participants of which were asked to write a story of 55 words in length, but in this case, the slender plot, the elaboration of the characters, and the unusual denouement were preserved in the text. He received a response of such magnitude that, following the results of the competition, he could make a collection entitled “The shortest stories in the world”.
  • Hemingway is often credited with writing the shortest piercing story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The writer allegedly made a bet with his friends that he would write a complete work of six words, and won 10 dollars from each. Actually, similar announcements about children’s shoes or a stroller appeared in American newspapers long before the beginning of Hemingway’s writing career.

To sum up, do not pass by this majestic day and celebrate it together with your friends and relatives. Remember, the calendar will help you to identify when is Short Story Day in 2024.


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