It is well known that nearly every single one social activity in the world has its own holiday. For example, people who enjoy American football can attend to celebrating of the fifth of November, same as geeks and gamers all around the globe praise the eighth of July, which is the date of Video Games Day. But what about those, who love to read? No matter, who you are exactly, a timid bookworm or well-educated fan of science and philosophy, you also want a very special holiday dedicated to your own hobby.

That’s basically the background of Read Across America Day. National Education Association of the United States of America once decided to create a day that promotes reading among the youth and gives the opportunity of gathering together to all of the book-lovers.

Read Across America Day 2018

It all started back in 1997. Some of the crew members of NEA contrived something grand and vastly important. They decided to establish a date for the annual holiday, which will not only just getting kids to read, but also making them love this process.

NEA didn’t pick some random day to observe this huge red-letter day. They decided to place it on the day of outstanding Dr. Seuss’s birthday, unless it falls on school day off. In this case, it’s moved to the closest Friday.

So, when is Read Across America Day in 2020? Dr. Seuss was born on the second of March. This year it will be Thursday. That means that in 2020 this magnificent holiday will be celebrated exactly on the March, 2nd.

How people spend this day

Sadly, Read Across America is just a homage and not an official holiday in USA. But that doesn’t mean that no public services or activities are settled.  Positive side to this fact is that all stores and services, such as post and gas stations, work as usual.

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Of course, this day’s main purpose is to spread the love of reading amongst young people, mostly kids and teens. That means that majority of schools and universities settle various reading-related public attendances. Example given, there is entire Read Across America channel, which allows students from different states and regions to participate in educating the youth.

Another common way to spend this day is organized aloud reading. Libraries, schools, seminaries and even some of the bookshops have this. The idea is to gather a group of people and share out the pleasure of good literature. Once again, mainly this applies to kids, especially those who cannot read themselves due to young age or lack of interest.

To participate, you must remember what day Read Across America Day in 2020. You can reach your local school, library of any other educational organization and ask them what exactly will happen and where. Bring your kids with you, if you want, because it’s a great way to involve them in reading and open a whole new world of fantasies and adventures to them.

Dr. Seuss influence on children’s literature

Theodor Seuss Geisel, known worldwide by the name of Dr. Seuss is famous litterateur, mostly known by his children’s books, which are often considered the best of genre. His influence simply can’t be overrated, as his works translated in more than twenty different languages and more than six hundreds millions of them are sold all around the globe.

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He not only wrote a lot of famous great books, but also drawn amazing illustrations for them. And while Dr. Seuss not so well-known in CIS and Asian countries, in Europe, America and Britain there is probably not a single child exists, which did not hear of such characters as Cat in the Hat or Grinch. Works of incomparable Dr. Seuss are often filmed as movies or turned into cartoons.

Read Across America Day for kids

Theodor left his study in Oxford to begin to work as illustrator in several magazines. He did not left this job even when World War II started.  After the end of horrible war he started to work hard on books for kids, trying to bring innocence and colors to gray half-destroyed world.

Given all of this, it’s easy to understand why Read Across America Day was placed exactly on the day of this incredible person’s birthday. There’s probably no other man that cared so much about next generations and wanted to make up the minds of youth all around the world.

So, once again, when is Read Across America Day 2020? The answer is second of March.

The importance of Read Across America Day

You may be asking yourself “Why is this day so important and special? Isn’t reading just a hobby, such as video games and sports?”

The answer is simply no. The thing is that reading is practically inseparable part of a person’s intellectual development. Of course, sports and games are important too, but reading is surely the most important part of life, especially in the digital age.

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Read Across America Day

Human mind is pretty complicated thing that needs to be treated right. It needs everyday exercises and training. And what is the best way to get information to work with than a book? Even if you use internet to gain more knowledge, you still need to easily access it through text. And nothing comes without practice.

So, if you want to raise talented and smart kid, which will develop into outstanding adult, you simply must provide it with books, video games and internet access, but, of course, only after you form his understanding of basics of bad and good. And while books will raise his education and give brain food, video games will improve his fine motor skills and quicken his thinking and internet will form his personality through communication with lots and lots of different people.

Given all of this, remember what is the date of Read Across America Day 2020 to participate and learn.

Sponsors and Partners

Of course, such global event as Read Across America Day can’t be organized without some financial and informational support. A lot of various organizations help settle this holiday simply by hosting it, while more than fifty other partners financing it. Not to mention more than three millions of schools and universities which are participating in it in every possible way.

So every time you wonder when is Read Across America Day in 2020 according to calendar, remember that this holiday exists only thank to a lot of caring people. And remember that you can always become one of them.


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