When is National Son Day in 2022? Can you answer this question immediately or perhaps we should give you some time for thinking about? Unfortunately, as a rule, contemporary people are not able to achieve a good result even if you give them a few minutes or hours for thinking about. Why? – You see, the matter is that usually they haven’t even heard about this holiday existence.

So, that is an explanation why we have made a decision to investigate this subject in details. Let’s do it together.


This is of common knowledge that it would be better and more logical to begin the discussion of any problem with taking into account the historical background of the situation. The same thing concerns the matter, what day World Son Day in 2022 is.

Unfortunately, we should admit that in this situation we haven’t managed to succeed. The past of the notable date as well as the names of its establishers are unknown. The same trouble is with the explanations why we have to keep it on September 28 exactly.

Perhaps, its creator was a person, who wanted to perpetuate the birthday of his/her son inventing the holiday like this. Who knows?

Father and son


What does National Son Day mean? Oh, are you really sure that we are able to help you in this question answering?

We are almost sure that it is impossible to do it from our side. Why? – You see, in fact it is not difficult, but the matter seems to be rather personal, and nobody has the right to dedicate you what holidays to celebrate in your free time and what not.

We would like to give only one, but at the same time rather important recommendation. – Always tell your son that you believe in him, that he will succeed, praise him not only for his brilliant results, but also for his efforts, even if so far they have not been crowned with success. Do not put him as an example of other children – by this you make it clear that he is in the eyes of even the closest people worse than others. Love him for what he is, and not because he received the top five. And look closely at his hobbies – it is important to help the child decide on the future profession or at least outline the scope of future activities. Do not repeat a common mistake when parents impose on children what they once wanted to do themselves. A person can’t be successful in an unloved business, but can reach great heights if he is passionate about the profession.


The answering to the set above question “What is the date of National Son Day 2022?” is impossible without highlighting some important pieces of information.

First of all, we should mention that throughout the world on September 28 there are people, who are celebrating this special occasion. In general, having a son is considered to be a great happiness for every parent. Moms love their sons and they try to teach future defenders everything beautiful, kind and romantic. Fathers are usually eager to show what a real man should be like, going with them to football matches, fishing and hunting, passing his entire experience to a worthy change.

Of course, in our times, great value has a good education, so parents save money for a good school, institute and additional courses. But, unfortunately, only education is not enough to get a diploma, the son got a good job and quickly moved up the career ladder. There is not enough talent. There is an expression that fate is a character. It is the character that makes a person successful.

The boy must necessarily be confident, know that the solution of a difficult task is within his power. Also bring up in your son diligence. But in the education of these qualities it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the child. For example, if he is alive, agile, restless, then there is no sense in forcing him to spend hours on textbooks – so you just beat the hunt for work.

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When is Son Day in 2022, calendar won’t allow you to forget. You shouldn’t do much, only to remember when September 28 comes. It isn’t very difficult, is it?

However, do you know how to celebrate this special occasion in a proper way? Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that we will hear a negative answer in reply. That is the reason to give you some slight recommendations to this. Are you ready to memorize everything? – We are starting!

Asit has been already mentioned above the history of this holiday appearance is unknown. However, the special occasion has managed to win the love of the people of all over planet. No matter all loving parents are eager to give their sons all the best every day of the year. But September 28 is a special occasion to show prosperity and love. The sons (both small and adult ones) have to hear this day as many pleasant words and congratulations, as it is possible.

Usually all parents of little boys indulge their children with various delicacies and home-made sweets. However, the main gift that parents can make on this holiday is to give children love and pleasant time of being together. – Go walking into the nearest park, organize a picnic, watch an interesting movie, read a book or discuss something interesting for you both.

It is up to you to decide to have a party on September 28 or to spend this day in the company of close people. As a rule the choice usually depends on the inner customs of every family.

Mother and son

All in all this day is a great opportunity to express gratitude to your child for making his parents’ lives much more beautiful and more meaningful, as well as to say how proud they are of their son, his successes and his merits.

The gift sharing is possible but not obligatory in this situation. In fact it may be something symbolic.

International Son Day Facts

All in all the answer to the question “When is International Son Day 2022?” involves a great amount of various pieces of information. Usually our readers are rather curious men and women. That is why we want to share some the most amazing facts from our point of view.

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Have you ever thought that the behavior of the father is of great importance in the education of the boy? The specialists are sure that by his example an adult person shows how a man should behave in certain situations.

If the father is the head of the family, the son will be guided by this model and, most likely, will want to play a leadership role in the family, which he himself will create in future.

But if at the same time the father is rude and tyrannical for relatives, the child will feel a lack of love, which can undermine his self-confidence and as a result among the representatives of his sex he will feel weak and vulnerable.

Too soft dad with a domineering mother in the family can form a character in which the boy will subconsciously fear women, become henpecked or a person with develop Don Juan syndrome.

The contemporary specialists are sure that first of all an ideal dad should be loving, but at the same time accustom the boy to discipline. The father must keep his word and go to the zoo, for example, if he has promised.

In general, the principle here is simple – all that you want to instill in your son, demonstrate by your example and involve the child in this process. And remember the principle of the golden mean – too severe upbringing (the child perceives this as tyranny) or giving full freedom of action (the son will think that you are indifferent) are undesirable.

As for the sense of men’s worth, the father should be a respectful, loving and beloved husband so that the boy does not have complexes, as harmonious relations between the parents are the guarantee of the happy family life of the son.



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