Most people like eating something tasty for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even late supper, even in the case that it is considered to be rather harmful for health to treat sweets and pastry in the evening. But what could we do, if it is so delicious or even addictive? Are you considered to be an experienced sugar-eater? Are you sure about it? Yes? โ€“ However, can you, please, one simple subject โ€œWhen is National Lemon Cupcake Day in 2022?โ€ just now and without any serious thinking and browsing the specialized sites? It seems to be rather difficult, doesnโ€™t it?

Itโ€™s a pity, but the most common reply is a negative one. Consuming these flavored dishes almost every day, modern people havenโ€™t even guessed about the special notable date, devoted to their favorite yummy.

So, letโ€™s try to give this unfairness no chance to stay among us and investigate the matter in details.


Of course, it would be rather strange to discover the subject, concerning, what day World Lemon Cupcake Day in 2022 is, without any mentioning if the historical informationand interesting past of this occasion.

It is a pity to admit that we havenโ€™t managed to discover who the establishers and the creators of this holiday were. A reason of celebrating this memorable day on December 15th is also unknown. But it seems like this event was started by the person, who adore sweet things and warm friendly companies.

Cupcake with lemon

The very first mention about this dish was traced a long time ago, in 1796 exactly. A kind-hearted American lady, called Amelia Simmons, wrote their recipe in her famous cookery book. She additionally mentioned about the distinguished way of the preparation. โ€“ The small tasty things have to be done inside of tiny cups.

For the second time we found their description in 1828 in the next popular book of receipts.


What does National Lemon Cupcake Day mean? โ€“ If you are waiting for our plain answer, you are really mistaken, as there’re no any universal replies. All in all it’s up to you to solve, whether to spend this date merrily or not to think about in particular.

Cupcakes are considered to be a traditional American delicacy, the first mention of which was met in the cookbook, dated 1796. We’ve already told about it.

In the second part of the 18th century it was given a detailed recipe for the preparation of these small pastries, which were recommended for baking in cups.

Nowadays, only little things have changed fundamentally: the items are still made from traditional biscuit dough with various additives to give your favorite tastes (vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and many others). Inside the cake can be a filling in the form of a cream, caramel, fruit or berry jam, melted chocolate, etc.

The size of the each thing remains unchanged. These are all the same goodies, each of which is designed for 1 person. Traditional cupcake has a diameter of 5-6 cm, their weight is on the average 65 g.

But all the women who are on a diet and want to be fit, are usually interested in the caloric value of these sweets. Please note that for small biscuit cakes, its content is still quite high and, depending on the composition, ranges between 230-330 kcal. It is too much, isnโ€™t it?

To the festive as well as ordinary table, the cupcakes are served in special preferably bright paper molds. These things are not only the dรฉcor items, as it is occasionally thought. These paper bags allow your dish to keep their freshness longer.

But, of course, in such a package it is more convenient to take cakes, and they look rather elegant and more beautiful.


So if you somewhere asked the question โ€œWhen is International Lemon Cupcake Day 2022?โ€ you will be able to reply, that this special occasion will happen on December 15 and this year it will be on Friday.

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All in all the word “cupcake” came into our everyday life not a long time ago and it sometimes sounds still a bit unusual, being not entirely clear f you talking it quickly. But if you think about its English-language writing and divide this word into two halves, you will see that everything instantly falls into place: the term “cupcake” literally means a cake in a cup. It is quite easy, isnโ€™t it?


Of course, when is Lemon Cupcake Day in 2022, calendar will surely tell and remind you, that is why nowadays there are no reasons for being worried about this subject.

However, only some people are able to hold this special occasion in a proper way. As a rule, all of us are expecting to the tips, how to do it. โ€“ Frankly speaking, in this situation it isn’tย  a problem. โ€“ Just devote December 15th to this yummy. โ€“ You can buy them or bake according to one of the numerous recipes. It’s up to you to think and to invent.

Miniature lemon cupcakes can easily be turned into an interesting decoration of a dessert table. If you want the dish to turn out to be multi-colored, but healthy at the same time, just add spinach, beet or berry juice to the cream.

Or there is even the easier way. โ€“ Just purchase a safe baby food color. You can also use confectionery ornaments – sugar beads, flowers and snowflakes – anything that will draw attention to the cakes even in accordance with the simplest recipe.

Lemon cakes are a delicious addition to tea and a convenient snack option, which you can take with you to work, or study. Fragrant lemon cupcakes are prepared easily and quickly, and most importantly – many tasty supplements come up to them.

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International Lemon Cupcake Day Facts

So you have already known the reply to the set above question โ€œWhat is the date of National Lemon Cupcake Day?โ€ and you’ll keep in mind the date of December 15, if you want to be involved into festive event or just to have a perfect time.

Lemon Cupcakes

These yummy delicious things havenโ€™t lost their popularity over time. Of course, we know that in the changing world there is a great quantity of various sweets, but among them one of the most delicious treats will be always actual.

In our times the cupcakes have been changed a bit, mainly because of the skills of confectioners in making them beautiful.

Usually they are decorated in the following ways:

  • volumetric cushions made of cream of various colors;
  • fresh fruit and berries;
  • zest of citrus, confiture and coconut chips;
  • edible medallions with confectionery photo printing;
  • all sorts of figures, flowers and plants, letters skillfully performed from mastic.

Among such variety it is easy to choose a dessert for your special occasion: weddings, New Year, corporate at work, birthday, etc.

At the same time, the main advantage of this yummy has been remained the same: they are very convenient to eat! Do not wait until the cake is cut, choose a piece where there is more cream or tasty ornaments. This is especially valuable at corporate parties, wedding celebrations and especially at children’s holidays, where every child is delighted with the opportunity to have his own personal cake.

Many people, who have used to buy desserts in confectioneries, are usually ask the same: why are the cakes so expensive?

All in all there are only two reasons:

  1. In order to prepare the dough according to the classical recipe, only quality components are needed.
  2. Biscuit cakes are baked and decorated by hand, every detail and figure is the result of the confectioner’s work. Such a delicate, elegant and complex work requires skill, professionalism and time, which also affects the price. February 25


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