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🤸‍♀️ When is National Gymnastics Day 2022

Contemporary people choose sport. It is not cool to be thick, fat and flabby any more. Modern guys and ladies know that the odd kilograms are able to provoke serious health problems, so more and more of them give preference to health life style. However, could you answer the question “When is National Gymnastics Day in 2022?” immediately? Or perhaps do you need some time for thinking?

As the practice shows, most part of men and women are not able to reply properly, so we have made a decision of tell about this mater in details.


Certainly, it goes without saying that trying to find out the reply to what day National Gymnastics Day is, we should take into account the historical background of this event.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to discover the information about the main establisher of this special occasion, as well as about the reason for celebration this notable day just on September 19 annually.

National Gymnastics Day

Physical exercises, reminding the contemporary gymnastics, were used by people even in ancient times. Frankly speaking, they were not divided as an independent cognition object and used as a special way, suitable for preparation of any person for life and work.

All motion actions were used to satisfy basic vital needs in food, shelter and clothing. Children in their movements imitated adult hunters, farmers, cattlemen, soldiers, whose activities were full of various movements: long walking, running, overcoming all kinds of obstacles, climbing trees, crawling, throwing various objects, archery, crossing the water barriers, etc.

Many thousands of years before our era, physical exercises were widely used: with a therapeutic purpose (China), in the form of special “breathing” gymnastics (India), in the conduct of religious ceremonies (Egypt, Crete-Mycenaean culture). It is known from the same sources that among the ancient people of Transcaucasia, some acrobatic exercises were used as preparatory measures in the training of wrestling.


What does National Gymnastics Day mean? For the first time the term “gymnastics” appeared among the ancient Greeks during the heyday of ancient Greek (Hellenic) culture in the eighth century BC.

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Exercises in ancient Hellenes were carried out in special institutions called “gymnasiums”. Already at that time, the Greeks divided the physical exercises used for different purposes into two groups:

  • Agonistics, introduced by exercises used to prepare for competitions;
  • Gymnastics, represented by activities used for the purpose of general physical development.

The successors of the ancient Hellenic culture were the ancient Romans. They introduced special equipment for climbing (for learning to overcome obstacles), a wooden horse (for learning to take a wagon ride) and, according to some information, a wooden table for jumping.

It should also be noted that the Romans widely used various acrobatic exercises, which at that time reached a rather high technical level thanks to the art of wandering acrobatics that enjoyed great popularity among the broad masses of the people.

Thus, already in ancient times, the characteristics of modern gymnastics began to be determined. By the way “gymnastic” in those days was available only to representatives of the ruling classes. Slaves and the common people were not allowed to do this.


Answering the question “What is the date of National Gymnastics Day 2022?” we can’t but mention that all in all the contemporary gymnastics began in 1881, when the well-known European Gymnastics Association was established. In 1897, the organization was reformatted to the International Organization of Gymnastics and it has been still valid. Gymnastics became so popular that it entered the particular program of the 1st Olympic Games. In the present program athletes compete in exercises on gymnastic projectiles, free style and supporting jumps.

Morning gymnastics is a whole complex of exercises, the performance of which after sleep gives a charge of energy and a positive mood for the whole day.

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It is interesting to mention that the biggest fans of morning exercises are the Chinese. In their houses even there are special rooms for these purposes and all members of the family do it together. And, in the suburbs of China almost every park is filled with people who are engaged in different types of gymnastics.

Daily physical activity in the morning improves blood circulation in the body, normalizes metabolism, promotes the elimination of toxins, activates the production of the hormone of joy (endorphin), keeps the muscles in a good tone and tones, improves attention and suppresses stressful situations.


When is Gymnastics Day in 2022, calendar will surely inform you, but would you like to know how to celebrate September 19 properly? Do you have any special traditions, kept by you, your family, friends, neighbors or even colleagues from the office? – Unfortunately, as a rule, the most common reply is negative. But, please, don’t worry, now we are going to give you some recommendations.

This day most training sections, as well as various sports schools, conduct different exemplary presentations of the best students and coaches. The so-called open days are also organized and there everyone can be introduced to the world of gymnastics, and the skilled trainers will show you the basic master classes.

National Gymnastics Day

In addition to everything mentioned above, this day is devoted to competitions, the exhibitions of well-deserved awards, diplomas and medals. Also masters in this sport are awarded titles, among trainers there are seminars.

On the Day of Gymnastics, everyone who belongs to the world of gymnastics, a student, an athlete, a coach, who by his/her daily hard work reaches the heights of skill, accepts congratulations.

Gymnastics Day Facts

As a rule, finding the answer to the question “When is International Gymnastics Day 2022?”, people are trying to get as much information about this matter as it is possible.

And do you know that the best gymnasts in the wild nature are orangutans? In 2010, one of the Dutch zoos had to hire an Olympian named Epke Sonderland to teach their monkeys several lessons of acrobatics. The fact is that in captivity these primates forgot how to jump from branch to branch. The athlete coped with the set task and the orangutans repeated all movements with pleasure and soon began to climb no worse than before.

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So, you see if monkeys are so degraded without regular training, then what to expect from a person.

Have you ever wondered where gymnasts manage to take strength for their performances? The whole secret is in the laws of physics. For example, if an athlete needs “X” energy to perform one exercise, then how much power does he/she need to perform five such exercises? Think 5. But no. If everything is done in dynamics, then “X” and “5 × X” won’t be practically different for energy consumption.

Here you use the flywheel principle, the one that is once used in windmills. By the way, a flywheel is considered to be the first accumulator created by a man. The essence of his/her work is as follows: when the device spins up, it is stored with additional energy, and then, as necessary, gives it back. Therefore, five exercises are performed as real as one. Analogous physical laws operate in almost every exercise. Experienced athletes are not only familiar with them, but also successfully use them.

Gymnastics is considered to be not easy beauty, but incredible accuracy and physical strength. It is also the intellect that helps to turn the miracles into reality.

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