We like to eat so many tasty things all day long. Cooks especially try their best to create new yummy things and make you happy with the best tastes. ย Different people obviously like different kinds of food โ€“ dishes, desserts, soups, etc. Every one of these groups will find its own audience. But today we will speak about only one of them, and also about one of the holidays, dedicated to a dish, in particular. There is a special holiday, dedicated to a pie. We all love pies โ€“ they are gorgeous! So many tastes, so many recipes. And many modern people happily join those, who love them too and celebrate this day. We will speak closer bout the holiday and will certainly know, when is National Pie Day in 2108.


This holiday ay remains unknown still for really a big number of people just because it is not so widespread as many others. It is more the fun holiday and certainly, there are a few serious things about it. But still, there is one more opportunity for people to have a good mood, have fun and meet close people while doing something pleasant one more time a year. That is why in order to discuss the holiday and tell you everything about it we should first touch upon the topic of its background.

Cherry pie

Firstly we need to mention and find out the reasons and other details from how it all began. Only after this all will be understandable, we will be able to discuss the things further and know the main aspect of this day. So, actually, in 1980es, there existed a special Pie Council. Particularly it offered the idea of the holiday and the first celebrations were confirmed and celebrated in 1986 I America. Thatโ€™s a pity, but there is not practically other information, which would concern this day, as there is no some special sense in it all. It is more about having fun and relaxing, than about some serious things. And further, we will find out, what day World Pie Day in 2020 is.

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What does National Pie Day mean, we will be speaking about in the further paragraph. Our plan, for now, is to tell you concretely, but generally, about the meaning of the holiday itself, so that later you could deep into the topic and discuss more detailed things and aspect. Frankly speaking, there is nothing difficult in it all and even by this moment many of you could have already guessed it all, at least from the name. But we would rather give our explanation in order to give you a chance be sure that you are correct.

So, what about the meaning, we should admit that generally, it is a holiday of pies. The rest of the things actually doesnโ€™t matter โ€“ the pie may have any recipe, any taste, and another aspect โ€“ just pay your whole day for this dessert. You may buy it, cook it on your own or with someone else, you may taste it in a cafรฉ โ€“ the choice is up to you, just make eating a pie the sense of your day. It is not that difficult, but it is a good chance to have a good time, create some ideas, meet friends, share it all in social networks and experience anything, that you can only imagine. It should be admitted that it is a really good reason to improve your plans or ideas true to life โ€“ the sense of a holiday is just a starting point to make this day really interesting and outstanding.


After we have touched upon the explanations of the holidayโ€™s meaning and spoke about it in general, we hope that everything was right to clear for you all. It should be so because there is really nothing difficult in it all. But now we are able to move to more concrete and detailed things, so we would like to define the holiday for you and make it more deeply. It is a very important moment.

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So, we have already understood, that this one holiday has been created about 50 years ago and since that time people celebrate it once a year every time. The date of the day is fixed and it has not been changed since it was created. The sense of the holiday is to celebrate a pie simple. A pie, which we all know. The holiday is national and totally official, that is why many people know about it and are preparing for it not only individually, but a lot of institutions prepare for it too. Everything on this day is about pies only and people are having fun and relaxing, though for somebody it all may seem not serious or silly. But why not just relax and get positive emotions, if you have a chance and know, when is International Pie Day 2020.


Now it is the right time to discuss the next topic, which concerns the celebrations of the holiday. This point deserves a separate place in this article, after which you will know, what are you able to do during this day. Actually, everything, in this case, is also rather simple and you could have guessed โ€“ all you need to do is to eat a pie. Or two, or five or as much as your soul deserves. It is the simplest thing, which you can do. If it is enough then you are able not to do anything else.

apple pie

But there are certainly numerous ways, about how you can celebrate the holiday. You are free to do anything, which you can imagine, connected with pies. It is an interesting thing, that really many cafe throughout the country are getting ready for the holiday and try to surprise their visitors and make as many people as possible come particularly to their place. They invent new recipes or cook the traditional beloved pies and many other things. Really, you can prepare and search for the information beforehand about such thing when you know, what is the date of National Pie Day 2020. We are sure that even you have not ever seen or taken part in such as celebrations, this time you will be really surprised and get tons of positive emotions.

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International Pie Day Facts

We are coming to the end of our discussion, so to end up our article we need to give you some more pieces of information. Here we would like to speak about cafes and shops, which have special interesting offers throughout this day. They can be really attractive. The first example is a shop, which gives you a free slice of a pie if you make any kind of a purchase there. Certainly, if you like it, you can buy it right in the shop in the quantity, which you want.

Also, there are cafes, which offer all their customers a free piece of a pie. But you canโ€™t choose any you wish, but it all is spread for one or two kinds of pies. Nevertheless, it is always pleasant to get one for free. Also, there are bakeries, you are able to get a discount on any pie during this holiday. Moreover, there only to this day, you can taste special samples of all the pies, which are sold there, for free. All in all, there are really a lot of interesting offers throughout the day, many interesting things, which cafes and shops try to create to pleasure you. You can try them all if you wish. But to do this, you should look up, when is Pie Day in 2020, on the calendar. It is always celebrated on January 23.


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