Millions of people celebrate Halloween around the world. Somebody loves the festive atmosphere, others prefer suits and games. Nevertheless, we all are united on such days for the mysterious features and some type of faith in everything happening. Today we are discussing a holiday completely dedicated to Halloween and the main purpose is the same. Despite the fact the day is half official and hardly recognized in some parts of the planet, it continues being a nice opportunity to delve into a fantastic atmosphere and get crazy emotions. So, when is National Gorilla Suit Day in 2020?

The global observance is held yearly on the 31st of January and considered to be a National holiday for many countries. The main purpose is to dress up and put on a gorilla suit to share these magic costumes with others. G.S.D. has its interesting story and the author who is a well-known person and page-one. We want to draw your attention to the history aspect and unravel the puzzle for our followers.

Man in Gorilla Suit


As it was told above, the author is a celebrity connected with cartoon sphere. He was the greatest artist who became popular after his collaboration with Mad – American humor magazine. Since 1956, he has been making many pictures and features for the magazine which brought him glory. Actually, Martin became extra popular after recognition of โ€œMadโ€™s Maddest Artistโ€. Well, he had created a scene where a man mocks and then is assaulted by many gorillas resulted in creating a holiday in 1963. However, many critics were shocked at the popularity of released cartoons by Martin and he was at length criticized. In 1972, Don was awarded as a member of National Cartoonist Society and in 1982 was handled a Special Features Award. Moreover, in 2004, after his death, Don Martin was added to Comic Book Hall of Fame that makes him a legendary person who influenced a cartoon sphere.

After a day became a National Holiday, millions of people supported it and began to donate money for the development. Year by year, costume factories were gaining more money which led to a costume boom in 1988, when 150.000 people went out to demonstrate their support and share the costumes with others. The most expensive ran into $35.000 that was a big sum. Letโ€™s discover history more to find out what day World Gorilla Suit Day in 2020 is.

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Since 1988, G.S.D. has become a great mean to collect money for charity. Only in 1990, $60.000 per day was collected that is illustrative of a huge support. In 1995, many Hollywood actors donated $1.000.000 for monkeyโ€™s refugees.


What does National Gorilla Suit Day mean? Firstly, you have to learn more about G.S.D. and be ready for the day appropriately. Visit Cartoon Museum where the officers will tell you more about this day and Don Martinโ€™s biography. Secondly, invent the way you will get a costume. In case you have embroidery skills, you are free to make a handmade suit. Otherwise, save up a sum to buy the one you really like. Thirdly, gather a company and invent your own trip on G.S.D. Take cameras and smartphones to capture the moments and get fully involved in the process. Donโ€™t pass by the fairs dedicated to costume holiday. There you can both share the costume and find your animal couple. Furthermore, after a trip, you can come home and watch the cartoons of Don Martin to get acquainted with the atmosphere. Some people donโ€™t like this holiday as they are afraid of monkeys and gorillas, but it is a psychological disorder. So, the main purpose is to remember when is International Gorilla Suit Day 2020.


There is a belief that if you look in the mirror at midnight on G.S.D., then you can see a gorilla in it. In some countries, young girls try to discern their future fiancรฉ in this way. There are many facts and stories about the day but our mission is to look into a definition issue. So, a Gorilla Suit Day is a nice opportunity to pull off your childhood dream by dressing up. To complete this mission you are able to watch different movies on this theme. Prescribe some key features which will help you to solve this problem. The main colors of the day are black and brown. In case you want to buy a suit, then the prices range between $20 and $15.000. Having done the dressing up, grab your friends and vote for the best costume. Also, itโ€™s highly recommended baking a cake in the gorilla form. What can be better than a bake and a milk in the evening? Donโ€™t be afraid of extra calories as the day lasts only 24h and you can easily keep your diet after this. So, bear in mind what is the date of National Gorilla Suit Day 2020 and other aspects will to it independently.

Gorilla Suit Run


As we know, each country is famous for traditions and habits. Sometimes, the holidays are those habits. In our case, G.S.D. is a wonderful tradition of the USA and the UK as these countries have strong beliefs and free nations. On this day, the main recommendation is to follow the rules described in Meaning section and support the day by social media. Post photos and videos with comments to show your endorsement to the history of cartoon making and the holiday. In 2017, three big festivals were organized in Europe. The Netherlands, England, and France made an event to provide people with pleasure and good atmosphere. Around $150.000 were collected and sent to animal zoos. Such events unite people and run the globalization process.

ย International Gorilla Suit Day Facts

  • The gorillas live in groups. There can be from 5 to 30 gorillas which are headed by the oldest and strongest male. He determines the daily routine, where to look for food or how to choose a place to stay overnight. To establish their authority, the leader performs an intimidating “dance”, nothing more than a threat: even the raging male almost always refrains from a real attack.
  • Americans started celebrating Halloween and G.S.D. almost more than a hundred years ago. They consider it the most cheerful costume festivals, famous for adults and children. Since ancient times, the Celts began to celebrate this holiday with a religious background.
  • Yearly, Americans spend about 2 billion dollars on Gorillas Suit Day.
  • Talking about the main character of the day, we should give some facts about monkeys. So, gorillas have 10 fingers on their hands and 10 on their legs, as well as 32 teeth. Gorillas have a characteristic body shape, and their stomach is wider than the chest. This is due to the fact they have a large digestive system, necessary for digesting a large amount of fibrous plant food.
  • The DNA of a gorilla is 98 percent consistent with human DNA, so gorillas are among the closest relatives of modern humans, among whom are also baboons and chimpanzees.
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To sum up, the half-official holiday became a widespread national festival which is popular in many parts of the world. For you to know the main purpose is to understand when is Gorilla Suit Day in 2020, with the calendar.


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