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🍟🍔 When is National Junk Food Day 2022

“High in calories, fats and sugar products” sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, all of us think they are tasty and delicious, and by the way, almost all of them are. The products eaten by hundreds of millions of people in huge quantities make an enormous profit for all businessmen associated with fast food and other production every day. And it is a normal situation, and our task for today is to get acquainted with an issue what and when The National Junk Food Day in 2022 is?

The National Junk Food Day is observed annually on 21st of July and is held to feel free the whole day eating everything you want from cookies and chips to smoked meat and popcorn. Give freedom to your desires and wishes. The list of junk food products is huge so the choice is yours: to try some definite products or everything you can swallow up.

By the way, the most harmful and junk product is considered to be packed chips, as the main ingredient – potatoes, is already non-healthy a product.

National Junk Food Day


The history of this amazing holiday remains shrouded in darkness. Many researchers tried to find out the origin and roots but everything persists unsuccessful. Only one theory exists but still isn’t proved. That is: The term “harmful food” was first introduced 40 years ago by microbiologist Michael Jacobson, having designated foods that contain many calories and harmful ingredients, with a minimum of nutritional value, that is, vitamins and minerals.

In fact, it seems like being created by an individual nutritionist or a group of them who wanted to allow their patients eating everything they want one day a year. So, before getting directly to what day National Junk Food Day in 2022 is, let’s take a few of interesting facts and generally accepted concepts.

For your interest, a TOP-8 most harmful products were created. Let’s see how does it work.

  • Sweet soda (any). Most importantly – soda with aspartame does not quench your thirst. Saliva poorly removes the residual sweetener from the oral mucosa, so after drinking sweet soda there is a feeling of mawkishness that you want to take off with a new portion of a drink. As a result, drinks with aspartame become beverages to arouse thirst, and not to quench it. Remember, the best drink is pure water! Also, due to the presence of gasses and sugar, such drinks disrupt the acid-base balance of the body, which can lead to many diseases (in a pot of 0.33 liters of Pepsi-cola ~ 7 teaspoons of sugar, in coca-cola ~ 6 teaspoons of sugar).
  • Potato chips. Chips – is a highly concentrated mixture of fats and carbohydrates, in a shell of dyes and taste substitutes. Because of the preparation nature, the chips produce many carcinogens – substances that provoke cancer. And hydrogenated fats lead to an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood, which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Also, everyone knows that eating chips leads to obesity – 200 grams of chips contain about 1100 kilocalories due to the high content of fats and carbohydrates, which is about half the daily norm of an adult.
  • Chocolate bars are another harmful food. What is the reason of satisfying hunger by bars so quickly? It’s all about the amount of sugar and various chemical additives. This nuclear mixture gives mega-calories and … causes emotional dependence, as the result – you want to eat them again.
  • Instant food (all kinds of soups, purees, noodles, etc.). All this can be both useless as a benefit, and can seriously damage your health. In the formulations of such products, there is nothing natural, one solid chemistry.

  • All kinds of sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise. It’s not about mayonnaise or homemade sauce. All these prepackaged sauces, abundant in our stores, promise to make your food delicious, but do harm! In their composition, they contain a number of trans fats, carcinogens and other harmful chemical additives. It is better to cook a delicious and healthy sauce with your own hand or at least choose more expensive with natural ingredients.
  • Lollipops, chewing gums, and lozenges are some of the most harmful products. And they are most often eaten by children! Think about what do you buy for your babies: in the composition of such candies there is a huge amount of sugar, even not mentioning dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals.
  • Sausages, prepackaged pates and other products containing hidden fat are also in the list of dangerous foods. In fact, under the guise of meat in there is a masked fat and skin, which occupy up to 40% of the total weight! These products are acquired through flavor additives and dyes.
  • Fatty meat. First of all, it concerns roast meat. Take care of your stomach and liver. Cook the meat better in the oven, without the fat addition, because the meat itself is fat already.
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Knowing what does Junk Food Day mean will you to understand the sense of a holiday. So, when National Junk Food Day in 2022 will be organized, the main principle is to eat everything you want in any quantity. But tomorrow you should get back to your diet if it exists.

Like popcorn? You’re welcome, eat as much as you want. Like tacos and pita meat? Swallow up so much. Two Double Tasty McDonald’s Menu? Yes, please. Gummy bears and worms? Eat it 10 times a day.

So, just keep in mind that you are free to eat everything you see. It seems to be the most unlimited holiday in terms of opportunities because the range of the products is pretty enormous.


What is the date of National Junk Food Day 2022? The calendar has helped us with this issue and we can turn to another part.

In order to make you Junk Food day less harmful it’s highly recommended  cooking everything on your own with natural ingredients. Make pies, cookies, sweets, cupcakes and so on at home with your friends and relatives. Moreover, it will bring much more positive and memorable moments to your experience and you upgrade your skills and knowledge in this sphere.

National Junk Food Day


Generally speaking, Junk Food Day is an excellent example of freedom and originality in celebration.

Buy tickets to the cinema and grab a bag of your favorite non-healthy products, or order some pizzas and pasta to your house, or make an ice-cream yourself.

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Observe this day not only by consuming those unhealthy products, but you can also take a walk or do some gardening to burn off those calories.

So, whatever you do, enjoy this day with the list of your pleasures and do not forget to post some on social media with a #NationalJunkFoodDay.

Junk Food Day Facts

On National Junk Food Day, many competitions and festivals are held, giving a chance to perform your extraordinary eating skills. Some of them are really crazy.

  1. World Slugburger Eating Championship.

In order to take part in this incredible competition, you will have to travel to Corinth in the state of Mississippi. There you will have to eat unique hamburgers, which include beef patties, fried in vegetable oil, as well as soy, onions, pickles and mustard. In order to beat the current record, you will have to eat at least 44 hamburgers in 10 minutes.

  1. World Ice Cream Eating Championship.

Such competitions are held all over the world, but a new world record was set in 2014. Johny Chestnutt swallowed 7.1 liters of ice cream in 6 minutes.

So, you can not only enjoy the holiday and consume unhealthy food, but you can also transform it into a competition and win many interesting prizes.

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