Food holidays aren’t odd in different countries. They are observed according to the traditions of the countries and nations. Food holidays are accepted not only by local inhabitants but also by guests of a country. The choice of a product or meal depends on historical events and tastes of citizens. Such observances are usually held in every town and city of a country. Special events and meetings are provided. Contests are organized in many regions. Some holidays have been accepted by foreigners too. When is National Pound Cake Day in 2020?


The time of the appearance of this holiday is very uncertain. People don’t know exactly when the first observance was organized . The pastry itself has got a long history. It appeared in the ancient times. They were used for ceremonies and in everyday life. People used to make different desserts and pastries depending on the products which were planted in their territories.

The first cakes were baked with honey. They weren’t like a dessert but like bread. People didn’t use to cook them for everyday meals. They were a part of a religious ceremony. Cultural events were also accompanied with special treat. The ancient pastry was round in shape. It was made with hands.

Pound Cake

The term appeared in the 1700s. It was a European meal. The dessert was made of several ingredients. The name of the product concerns the amount of every ingredient. It was likely to be made for big parties or meetings. It was to be separated into small pieces. The first variant was published in 1796 in the American cookbook.

The easiness of the recipe can be explained by the common ignorance. Many people couldn’t read but they were able to memorize the whole list of ingredients. Nowadays there are several variants of a pound cake. It can be lemon and chocolate variant. It was also baked with maize in India because flour was very expensive.

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The observance was created for special causes. It could be invented to advertize a café or a restaurant. People could bake it at home. Several nations have a festive lunch with the dessert. “What day World Pound Cake Day in 2020?” The followers celebrate it on March, 4.


What does National Pound Cake Day mean? The event is a symbol of community and sweet evenings. The dessert is usually made in many restaurants, bakery and at home. Every hostess can make it herself. There’re many variants which are proposed in cookery books or in the Internet. Many cafés can also make their own variant. The event can be the date when families gather and spend time together.

The most number of events let people show their cookery skills. Everybody can use their skills in making the biggest and the tastiest dessert. They can also share their pound pastries in Twitter or Facebook. Such possibility can give people the feeling of self-assurance.

The holiday isn’t a governmental holiday, though it has become a real national observance for many Americans and people of other nationalities. They like such holidays because it’s great time to unite with other people and feel gratitude. Everybody can prepare beforehand for celebrating the occasion and spend the whole day with children baking special food.

The observance can be used by local authorities that can propose various contests for culinary fans. They may take part in the common baking. Money can be given to the charity. When is International Pound Cake Day 2020? It is celebrated on March, 4.


There’re several variant of a pound cake. They’re popular in lots of countries according to their traditions. Foreigners can recognize different countries’ recipes due to the style of cuisine in these countries. They may contain special ingredients or be baked according to a certain technology. There is no difference what ingredients are in this pastry.

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The most popular ingredients of the dessert are vanilla and dried fruit. Cranberries and currants are used more frequently. Every woman can take her own fruit for the pastry. If you like moister cakes, you should use vegetable oil. If you don’t like dense pastry, you should combine baking powder and soda.

The American women like to use sour cream as a special ingredient. They also put some amount of butter during the process of baking. The flavor will be tangy and a cake will certainly be moister. If you want to make an American variant, you should use sugar, butter, flour and eggs.

The French cuisine also has got the interesting variant of this pastry. It is made of several ingredients which are taken in equal amount. The French chefs do not add fruit to this cake. In the Caribbean territories a cake is made with bananas, lemon juice and chocolate.

Mexicans use the same recipe as Americans do. They also prefer raisins and walnuts as the additional ingredients. In Venezuela and Columbia women make a special coating from sugar or cream. The cake becomes very festive. Such variant is used at weddings and birthdays. All these international variants are called as a pound cake. What is the date of National Pound Cake Day 2020? It’s set on March, 4.

Pound Cake with strawberry


Cakes are special dishes on the festive table. People make them for birthday parties and weddings. People choose toppings and fillings according to their taste and a kind of occasion. People can celebrate the holiday as they like. There’s no need to bake a pound cake at home, though many hostesses prefer making their own variants.

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The main demand during the occasion is to eat this dessert. If you aren’t afraid of being fat, eat it many times a day. You can order your favorite variant in a local café or even visit it in the evening. If you have got your own recipe of the tastiest pastry, you should make it yourself and welcome some friends and relatives. They will be very grateful for the treat. Take the pastry to the office where you can show your culinary skills. Your colleagues will be very pleased for such a treat.

Different cooking contests and competitions are also very popular. Their organizers can propose charitable events for local people. Winners can get special prizes and certificates. Pound cakes may become a very good present. Relatives can give them to each other. Friends can also prepare this kind of pastry when they wait for guests. If you want to visit an old grandma or grandpa, you should certainly bake the tastiest variant. The day is a great time to find the tastiest pastry. You should visit all local cafés. But be very careful with the stomach. “When is Pound Cake Day in 2020, calendar of events?” It’s on March, 4.

International Pound Cake Day Facts

There’re some curious facts which concern pound cakes:

  • The creation of this pastry was in the British territories. It was in the beginning of 1700s.
  • The 1st publishing of its recipe took place in 1796. The recipe was published in the late 1700s. It appeared in the American cooking book.
  • It is a tradition to powder the cake with sugar or chocolate.
  • Other names of the dessert are “Madeira” or “Sponge” cakes.
  • The observance is on the 4th of March.
  • There are many variants of the recipe. Some contain raisins, others have fruits.


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