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🚛 When is National Garbage Man Day 2022

In the childhood many of us were frightened with the fact that if we were to learn badly, then the only profession for us would be the garbage man. In the course of time we understand that there was nothing to fear in principle, and this profession is nothing better or worse than others. And the right ones were those who said: “All professions are needed, all professions are important.” However, can you answer the question “When is National Garbage Man Day in 2022?” without any prompts?

As a rule, almost all contemporary people have never heard about this holiday existence. That is the reason, why we have decided to discover this direction in details.


Discovering the matter, devoted to the theme what day World Garbage Man Day in 2022 is, we should inform our readers about the historical background of this ordinary and at the same time rather noble occupation.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover any facts about the establishers of this special occasion. And we don’t know why the event has to be celebrated on June 17th exactly.

However, we are sure that the inventors were the people, who liked living in the clean surrounding and the supported the garbage men much, trying to make their working process brighter and more significant.

Garbage Man Day

By the way the modern scavengers are divided according to the types of work – heavy, medium and easy.

  • Hard work involves the cleaning of landfills and controlled areas of dumps with the use of mechanized equipment.
  • The average work on gravity is the cleaning of food waste from the streets of the city by trucks, containers, cleaning and washing floors of schools, institutes, industrial buildings.
  • Relatively easy is the washing of the floors of office buildings, which at the moment is quite well paid.


What does National Garbage Man Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? – Oh, we don’t know even, how to reply properly.

You see, the relation to this profession is rather different and depends much on which part of the planet this person lives. For example, in some countries of the former USSR, people find these workers to be poor, non-prestigious and meaningless. So, of course, the men and women from there are not going to celebrate.

At the same time there are many advantages of this profession. We will not list all of them, because for most representatives of this profession they are determined individually. We will focus only on such “common” benefits as:

  • demand – modern cities are constantly developing and growing, and therefore there are new territories that need to be cleaned up;
  • the opportunity to combine this work with other classes – as a rule, these people work either early in the morning or in the late evening, thanks to which practically all day they are free;
  • creative self-realization – the garbage men who are enthusiastic about their work not only maintain cleanliness on the territory, but also make it as attractive and beautiful as possible: they break the flower beds, realize some ideas on landscape design, create cozy recreation areas, etc.

The most important disadvantage of the profession is, of course, the lack of prestige of such work. Despite the apparent importance and significance of this occupation, there is still an opinion in society that only wicked people or men who are in the most deplorable state are working as them. Among the disadvantages of this profession, one can distinguish:

  • a small amount of salary – the truth, if we take into account the fact that the person does not work for a full day, then the payment of his/her labor may seem quite competitive to someone;
  • working outdoors under any weather conditions – as a result, many representatives often suffer from colds, as well as osteochondrosis and joint diseases.

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Discovering the matter, devoted to the theme “When is International Garbage Man Day 2022?” we can’t but mention that this profession is considered to be rather popular nowadays.

For example, in the capital of France, it was opened a college that trained future scavengers. At the end of this technical school, certificates are issued. These documents are recognized by the government. Against the backdrop of rising unemployment in the country, college is rapidly gaining in popularity. There are a lot of people, who want to get a cleaner diploma, and together with it a prestigious profession in France. The scavenger in Paris receives from one and a half thousand Euros a month. And if we take into account the fact that French capital city is in the TOP-3 most dirty in Europe, it becomes clear that work is enough for everyone.

As territory cleaning is related to unskilled labor, in order to become the representative of this occupation it is not necessary to receive any education or qualification. In other words, the job can be given to absolutely anyone who wants, even a person without secondary education. All professional skills and knowledge in organizing the most effective cleaning are acquired directly in the process of work in an experimental way.


When is Garbage Man Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a problem, of course. However, as you may understand that the June 17th can’t be called the official one. So there are no any massive events, devoted to this day.

Would you like to celebrate? – Invent something for yourself then! What about giving some small presents for people, who are cleaning the territory around your house? – You can bring some flowers, give sweets or even bake a cake. It doesn’t seem to be difficult, does it?

Some modern men and women prefer to spend this day discovering various pieces of amazing information, devoted to the representatives of this occupation. To your attention there is a great amount of different books, magazine articles and documentaries about this profession.

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And by the way June 17th is a perfect day for trying yourself in this sphere. Are you ready for new experience? – Try to clean even the smallest part of your yard, to water and flowers or to plant the trees and bushes. The specialists usually recommend to involve your children into this type of activity. You see, having cleaned the territory even once, they will never throw the litter in the street.

Garbage Man

International Garbage Man Day Facts

Investigating the matter “What is the date of National Garbage Man Day 2022?” we would like to mention a great amount of various facts, devoted to this matter.

To maintain any dwelling territory (regardless of its size) in cleanliness and order is a hard work that often requires responsibility and self-sacrifice. Just imagine how much time and many forces this person needs in autumn, when the leaves are falling everywhere.

In addition, the work is sometimes a science that allows you not only to “chase” dust and garbage from one area to another, but to do the cleaning qualitatively.

Therefore, the garbage man must have such personal features of characters as:

  • punctuality;
  • neatness;
  • rationality;
  • logical thinking;
  • creative approach;
  • industriousness;
  • dexterity;
  • patience;
  • endurance;
  • benevolence;
  • communicability.

It is also very important that the person is not fastidious, since he/she has to remove not only natural garbage, but also waste of animals and unconscious citizens who allow themselves to commit acts contrary to the generally accepted rules of conduct in public places.

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