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When is National Margarita Day 2018

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic, long and short, lean, alluring. It’s all about cocktails. Even the word “cocktail” makes you want to try something original and unusual. Cocktails somehow imperceptibly became a component of our life. Cocktail is a stimulating drink with the content, in the first place, of alcoholic elements, water, bitter tinctures, and sugar. It’s amazing, but just recently it was possible to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this drink. Like no other drinks in the bar, they have a special charm, and all because they have more humanity than marketing. The popular alcohol brands cannot change the label without a focus group, while even a drink classics can start to play in a new way if the barman wants to simply please the guest. Of course, each of the mixes has its own story – real or fictional, but necessarily interesting. Many of these can be heard, for example, in bars at hotels where the dawn of cocktail culture has come. Today we have gathered for all lovers to travel and try a new mixed drink, whose history is associated with hotels, where you can stay to this day. When is National Margarita Day in 2018?

Well, the cocktail day is celebrated annually on 22nd of February. The aim is to honor and recollect history of American drink and try it again.



According to different data, the drink arose sometime between 1936 and 1948. Each story has a romantic note. The first story is about a night of love between Danny Negrete, the manager of Crespo Hotel in 1936, and his girlfriend Margarita, who visited him at night while working at the hotel.

The second story says the Mexican bartender, Carlos Herrera, in 1938, on a typical working day, was so impressed by the beauty of the bar visitor that she came up with a cocktail, where she mixed several ingredients at her own discretion. The lady was called Margarita and was one novice actress.

The third story is the latest, in 1948. Texas aristocrat Margarita Sames arranged a reception in her villa in Acapulco, where guests were served a cocktail on tequila production. Tommy Hilton, owner of the Hilton Hotel chain, was there and he was so delighted with the drink, it appeared in every hotel.

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So, the cocktail “Margarita” was created in the middle of the 20th century. The drink became popular. So, the creators of the drink could be bartenders Denny Guerrero, Pancho Morales, Johnny Durlesser, Rede Hinton, manager Denny Negrete, etc. So, it’s a legendary drink that should be tested. Let’s go on, and check what day World Margarita Day in 2018 is.


What does National Margarita Day mean? Understanding when is International Margarita Day 2018, we turn to the meaning. For many Americans, the day is so special they spend the whole night drinking and enjoying the cocktail. It adorns the culture of the US, unites people from all states, and continues the history. Margarita is perfect for a fun party as well as for a romantic dinner. Since it is not cloying-sweet, it is equally popular with women and men. Its strength is about 20%, so it quickly intoxicates, but due to the retention of juices, alcohol is not felt at all. In addition, using different proportions, you can prepare several options for a drink of only 3 components!

Types and varieties. In addition to the classical version, it can be “colored”: blue, pink etc. It can contain any freshly squeezed juices other than lime juice.

Influence on the body: it’s a feminine drink, gentle and refreshing. It gives a romantic mood, disposes to intimacy.

How to drink. There is a special glass “Margarita”, the edges of which are traditionally decorated with salt. Try it in small sips right from the glass, carefully sipping each sip, or through a straw.

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From the point of technology, “MARGARITA” is an improved formula of Brandy Crusta cocktail in 1862, according to which many famous mixes were built: White Lady, Kamikaze, Sidecar. In the case of “MARGARITA”, the improvement concerned the appearance of a lime cocktail, and the traditional rim of sugar became salty. In the 1990s, the “frozen” version of the cocktail, cooked in a blender with crushed ice, was frenziedly popular. Today, in the era of cocktail purism, Tommy’s Margarita is preferred with agave nectar instead of orange liqueur. For the first time, this version was presented by Julio Bermejo, co-owner of the famous Tommy’s restaurant in San Francisco, and from there the name. In the final, it makes sense to note “MARGARITA” is the only cocktail that has its day in the calendar. In any case, fans of the genre believe on February 22, what is the date of National Margarita Day 2018, it is necessary to raise a glass of this drink.


How to prepare a Margarita? A perfect balance of the ingredients that make up the Margarita cocktail is the International Barmen Association (IBA) standard: 7 parts tequila, 4 parts liqueur Triple Sec or Cointreau and 3 parts lime juice or lemon. Traditionally, this cocktail is served in a special glass for “Margarita” – a version of a glass of champagne; sometimes the edges of the glass are dipped in salt. It’s been more than sixty years since Margaret’s cocktail appeared in Mexico. Now it is cooked in all corners of the Earth. Thanks to its simple composition and excellent taste, this drink is considered one of the most popular in the world.

Different kinds of Margarita

Interestingly, the traditions and law of the US are closely intertwined. Thus, pure alcohol isn’t popular and not in respect – various cocktails or “mixed” with ice, cola, and juices are used more often. In case a simple bourbon or vodka is ordered, portions are frankly small. Simultaneously, beer is practically not considered an alcoholic beverage and is sold everywhere, moreover, along with specific American varieties, including domestic ones, there are more and more European brands. Even in institutions of a fairly serious level, it is not forbidden to use this drink “from the bottle,” but when you go out with it, you will also need a paper bag.

International Margarita Day Facts

  • The most popular cocktail found in the United States. Every year Americans drink about 200 thousand units.
  • According to the traditional recipe, 3 ingredients are included, but they can be mixed in different proportions depending on taste preferences.
  • An unusual combination gives a pleasant enough taste, and salt adds a certain piquancy. This drink is mostly preferred by ladies, so their tastes should be taken into account. Some do not like salt, so many bartenders leave one of the edges without crunching.
  • For the first time, the cocktail “Margarita” was published in 1953 in the popular and bohemian edition of Esquire. It was written this is a novelty of the month, which provokes, captures, and dazzles.
  • The British even tried to challenge the authorship, because one London magazine, 11 years earlier, in 1937, featured the “Picador” recipe. Among its ingredients were tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur. However, there was no salt, which is important in the classic recipe of the cocktail “Margarita”. Perhaps, therefore, the “Picador” has not gained worldwide fame.
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To sum up, enjoy the holiday and try a bit of legendary drink. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind when is Margarita Day in 2018, with a help of calendar.

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