If you consider yourself to be a part of big and friendly international family of chocolate lovers, then, of course, you will be happy to know about the existence of the very special event. When is National Chocolate Day in 2022? Are you ready to answer? – No?

We will help you then! Just follow this article. Frankly speaking, it is no surprise that you hear about this special occasion for the first time.ย  The matter is that it is relatively young date, which is still gaining its popularity.

So, annually on July 7, all fans of sweet celebrate of the planet keep the special traditions. Which ones? Let’s discover!


Of course, when is Chocolate Day in 2022, calendar won’t remind you by red letters, as it is not an official holiday and it simultaneously means that you have to work on July 7.

National Chocolate Day

But at the same time it is really interesting to discover the historical background of this special occasion. At the very beginning we should mention that the event was invented and first held by the French in 1995.

However, it is believed that the first people, who learned how to make chocolate were Aztecs. They called it something like gods’ food.ย  Spanish conquistadors took it to Europe for the first time. The sweet delicacy got the second name “black gold” and was considered to be rather important. Would you like to know why? – The matter is that the pieces of chocolate were used to enhance physical strength and endurance.

All in all the history of chocolate has been more than three millennia. 1500 years BC on the territory of the contemporary Mexico there was a civilization of Olmec, in whose language the word “kakawa” initially appeared.ย  In such a way those people called a special beverage prepared from the mixture of crushed cocoa beans and cold water. After the disappearance of the Olmec civilization the recipes of the cocoa beverage were inherited by Maya. These people in their turn invented the word “chocolate”, which was pronounced like “chokoatl” and could be translated like “bitter water” or “water and foam.” This drink was pretty tough and rather bitter. By the way it was preparing together with hot spices, fragrant herbs and with the addition of corn flour. It was something really amazing, wasn’t it?

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From Europeans it was Christopher Columbus, who first learned about chocolate and brought the strange cocoa fruits as a gift to Spanish King Ferdinand. Unfortunately, he did not pay any attention to them as at that time there were too many other treasures. And only 20 years later the viceroy of New Spain called Fernando Cortes tasted chocolate. Since then the chocolate has begun to conquer Europe. Soon it became a popular exotic drink at the Spanish royal court, and later in other European countries.


What does Chocolate day mean? Have you ever thought about it? Of course, in this situation there are many various explanations. Everybody is able to choose something more convenient for himself/herself. But for the greatest part of the contemporary people the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Chocolate Day 2022?โ€ means the date, when you can do something really special in order to create an unforgettable experience.


By the way have you ever heard that this product can be something like medicine in some situations? You see, October 28 is a time, when the weather becomes worse, colder and rainier. Unfortunately, it simultaneously means the appearance of different colds. But only a few people know that chocolate can be used for medicinal purposes. โ€“ The matter is that it contains the substances that have a curative effect on the human body. The fact is that chocolate involves theobromine that gives the best antitussive effect.

It will be interesting to mention that leading doctors of XVII-XVIII centuries prescribed their rich patients some chocolate as a general tonic and cure for many diseases.

Nowadays quality chocolate is usually recommended for children and adults. It should be added to milk, wine, spices, and even beer.

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As it was mentioned above, the consumption of this product was restricted only by aristocratic circles in Europe. Some outstanding women considered it to be a rather effective aphrodisiac. For example, not everybody knows, but Mother Teresa had a passion for chocolate, and Madame de Pompadour was sure that only chocolate was able to made the fire of passion. Only in the early 20th when the chocolate industrial production took place, it became available for the ordinary people that did not belong to the aristocracy.

By the way, contemporary scientists have already proven that chocolate does not spoil our figure. You see, the main sources of calories in this product are sugar and milk. Therefore, choosing a high-quality dark bar, you can eat it without consequences for the figure. Believe you not, but in the modern world there is even a special chocolate diet. It is represented by 100g of dark chocolate per day with a cup of black coffee. The specialists are sure that this way is able to accelerate the exchange of various substances in our organism. The diet promises the loss of four kilograms per week.


If you remember, what day Chocolate Day in 2022 is, you have a perfect opportunity to celebrate it in an unforgettable way. All in all there are no any definite traditions. But it is not a problem, because you can invent your own ones. And now we are going to give you some pieces of advice.

National Chocolate Day

  • Do you like watching movies? Yes? What about the documentary about chocolate then? The films can be rather various: about history, production, consumption, sorts and unusual museums all over the world. In this case your choices are really endless.
  • Find out an interesting recipe and try to make your own chocolate at home. Of course, it may be something ordinary, but some people prefer to create unusual flavors. For example, you can add pepper, salt, various berries, mint leaves etc.
  • If you don’t want to take experiments with pure chocolate, it is possible to bake a tasty cake. You see, cookies are always appreciated. You can have it alone with a cup of tea or coffee, or invite some friends to taste.
  • All around the world it is possible to find the places, which have something in common with these directions. It simultaneously means that you can go on an excursion to museum, exhibition or confectionary factory. Positive emotions are guaranteed everywhere. For example, in Pennsylvania numerous locals and state guests adore visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World, where you can not only buy something special but also to ride a great roller coaster.
  • And the smallest and the most available thing you can do is to try a new chocolate variety. It is up to you to decide what it will be dark or milk, sweet or bitter kind. And some people even prefer the white one. The fillings as well as toppings are so different.
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Chocolate Day Facts

The answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Chocolate Day 2022?โ€ should be interesting to everybody, even for the ladies, who are expecting the baby. The modern doctors are sure that this product can be healthy during pregnancy. According to statistics, children born to mothers who love chocolate, have strong nerves, good health and smile a lot. In addition, chocolate reduces the risk of complications during and after the childbirth, because it relaxes the smooth muscles and strengthens blood vessels.

If you are an experienced sugar-eater, it will be interesting for you to know that the largest chocolate bar in the world was produced in 2011. It happened by the British manufacturer Thornots. Insuch an interesting way the company decided to celebrate its 100th anniversary. And the size of that chocolate bar was really terrific: 4 meters in length and in width. The weight of a giant chocolate bar was also astonishing 5792.5 kilo. By the way it was 200 kilograms heavier than the product of the previous record holder. That bar was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.


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