White chocolate day

On September 22, sweet tooths celebrate White chocolate day. The goal of the holiday organizers was to draw attention to these healthy sweets. They say that this type of chocolate contains vitamin K and selenium, which the human body needs. Also, the absence of caffeine allows you to treat babies with it, and the hypoallergenic properties make white chocolate very attractive for people who suffer from allergies.

White chocolate was first produced in the early 1930s by the Nestle company. In this way, manufacturers tried to solve the problem of using excess cocoa butter. For almost 50 years, the product was not popular. But in the 80s, everything changed and chocolate fans finally appreciated its vanilla taste.

Manufacturers insist that only real high-quality chocolate is useful, which contains at least 20% cocoa butter, and there are no artificial substitutes or flavor enhancers.

White chocolate day
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