Toothbrush birthday

The first mass production of toothbrushes was organized by the Englishman William Edis on June 26, 1780. Therefore, this date now marks Birthday toothbrush.

The story of the birth of the toothbrush

But this simple means of hygiene was invented much earlier. The first mention of a toothbrush was found in the history of the countries of the Ancient East. They had the appearance of a stick made of trees that contain essential oil, sharpened on one side and soaked on the other. After some time, the Chinese thought of attaching the bristles of a Siberian pig to a bamboo stick.

In Europe toothbrush became popular in the middle of the 17th century. In 1840, France and Germany began to produce toothbrushes, the shape of which was more similar to the modern one.

Louis Pasteur, a microbiologist from France, expressed the opinion that most dental diseases are caused by microbes that multiply on moist natural bristles. When nylon was invented in 1938, the natural fiber in the device was replaced with a synthetic one.

Interesting facts about the toothbrush

  • The year 1959 was remembered for the appearance of the first electric car in Switzerland toothbrush.
  • In Germany, a monument to a hygiene product was erected, the height of which reaches 6 m.
  • The results of Americans voting on inventions without which they could not live proved that the device for cleaning teeth took the honorable first place.

Toothbrush birthday
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