When is National Weatherman’s Day in 2020? We are almost sure that you are not able to answer this question properly. It is a real surprise, but only the people, who are involved, can give a proper reply quickly and without any prompts from our side.

And at the same time at present, the profession of the meteorologist is considered to be highly sought after in the labor market. Many firms and many enterprises need qualified specialists in this field, because the industry is developing rapidly, and specialists are still only educated.


The discovering of such question as โ€œWhen is International Weatherman’s Day 2020?โ€ is impossible without investigation of the historical background of the special occasion.

All in all the attempts of people to predict the weather have been known since ancient times. In their forecasts, they focused on changes in the world around them. And by the way we canโ€™t but mention that many of the ancient folk instruments have survived to this day.

The most accurate information on how to determine the weather appeared in Ancient Greece. Already in the work of Aristotle, “Meteorology”, written in the 4th century BC, an explanation was given of how the wind, clouds, rain and hail were formed.

Due to the Greeks, meteorology was the science of the earth’s atmosphere and the phenomena, which take place in it. It has helped to develop a whole system of weather forecasting.



What does National Weatherman’s Day mean? – Frankly speaking, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. We donโ€™t know what you think about the people, who are involved in this sphere.

At the same time the representatives of this profession are rare in our time. Not everyone will decide to become a meteorologist or a weatherman. Specialists in this area are in high demand among employers, so the profession of meteorologist is entitled to be called a rare profession.

In order to work in this sphere, it is not necessary to have a higher professional education in the corresponding specialty. For a given profession it is sufficient to have a diploma in secondary vocational education obtained at a college or a technical school, or, for example, it is enough to complete special courses.

The profession of meteorologist refers to the specialities of purely intellectual (creative or intellectual work). In the process of work, the activity of sensory systems, attention, memory, activation of thinking and emotional sphere is important.

Meteorologists differ in erudition, curiosity, rationality, analytical composition of the mind.


The matter what day World Weatherman’s Day in 2020 is, needs some careful explanations. So now we are going to investigate a great amount of terrific pieces of information.

The activity of weathermen focuses on observing changes in the atmosphere. They use a variety of methods and technical devices. Among them there is, for example, a special meteorological ball (airship) and even space satellites.

Such specialists are engaged not only in the preparation of daily weather forecasts, but also for the prediction of natural disasters (flood, drought, storms, etc.).

In addition, their participation is irreplaceable in studies of the state of the environment, the level of its pollution. The work of meteorologists is especially necessary for the successful management of agriculture, aviation and shipping.

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The meteorologist independently collects the information necessary for weather forecasting. For this purpose, he/she rigorously monitors observations and measurements. Such a worker is engaged in the processing of information obtained as a result of work with various instruments, probes, satellites. He/she evaluates the obtained indicators and, on the basis of them, makes schedules and special geographic maps.

Also, the responsibility of the weatherman may include working with a supercomputer, which will help to make a detailed calculation of the weather forecast.

Representatives of this profession also carry out continuous monitoring of pollution of the environment. All data obtained in the course of research, meteorologists are sent to the hydrometeorological center.


When is Weatherman’s Day in 2020, calendar will definitely remind you. It is not a problem. The holiday is fixed and it is celebrated every year on February 5th, so you can be involved any moment you like.

Of course, there are no any special events, which are organized especially for this special occasion. However, you can devote this day for discovering this direction.

For example, not everybody knows that meteorologists carry out continuous monitoring of natural phenomena, analyze processes, causes of their occurrence, analyze large data sets and make forecasts for different periods of time.

In the study of meteorological processes, specialists use special devices that collect the primary data and transmit it to the host computer, where all the information is reduced to tables, graphs, etc.

Often, meteorologists need to be in the meteorological stations, which are far from the city and housing. Therefore, the work is interchangeable. Otherwise, it would be rather difficult to combine work and personal life.

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Weatherman's Day

International Weatherman’s Day Facts

The discovering of the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Weatherman’s Day 2020?โ€ needs the explanation of some very important moments. So we have made a decision to tell our reader as much as possible.

Meteorologists or weathermen can find use of their professional skills at meteorological stations, in research centers. They become irreplaceable workers in companies that are engaged in creating forecasts for aviation, shipping, construction and agriculture. Despite the importance of the profession, meteorologists have a fairly low income level. Experts working in private organizations have the greatest prosperity.

According to the results of the survey, meteorologists have minimal career opportunities. It does not depend on the person himself/herself, simply the profession of a meteorologist does not have a scheme for career growth.

A meteorologist/weatherman is a specialist whose work requires care, diligence, and ability to process a large amount of information. Such an expert needs to have an analytical composition of the mind, a good memory, and the ability to conduct complex calculations.

Work directly on a meteorological station requires him good health and physical endurance. He/she must be ready for work in difficult natural conditions, at any time of the year and day. The person will need readiness to travel, lack of comfort. This worker also canโ€™t do without self-organizing, the ability to accurately summarize the results of their research. In addition, the meteorologist should be responsible, as weather forecasts are important in many areas of human activity.

According to the respondents, the profession of weatherman is more suitable for women. It is very difficult to imagine a representative of this profession as a man, although there are no such factors that would categorically prohibit men from working as a meteorologist.


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